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This bionic sense of smell makes diaper changes SO risky! I really would hate to puke on his bare bottom!
I'm right there with you! Today seems to be a turning point with nursing. I feel much more relaxed. There is still a lot of pain and I am so tired, but I am feeling cuddly again and found a moment of bliss today. She even kissed and hugged my bellybutton and said hi baby. Dd says there is a baby in my belly button I am finding myself getting teary eyed at every little thing. And my pants felt a bit tight today, I am beginning to feel pregnant now, I will be 8 weeks on friday. I started reading adventures in tandem nursing today, so far so good!

Welcome Melissa!
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I love you all!!! My dd is a rough nurser to start with and I have been going nuts trying to figure out why things seemed to have gotten worse again. I am desperate to be successful as my dd is only 4 mos. When I was pg. with her ds was 6 mos. and by 8 mos he weaned himself because I was so sick and dehydrated (lost 17lbs) I couldn't keep my supply up. I seem to always get sick with pg but this time I am trying mind over matter - I am forcing myself to eat and drink well for her. Seems to work, I have only thrown up once. I will admit, and feel very guilty for it, that it's taken everything out of me and I have switched to disposable diapers - not too mention much easier on the stomach! Of course here I am unable to sleep tonight!

Anyone else cramping after they nurse. It's like postpartum cramps just not as bad. Didn't have it the first time.
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I am soo grateful for this thread! Thank you Brandi. I am 15 weeks pg and nursing my 2and 1/2 yr.old dd. I am very lucky because my nipples aren't that sore and we are down to mornings, before nap, and before bed. She told me last week "Mommy, there's no milk" then she just kept on sucking happily. So I guess I am dry. Oh 1st. trimester was utter hell in terms of morning sickness, food aversions and fatigue but right at 12weeks like magic I felt better. I am so thirsty in the middle of the night though, like it wakes me up. I get up to pee and to drink! I think I am heading to tandem world because she does not know how to go to sleep w/out her "babu". I am her pacifier. When we take a bath together her baby doll has "babu" but never on her side. She says that is her babu and the other one is for the baby(inside mommy or her doll) She is really possessive of her side and I try to put the doll on her side and she says"NO, that is my babu" uh-oh, I am going to be lopsided again.
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I wanted to mention that someone I know who is, shall we say, very well educated in the breastfeeding arena mentioned a lactation-promoting tincture which is safe for pregnant nursing mothers. (There's stuff out there which is not safe, including stuff with fenugreek in it.) Anyway, I can't remember the name of it, but I remember where she told me to get it, and I'm going to buy some in the next few days. I'll come back and tell you what it is and what I think...

No cramps/BH contrax here.

Ds has been back to his "groping while nursing" antics, so I'm having to be very "hands on" when we nurse. He's down to about 3-4 x a day, though. He's 29 months... a few weeks ago, he told me to "take the baby out and noony (our word for nurse)"... I told him the baby is still too small and needs to stay inside.
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Thank you ladies again for sharing on this thread. Reading your responses has really helped me to come to peace with my hardships of nursing and I am once again feeling comfortable with our nursing relationship, and the pain does not seem to be the focal point anymore. Dd really needs to continue to nurse, I don't think she will be stopping anytime soon, so I am expecting to tandem. Hope you are all well and happy!
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Hi Brandi

Glad to hear you got through this hump. I know there have been times where I thought I couldn't take it another day, but once you get through it you realize what a blessing it is.

I have also been getting emotional, crying and giddy. Ds sure loves the goofy part!

I am so glad I have you guys to come and "talk" to!

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I am sore, and nauseous, and exhuatsed to my core. Nursing feels likea big deal most days and I find I've been putting ds off some. He's been pretty easy about it so far. The one thing I can't stand is the tweaking. He's always wanted what he calls, "bobo doodoo" meaning two breast at once, one for his mouth and one for his little fingers! I told him that "bobo" is sore and that "bobo" needs to rest, so "bobo" will just be for his mouth for now. Surprisingly he's been just fine with that!
He's nearly 3, so I think I would be at peace if he weaned during this pg, but I am not ready to force the issue.
I forgot how horrible 1st trimester was. . .I'm 6 weeks and can't even think that this will go on another 6. . .
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Just wondering how you all are doing! I am having an easier time of it, though still having some pain. I really upped my water intake and this has helped. I have also set some limits with dd's nursing and she is ok with it so far. Still nursing quite a bit though. I had a couple days where I really wanted to call it quites, but it passed. Just taking it one day at a time.

