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Eye color?

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So...I'm just wondering...any of you seeing any suggestions of what your babies eye color will be. Kalai's is still blue, but a darker blue. I have a hard time believing he'll have blue eyes...if he does we'll have a brown eyed, green eyed, and blue eyed child! I just love guessing about eye color and hair color when they're little!
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Des' eyes are still blue. They seem more like they are a true blue rather than the blue they were when he was born. Dh has blue eyes and I have green, so who knows what color they will turn out. Ds1 has a different father, so his eye color may not count as much, but he has blue eyes. Des' hair is the same color as dh's.
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DL's were grey-blue at birth and are now a very strong blue. Everyone comments on them! Mine are brown and DH's are hazel.

Her hair is still dark like it was at birth but I think I see some lighter hair growing in.
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Sophia's eyes have gone from that very dark grey colour to a light grey/bluish colour. I'm assuming they will go brown eventually though.The same happened with DD1, whose eyes were blue til she was about 1 year old, then went progressively grey/green/hazel and now they are definitely brown. The colour didn't settle til she was about 2 years old, which certainly surprised me.
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wow, 2 years! that's a long time for the guessing game. in that case I should stop wondering so intently about it.

my babe's eyes seem very blue. I have brown eyes (and had no chance of anything else), but my mom and DH have blue eyes, so I guess baby has a 50% chance of blue, right? they sure are pretty right now, so I'm kind of hoping they don't change too much.
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Originally Posted by lcaitlin View Post
wow, 2 years! that's a long time for the guessing game. in that case I should stop wondering so intently about it.
Barging in to your DDD....DD's eyes were blue until she was 4 (I have pictures to prove it!) and then sometime after that they changed to green...not even bluish green, but GREEN, after 4 years old! So, it can even take longer than 2 years!
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Blake's eyes have already settled - dark brown like his dad's. His eyes were already a darkish brown when he was born so not a big surprise. I was hoping he'd get my light brown eyes but no luck.

His hair was black at birth but now it looks slightly brown in the sun so that might change yet.
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Cara's are blue. DH, DS, and I all have blue eyes, so we're pretty sure hers will stay blue.
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