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Thanks Nighten that helps a lot! We don't have a washer in out apartment (though it is in our building) so we won't be washing as often.

I just bought my breast pump. Another big thing checked off the list! Yay!

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Well, you're welcome, but please don't go by just what I say. I have only the one other baby for previous experience, so other mamas here might be more insightful about early clothes than I am.

Oh my goodness, I am soooo tired. For no reason! I did very little today. But it was cold and overcast and my husband finally said something about how it was one of those days where you just want to nap all day. Amen! I told him I'd give a million dollars if someone would rub my back. My toddler came walking over and said, "I'll help, Mama!" and rubbed my back for like 30 seconds. It was precious.

Hopefully tonight I can convince my husband it's his turn. I love him and he's a good guy, but dang it, he hasn't rubbed my back once since I got pregnant. At least not that I can remember. And I've been pregnant a long time now!
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Hi ladies! I just joined the mothering boards. I'm Shanna, I have one nursling baby boy who is 21 months. And I'm due feb 19th, a week and a half after his second birthday lol... talk about spacing (We wanted 2 years apart but I didn't expect the same month!) My first birth I had an OB and wasn't prepared the way I should have been. But I also moved from Hawaii to NY 7 1/2 months pregnant so I was a little overwhelmed. I'm seeing a midwife now who I love, and am planning a waterbirth in the hospital. How soon do I need to figure out which doula I want to use? I keep putting it off because I'm a little unsure of what I should be looking for in one... but I feel like I'm running out of time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone
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Hi, and welcome!

I was lucky and already found my doula, but I think anytime now that third trimester has started, would be good.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
Hopefully tonight I can convince my husband it's his turn. I love him and he's a good guy, but dang it, he hasn't rubbed my back once since I got pregnant. At least not that I can remember. And I've been pregnant a long time now!
Ditto! I feel bad saying and even thinking this sometimes... but my DH hasn't once acknowledged that I might be tired, sore, etc. from this pregnancy. For the most part I've felt fine and don't have any major complaints and I know he is so busy working hard for our family, but I keep having these daydreams where he takes the day off and takes the twins out of the house for the day or sends me out to get my haircut or SOMETHING that says "I appreciate that you are carrying out child"! Oh well, enough complaining!

So my question for you experienced mamas is this: How do you come up with a plan for what will happen when labor starts? With my first my water broke at 33wks. I called my mw, called my mil and went to the emergency room. Not much to think about there.

But now Im trying to come up with a plan for when to call my parents, who will be staying with the twins while we go to the midwife's. They live about an hour and a half away and both work. The mw is 30-60 mins. from us depending on weather. I don't want to go to the mw's too early and I don't want my parents here too early either. We have a small house and I don't think I'll be comfortable handling early labor with my dad and mom and two kids hanging around. But, on the other hand, I don't want to wait too long and then have to rush to get someone over here to stay with the kids until my parents can get here. I really want the whole experience to be as un-traumatic for them as possible. I'm afraid of waiting too long and having to drive myself or take the kids with me and, of course, the giving-birth-in-the-car fear....? It's so hard trying to plan for something that follows no plan! What have your experiences been? What are you planning on doing this time? TIA
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Most midwives (and OBs for that matter, I assume) have some kind of guideline about how far apart contractions need to be, and how long they last and so on, before you go to the place you're birthing (if you're leaving your house). I'd ask my midwife if I were you (I need to re-ask mine as I don't remember what her guideline is).

My plan is to call my mom and let her know when my water breaks or labor has started. And that should give her plenty of time to get here. It really depends on timing -- if it's middle of the night, versus right before Guinevere's bedtime versus morning, etc. I don't want her here while I'm laboring, but it's inevitable since I'm planning to labor at home. At least she'll be distracted caring for my toddler. Unless it's the middle of the night in which case she won't need to get here until we're ready to leave.

But, I'm counting on having a lengthy-ish labor. Last time it was nearly 22 hours. So I suspect I'll have plenty of time before active/hard labor hits, and will be okay before my mom and my doula arrive (since I'll call them at the same time pretty much). What time I leave to go to the birth center (or in your case, to go to your midwife's) depends on my midwife's guidelines.

But I'm not laboring at the birth center long if possible. Since you'll be laboring at your midwife's longer than at home (I'm assuming?) I'd ask your midwife what she recommends.

Either way, better to call your mom too soon than too late.

That was probably no help at all, huh. I need to get offline and go to bed. My brain's a jumbled mess.
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Hey guys- my husband's birthday is today! : He's old! : We had a party last night, but tonight he's watching 24 I think. Boy oh boy, it's all downhill from 30, I say.

