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Losing Weight during first Trimester?

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Plewasew ignore thew extra w's

Anybody ewlsew having this problem? I startewd out at 118lbs, and now 10 weeks pg I weighewd in at 116lbs! I did thew samwe thing with DD1. I'm ewating morwe and ewating healthy. I started showing at about 2 wewweks(at lweast I noticwed), and now havwe a littlew bwelly and my lwegs arew too fat to pull most of my pants up or do thwem up. Thew last pg I suspewctewd my poor lifestyle and diet to be the problem but this time around I'm taking very good care of myself. Are there any other already petite or underweight moms out there losing wieght?
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The year before I became pregnant, I gained about 10 lbs. Then when I found out I was preggs, I started loosing this weight. Still in a healthy range, and have not lost or gained any (am 15 weeks now). I think it has to do with not drinking coffee/caffeine and drinking a lot more water. My MW told me its not anything to worry about unless I continue loosing weight or am not gaining into the 2nd trimester.
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I lost 8# w/ this baby. I have a friend who delivered in May and ended her pgcy about 30# under her pre-pg weight just from eating healthier.
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I lost weight in my first trimester. I'm now in my third trimester and am up 3lbs from pre-pg. One doctor thinks it's great, another seems really concerned. I'm just trying my best!
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I lost 9 pounds in the first trimester with DD - eating healthier, gave up my daily Dt. Coke and totally lost my sweettooth. I gained 27 pounds with her and lost it all within weeks of delivery.

This time around, I was in maternity pants about a week after getting a very early BFP, though again I lost weight in the beginning. Less, though, I think only about 6 pounds. I think I'll end up gaining about the same amount this time as with DD. I'm 8 months along.

Both have been rather 'easy' and uneventful pregnancies. Neither my OBGYN the first time around nor my MW this time were ever concerned about it.
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2 lbs is nothing to worry about. If you were talking 20 then that might be a problem. I was sick just before my last appt and lost 12 lbs. She just said "Oh your going to be one of those" (this was before I told her I had been puking my guts out the previous 4 days) Its no big deal. I am by no means petite, but don't stress over 2 lbs I'm sure you'll make up for it later
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Don't worry about it. I lost 15 pds my first tri and then gained the right weight in my 2nd and 35d.
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I went from 150 to 142 ... and now I'm up to 184 with another month to go!! Weight lose in the first trimester is common, I believe, especially if you have morning sickness or if you have food aversions.
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I went from a size Small to an XS. Im 3 1/2 months and now Im starting to get more hungry, my belly is starting to grow, though the rest of me is very skinny. Just make sure you keep a balanced diet, take your vitamins and remain active.
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I lost seven pounds in the first trimester, and then put weight on very slowly for a while. Nausea is just not conducive to weight gain for a lot of women. I wouldn't sweat it.
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I've lost weight for the first 20+ weeks in all 3 previous pregnancies and seem to be doing the same this time. They were worried about it with my first pg, and a little more so with my second since I had other issues, and my first baby was small, but by the 3rd and 4th we just know it's normal for me (and my 2nd baby was perfectly average weight wise and very tall).
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I wouldn't worry about it as long as you're eating well. I lost 8 lbs during my first trimester (hurray! I had been trying for AGES to lose that weight and it was fun feeling so skinny for a few weeks), I'm now about 1-2 lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. :::sigh::: I lost 10 lbs with DD1 but gained it all back plus 25-30 lbs by the end of pregnancy (hey, not recommended, I felt like crap by the end of 38 weeks).
I'm not sure why people lose weight at the beginning...I know with my last pg it was partly due to loss of appetite, partly due to getting kidney stones. This time I've been much more healthy and active, plus I'm chasing a toddler who is also breastfeeding. I'm chalking it up to those things.

Don't worry - just take care of yourself and listen to your body. Congratulations!
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Your body weight normally varies that much in one day, so I wouldn't worry about that amount.

First baby I gained 3-4 pounds in the first trimester. Second baby I lost 10. This baby I lost 13 in the first 12 weeks, and still haven't quite gotten back to my prepregnancy weight at 28w2d. Everything is measuring correctly and progressing well, so my midwife isn't worried.
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I started out underweight and then lost 20 pounds in the first trimester. Now at 23 weeks I have gained it back plus another 10 pounds. No worries. And I haven't even thrown up this pregnancy so I don't know why it happens.
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