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How close in age will this babe be to closest sibling?

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If this is your 2nd or more, how close in age will this new July baby be to your next oldest child?

Mine will be almost 2.5 years apart. Seems close and makes me a little nervous- but it seems like a far apart spacing for people I know... and they seem to manage with 2 under 2. So I'm sure I can

A little nervous about the sleeping situation since DD is a hardcore co-sleeper and we have a queen bed, but I am thinking about side caring a crib for the new baby so I have on on each side of me. We shall see... I have many months to go.
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This one will be pretty much exactly 2 years younger than my ds2. 4 1/2 years younger than ds1.

I hope to get ds2 in brothers bed before the baby is born. I hope that having another warm body next time him will help him sleee, even if it isn't mama. ds1 has a full bed, so crossing my fingers it works.
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Mine will be just shy of 4 yrs difference. I am glad. My older two are 18 mo apart and it was really, really hard to have them that close together. Esp with the combo of my oldest one being very spirited and my youngest one being extremely needy.
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Mine will be just under 3 years apart.
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2 years and 10 months apart! dd1 and dd2 were 2 years and 8 months apart and I love that age spacing, so I hope this time works well too.
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2y 10m. My first two are 3y 1.5m, so pretty even spacing. I'm not really worried about it being a bit closer this time, b/c DD2 seems way more ready to be a big sister than DD1 was.
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When little July baby comes, DD1 will have just turned 6 yr (her Bday is July 4th) and DD2 will be 3.5 yr. A larger spacing than I originally wanted but that is how life happened.
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1 month shy of 3 years. I'm pretty excited, that's about exactly what I had hoped.
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This baby and DD will be 2y 9m, and baby and DS will be 4y 3m. My first two were 1y 5m apart, so this should be a cinch!
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They'll be just about 4 years apart. There's almost 5 years between DS and DD, so I joke that we've set a pattern and the next two will have to be 3 years apart.
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DD2 will be a little over 3 years 7 months older. (she was born Dec 15th and baby is due July 30th)

DD1 is 2 years 7 months older than DS and DS is 3 years 11 months older than DD2. If we have anymore, we want the age gap to be less than it is this time (just past 3.5 years)
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Oooh, oooh I think I am the winner! My dd will be 5y5m, and my dss will be 10y5m. So we will have at one point a 5, 10, and 15! It's easy to remember their ages at least! My dd is so ready for a sibling too, she LOOOOVVVEEESSS babies.:
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DS will turn 2 on 6/24...this baby is due 7/1.
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DD is 4 years 2.5 months older than DS. DS will be 2 years 3 months when this baby comes.
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youngest dd will be 5 and i'm really pleased with that. i'm done with the 2-3 year spacing. i liked having them that close but this time, i want it easier. i like that she will be able to do many things for herself and not be so dependent.
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They will be 2.5 years apart. My brother and I were that far apart, and we were close and able to play together, yet not competitive with each other. I know that personality has a lot to do with it, but the age gap seemed perfect to us growing up.
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This baby will be 4 years younger then DD. Several life events, good and bad, delayed us from ideal. But I am a little glad to, because DD is extremely high needs, so I feel like she needed some extra mommy time before a sibling came into the mix.
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About 2.5 years apart, which seems to be a very common spacing. DD seems to really not be ready now, and I am hoping that changes a bit!
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I think I'm the oddball out lol...

From DD #2... they will be 11.5 months apart
From DD #1... they will be 4.5 years apart
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our youngest child will be 18 mos older than this baby.

At the time of this baby's birth, we will have a just turned 5 yr old, a just turned 3 yr old, an 18 month old and a newborn!
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