I'm still battling my skin. Tonight I had a sweet almond oil bath, and followed up with coconut oil, I've been trying to be very diligent with my water intake, and I'm taking omega 3's...so hopefully things will improve! I'm also getting used to not washing every day- at least every 2nd day- and sometimes longer.

Vegan- I'd say up to 1 doz- 1 1/2 doz sleepers/nightgowns. I've had spitter-uppers and leaky boobs, and go through lots of clothes. Plus undershirts, because you can always get away with just an undershirt and a receiving blanket. Don't forget, you're likely to be given some, and they grow fast. To be honest, I never worried about whether I had enough.

Clovermom- I second Nighten in that your mw/ob will help you plan. I would personally probably let your parents know fairly soon after labour starts, just to give them the heads up, although not to come right away. Last labour I could just feel the timing. I don't know if that's because my labour's are short, but I knew when I should call the mw, when Axel should be picked up, etc. Perhaps it would be more important if they were longer. (Axel was 3.5 hrs, Eva was 4.5 hrs start to finish) This time I'm expecting a similar length, and will probably just 'play it by ear' again, because I feel like there's lots of time even when they're short.

This baby has been kicking in the same area a lot! Sometimes I can clearly feel little feet. I'm surprised it doesn't shift around more.
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Okay....I made it through the first three threads, but I've got to go to bed now...

But...I wanted to suggest (sorry, I don't know how to quote)...

...scrubbing with baking soda and then (after drying) using olive oil feels really clean and good. It seems to clear up a lot of skin problems for me.

...a pounding heart is probably one of 3 things: high or low sugar, dehydration, or a need for iron/protein...being sure to eat regularly, avoid sugar, take a vitamin including iron (with C...and watch taking it with stuff that mess up absorption), drinking about a gallon of water a day, and being sure that you eat some sort of protein (think meat...) everytime you eat should solve the heart pounding issue.

...amniotic fluid smells sweet...everything else, uhm...doesn't.

...I try to think in terms of how much I need for a week for the kids. Two is ideal for me, actually, because we travel a lot and having 2 weeks worth of clothes means I don't have to worry about laundry on our trips, usually. Actually, 15 outfits is best...that keeps them from wearing the same thing every Monday or whatever...it throws off the rotation by one. But, 8 would do the same thing...you'd just be obligated to do laundry once a week...which isn't a big deal if you're home. So, I plan on pajamas, and an outfit, plus one receiving blanket/burp cloth/hat/socks per day. If something goes bad (blowout, etc), and I have a two week rotation...then it's no big deal...I just move on to tomorrow. But...if I only have one week's worth...you can go through that in 2 days sometimes! You know...you wake up first thing in the morning and they've leaked through...on themselves, you AND your sheets. You get everyone cleaned up and then they have a blowout. So, you clean that up, and then you nurse the baby but leak everywhere, so you need a new outfit for them...and you. And then they spit up. So...now you've used a pair of sheets, 2 shirts for you, 2 outfits for them, and a pair of pajamas for them...and it's only 8:30a. Ah...tis the life. So, I'm most comfortable operating with a 2 week supply. Oh, and I plan on a diaper an hour...and am happy if I don't have to use it. (Usually don't, but that's a good start...more like ever other hour...maybe a little longer at night).

...clovermom...what if you called your parents right away...and then had them take your twins on a preplanned outing that will last several hours...the zoo or something. Then you get the house to yourself, but they aren't rushed last minute. Of course, the middle of the night would be trickier...but even in the evening or bedtime, they can go get ice cream or something, and that would buy you a little time. Do you have a neighbor who could stand in for that hour and a half if you happened to wait too late to call?

Okay...hope everyone has a good week. Tomorrow I'm doing "preschool" with the kids, then we have to go to the ortho appt for ds and get his cast, then I have to go do the blood draw labs at the hospital...and then, it will be naptime and maybe I can work on the den or sew a bit. Or take a nap...I dunno.

Good Night!
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I have no idea who is going to stay with my children once I go into labor. This is always the trickiest part for me everytime I have a baby. Closest family is 3 1/2 hours away. We never use babysitters, so I don't have anyone in mind really to keep the them for when we have to leave. Oddly enough, it always seems easier for me to get the overnight hours covered. I have someone lined up for overnight, but they are graduating in December. (we live in Seminary housing) So, there is no guarantee that they will still be here in Feb. So, I have to have a serious back up. During the day . . . well, I just don't know. I need someone to keep them for the 3 1/2 hours it takes my mom to get here. I know my mom would prefer to be at the hospital during the birth like she has been for my others, but I really need her with the children. I have a couple friends here that I know will do it, but they all have 3 children of their own and homeschool like I do.

Anyway, that's my biggest struggle right now, and I need to get it settled soon.

