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Count me in Kali. All I want for x-mas is a ....is that too much to ask for . I held strong last cycle and didn't test before AF was due. I'm making the same promise this time and will not test until 16DPO/Dec. 17th (I think).
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I'm in. Trying not to get excited about anything, get into obsessing, and this is a good place for me to be

IF I have fertile mucous for4- 5 days prior to O, I have a chance this month. Otherwise...no.

It would actually be better for me not to be pg this month, because my sister is getting married at the end of Aug next year, and this baby would be only a few weeks old, and deciding whether to be a bridesmaid in her wedding would be hell.

But I still would lovingly embrace a baby if one were to come:.

Murphy's Law? Can you hear me?
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Originally Posted by MrsTC View Post
Murphy's Law? Can you hear me?
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Updaed to here.

MrsTC do you have a test date or DPO you want me to put down for you?
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I always forget about that.

I am due for AF Dec1 but won't test until my birthday, on the 9th, if no period.
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Hi Babymonster... I'm glad I have a test buddy... your craft seems too advanced for the craft-challenged and not tacky like a macaroni lampshade
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My temp dropped below the coverline today (4DPO) I suspect AF will be here before my test date. Oh well:
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how are all of you ladies doing?

as for me, i'm getting egwcm and my cervix is softening and opening. negative opk today which is good b/c no time to BD until tomorrow. after that we are bding all this week until O!
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I'm still waaaay in denial and totally expecting not to be pregnant, but still waiting for AF, due on Monday.

My only premenstrual signs are more heartburn/gas, which is more a pregnancy sign for me, but like I said, NOT HOPING FOR ANYTHING. AT ALL.

And I have to confess, I fell off the wagon like 3 days ago and POAS because I was fairly sure it would be negative and I needed that mental image to keep from getting my hopes up.

Negative Nancy signing off
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here's what's happening on my end, i used my first OPKs EVER. started testing on monday once a day and gradually got a darker line with a positive on thanksgiving day and a negative the day after. i wasn't sure how the OPKs would work for me in general and the directions said i had to hold my urine for like four hours before testing which is almost impossible for me to do unless i stop drinking liquids for hours on end which i did not want to do so i tested with FMU. we actually ended up with our timing maybe a little off, at least for a boy, we'll see, we bd the day of the positive and the day before but then we were so tired and busy the last couple of days we just didn't have any more energy. FF says i am still fertile and my temps haven't shot up yet. i didn't have much EWCM really or fertile cervical fluid that i could see, i mean the quality changes but there just ain't much of it. like none on my underwear. : if i got preg i think i would be surprised. my cervical fluid today was pretty sticky despite supposed fertility.....so i am a wee bit confused about what is going on in that dept.
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Octobermoon, if you did ovulate, I hope you caught the egg!

MrsTC, hope AF stays away!

As for me, my temp went up this AM. I hope it is just because I had more covers on then usual because it was cold in the house. We haven't BD'd at all because it was pretty much impossible in my grandparents' house while on Thanksgiving vacation. I got a negative OPK yesterday and the day before and my cervix has not been high or open yet and I'm just stating to get CM. But I hope I didn't somehow miss the surge.. Either way, we're going to BD today and we'll see what my OPK looks like around noon today.
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I am so glad that this thread came back. I am 3dpo today. I will not test any earlier than 14dpo which will be on Dec. 11. This is cycle five for me and I am just tired of bfn.
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I'm 9 dpo today and I'm still feeling strong about not testing... but before now I knew it was really too early... now it will get more difficult to not poas... I'm waiting until Friday to test...
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Here is my OPK from today: look like it will be positive maybe tomorrow or the next day? I hope!

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KaliShanti - that looks VERY close to + Time to start BDing

I think I am out, started spotting today and my temps are just silly
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waiting for my cross hairs from FF : ...I know i O'd, my temps seem up to me and the fertile cm is definitely gone.
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wanna see my OPKS? hey, atleast we can still pee on some sticks early...heh, heh
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Oooh, 2 pretty lines!
Fighting. Urge. To. Pee......
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you can do it babymonster!!!!
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I'm feeling the same way. Once those HPTs are in the house it's hard to resist the urge to POAS. Ha! I'm 9 dpo today so it would be a BFN. This is when my will power needs to kick in.
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