Yesterday, I cut out size small fitted diapers. I am using some of the softest, fluffiest cotton sherpa I have ever felt before. I cut about 16 out. Then I sewed in the soaker for about 6 of them and sewed on the aplix. I might pull out my serger today and start serging. I love making new diapers when I am pregnant. But my doesn't love me. It's hard work!

I am also thinking about using some really fabulous knit print fabric that is super girly . . . for a few of them. I would use the knit on the outside and the sherpa on the inside. That would make for some really fun diapers!
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Thanks for the advice everyone! I have a midwife appt next week so I'll be mentioning the belly pains to her just in case.

I've been holding off on really stocking up on newborn clothes because I figure I'll get some for Christmas. Newborn gowns are so hard to find - which is really strange because I always hear how great they are. So far I have 2 - that's all I have found! I have some other sleepers and some sleep sacks too.

I just found out I'm going to have to order my diapers from Canada which is going to make them more expensive. I had been planning on ordering from a US site and having them sent to family, but the family isn't going to be able to make it for Christmas this year. Oh well.
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I hear everyone about the timing issue ... we live 3 hours away from where we plan to birth. And my mom lives 3 hours and a ferry ride away in a totally different direction. We're all aiming to meet at my sister's in the city for the birth. Of course, the ferry doesn't run at night, and our travel time depends greatly on the weather, and I don't want to be down there any longer than I have to, blah, blah, blah ... so who know what will happen?
I'm working hard to keep my goals in perspective, but leave room for the unexpected.
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Lovemy2Joshs, welcome! Choose your doula as soon as you can, because she'll probably want to have a few "getting to know you" sessions before your baby is born.

I love gowns too (even though my baby was a boy, and I got some weird flack for it - who the heck can't deal with a 3-week old boy in a gown?). But one thing I really preferred was onesies instead of undershirts. You need undershirts for the first few days until the cord stump falls off, but after that IMO it is so much easier to pick up and hold a baby in a one-piece. Newborns have very little muscle tone and it can feel very weird to put your hands around their naked bellies. And undershirts always ride up - I hate that.

I've got to talk to my mom about how to handle newborn clothes this time. In my family we don't buy for a person who isn't here yet. Last time we put it all on a registry and she went and cleaned out the registry the day after DS was born. But I'm not registering for a 2nd kid. I suppose I'll just give her a list. But I think we need everything for a newborn because DS was born in May and it was warm then - we have no warm newborn clothes.

I am grumpy today. My DH has been sick for 6 weeks. He's going to the Dr. today to find out if it's mono. Last pregnancy he grew a cyst and needed surgery. He's a pretty healthy guy when I'm not pregnant. And today I am sick, stuffed sinuses & worn out. I can keep myself healthy pretty much, but with all these germs in the house it's not a fair fight. I've used up all my sick days staying home with DS when he's been sick, so I have to come to work sick.

And - I know I won't get much sympathy for this, but I think my cleaning lady just ruined my entire maternity wardrobe. I told her not to do my laundry, but DH is home today and told me she did it. And put it all in the dryer. I avoid dryclean-only clothes, so I have a lot of stuff that can't go in the dryer. Most of my work clothes, actually. Oh, if I have to replace all that stuff it will be a ton of money and time and energy that I just don't have.

12 weeks til maternity leave. The weird thing is, I'm looking forward to it as if it's going to be a big vacation!
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I have no idea who will watch the kids and I'm not even worrying about it for the moment I have lots family and friends around who I know would be willing.

Baby has turned head down now so I'm getting plenty of rib kicks. Last thursday we got our room all nice and clean and brought the big dresser in from the shop. So now I have all the baby clothing out of storage and put in drawers.

I'm trying to stay positive in the face of pretty bad financial circumstances and finding it hard not to curl up and cry. We have so many needs piling up like a broken heater, a new carseat base, my daughters teeth, paying our midwife and paying any other bills that I feel pretty overwhelmed right now. I'm trying to plan even a simple Christmas for my kids and I'm not sure it's going to happen.
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I just got back from an OB appointment, and on the ultrasound we saw the baby completely transverse- which makes sense with what I felt happening yesterday. But bummer- since baby was starting to be engaged a couple weeks ago I was hoping that it'd stay that way. Oh well.
Yesterday I had several whopper contractions, just really huge ones, the kind that take all your concentration. They started at the grocery store, and when the first one started I had to stop with the cart and the kids in the beer/ice cream aisle, and when DH found us I had tears in my eyes and was holding on to the cart staring at beer and trying to stay perfectly still. He thought it was pretty funny- huge pregnant lady and cart full of antsy kids crying over all the beer she can't have. Ha ha! The hilarity of pregnancy just never stops! Of course the really funny part is that DH is allergic to barley and can't drink beer, so we NEVER buy it!
I'm all adjusted and evened out again. More warnings about not carrying the toddler and getting into and out of the car with my legs together like an old lady (or a princess, she says, if I like that image better). As if. I'd rather be an old lady than a princess.
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Yowch! Today, the baby feels like he's got his back to my spine and using all his strength to push out with his feet. I can see a little lump when he does it, and that's cool, but ow! I'm not really that stretchy!
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28 week appointments

Saw the OB this morning. I'm up 2lbs since last visit. My BP was 99/58, urine was good, baby was 135bpm. She gave me the VBAC consent form, which scares the crap out of me. Also she told me I'll be basically living up at the hospital my last two months with weekly BPP or twice weekly NSTs.

Saw the diabetic counselor. Upped my insulin and added another dose. She reminded me that I really need to watch the timing of my medications before meals. I have to wait about an hour after the injection to eat in order for it to work. It's really hard to wait that long before dinner when I'm usually starving! I have one more week to get all my numbers in range before they change it again. This week was bad with over 50% too high...

Get to see my little guy tomorrow afternoon for a growth u/s, I'm really excited about that! A little worried that they might adjust my EDD or pressure me into scheduling a c/s for a "big baby".
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I met with an old co-worker last night about a possible nanny share. I'm afraid it might not work out bc she will need to start a couple months before I'm ready and also she will need the nanny 50 hours/week and we will only need a nanny 40 hour max - and don't want to pay the extra 10 hour to the tune of $400 more/month. Back to the drawing board!

I am hoping some of you mamas can help me come up with an idea for my birth art project for my birth class. It can be anything! And we do it on our own and bring it to the 2nd to last class (which is only a few weeks away). I am so non-creative - especially now - I can't think of anything. The only thing I could come up with is some sort of cookie - but shaped as what? There is actually a woman in my class that is a cake decorator for an x-rated cake shop! I'm sure she'll be baking something interesting!! Any suggestions much appreciated!!

I'm flying Wed to Indiana for t-day. Looking forward to seeing where DH grew up but not so looking forward to the flights!

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Citykid, sorry about your clothes. I didn't ruin mine -- I just outgrew them. So I have very few things from last pregnancy that fit this pregnancy. I'm trying to make do but it sucks I know. Still, I hope there's something salvageable from your maternity wear.

Jenivere, I'm so sorry things are so tough financially for you right now. You're not alone. Hang in there.


My midwife was sick today so I saw an OB and turns out the reason I have this obscene belly button sticking out, and it hurts like the devil, is because I have an umbilical hernia. Lovely. Anyway I told him I didn't want to do anything about it and he said neither did he, so that was that.

I drank one and a third sodas for my GD test (so I'd get 51g of sugar), and will get the results tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by AKislandgirl View Post
I'm pretty partial to Thanksgiving birthdays as I was born on Thanksgiving Day! My mom figured she would deliver late as she did with my 4 siblings before me and wanted to have one last holiday in the house before they moved. Well, I came on time so she woke my sisters and told them that the turkey was in the oven and my Aunt was on her way over to cook the rest of the meal. The whole family celebrated at the old house and they brought pumpkin pie to mom in the hospital after I was born!

i want to shampoo our carpets before baby arrives but I don't really like the chemicals in the traditional cleaners. I was thinking of using just water and vinegar. (or any other suggestions) Do you guys know of any way to get the soap residue out of the shampooer though? I will need to rent one from the grocery store.
OMG! Really? I was just joking to my midwife today that if I went at 37 weeks (unlikely) I am two months from birth but since my others have all been really late, I am planning on more like the 26th. I wonder if this one will throw me for a loop as well?

Everything looks good, baby is back to back and this time my mw and I agree we aren't going to do anything to change it, maybe it was our efforts to change Yarrow's position that cause her to disengage during birth and have her cord to prolapse when the water broke...maybe my babies just need to engage posterior and turn during labor (the other two older ones did this)...its nice to be at peace with that!
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I'm 30 weeks today! That feels so good. I need to get a picture posted :

I've been having weird dreams about babies. last night I dreamt there was a great commotion going on in my belly and I didn't know what it was. I woke up to a very active baby! Then the other night I dreamt I was in a gigantic grocery store (blocks long) and I put a baby (sometimes it was mine and sometimes my sisters) down to crawl around for a bit. Well I lost her and kept checking the endless aisles trying to find her. At the very end, in the produce section I found her. Another mother had scooped her up. It was strange, I never felt panicky in the dream but it felt like I had to look down so many aisles to find her. Who the heck would put a baby down to crawl through the grocery store? Gross! Dreams are weird!
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