Hope everyone is well!
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Still nursing my pups, here. The latches are not always painful, but sometimes...."yowwie", and then your waiting for the other to latch and you know that pain is coming. But, it's only the latching that hurts, the nursing doesn't. They each nurse about 3 times a day. It's real hard to resist the youngest who always asks, "p ninny?" p is for please. I've been talking to the oldest and explaining that he would have to take turns with his brother once the little one gets here as the little one gets his/her own breast without having to share. My youngest will be talking pretty well by then, so it should be easier to ask him to wait, etc. Right now they are 42 mos and almost 28 mos.

We certainly have our days. When i'm having those days they have to lie still when they nurse or it drives me crazy. Especially when i get an elbow in the stomach!!! I just wish the baby would give one of them a good kick!!!!

Keep on nursing!
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Here's my good news - the nursing pain seems to have left! This pregnancy seems to be going MUCH better than my first. I haven't felt nearly as bad, although I am really tired.

My breasts are still achey sore, but that sharp pain while ds was nursing is gone!!

Now if I could convince ds to stop pinching while he nurses. . .
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We are doing ok, it is getting more painful with latch on. Ds doesn't bite, but he uses his top teeth for latching, I always have teeth marks when he is done. Lately his teeth feel like razors. Ouch!

He also came down with a cold today and wants to nurse all the time of course. He does try hard to open wide and get a gentle latch for me.

Does anyone have any experience with a nursling voluntarily stopping cold turkey? A few months ago I talked with him about "not nursing anymore when he turns three." He agreed excitedly and I think I brought it up one more time. Now he talks about it all the time. He says "when I am three, I won't nurse. But I am two so I can nurse!" He is excited about his birthday coming up soon and talks about his cake and friends coming over, and how he will be three. But his nursing isn't really getting lighter, I just wonder what is going to happen when the "day" comes. I hope he isnt' sad that it is his birthday! I did tell him that if he is three and still wants to nurse he can, and he said, "no, I will be three. I won't nurse. " Birthday is only a few weeks away, so we will see!
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I don't know if I am or not but the tincture that is safe to take is from Motherlove and its called More Milk Two. It contains alfalfa, raspberry and nettle and it is totally safe while nursing. I will be taking it if I am. You take 3-4 drops per every 10 lbs of mothers weight (so for me it would be about 50 drops) and you take that up to 8 times a day, whatever you feel you need. Good luck all of you and I may be joining you, I am nursing my 13 month old and I might be pregnant.
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my supply seemed to dip and come back and now I feel like I have some blockage on the right side of my right breast. That is not helping the discomfort. Ds nursed every 1 1/2 - 2 hours today. And this is all she eats- latching on hurts and then towards then end. I've had to give her a pacifier just to give me a break - my nipples seem like they are on fire when she comes off. How long is this supposed to last. I have an appt tomorrow to help me date my pg.
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Hey Shawna, my mw prescribed a preg tea for me that has those ingredients. A handful of a mix of nettle leaf, red rasp leaf, oatstraw, and alfalfa leaf in a quart of boiling water daily. It really helped with m/s when i started it at the end of 1st tri. Too bad i did not know of it sooner. I love it especially in the cooler weather.
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So they say to sleep on the left side, right? So nursing is always on the left side at night, if I'm being careful about it (sleeping on the left, that is) ... so during the day am only nursing on the right side. Not that I'm doing that intentionally (right side during the day) it just keeps happening.

Am not having problems this time around with the "revulsion" issue, just pain/discomfort. Won't let him just hang out at the breast. Unless, of course, I'm :computer: so if he's nursing I have an excuse to hang out here longer ...

Oh, and ilovebeingamom, we did the same thing with DS#1 and DD, the "when you're 3, you'll be so big, you won't want to nurse," hoping to give them the idea. Neither stopped that day, but we were pushing it with DS#1 so it was very soon after. But DD just said she still wants to, and was pretty defiant about it, actually ... she weaned this past summer.

It's interesting personally for me because each of my last two pregnancies came within one to two months after the older nursling weaning. Big one weans, and boom, therewegoagain.
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Have any of you (especially those with older toddlers) noticed a change in your child's poop since you got pregnant? I am convinced that my milk must be really low (and that's fine by me really) because my poor dd has had two days of really painful, hard to pass poops. She's always been such a mushy-poop gal and I've attributed it to the fact that all she ever eats is breastmilk. I feel really bad for her!
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Are you all planning on weaning? I am pretty sure I am preggo and my daughter is only 13 months. I want her to self-wean but hopefully nurse at least 2 years and I would be due when she's only 21 months. So I do not plan to wean and actually plan to do everything I can to make sure she DOESN'T wean. I really am scared of her weaning. If I am I am going to take that tincture I posted about and eat lots of oatmeal and lots of protein and drink lots of water. And I am lucky in one way that I am breastfeeding after reduction surgery so we have had to use a lact-aid (at the breast supplementer) all along. She still uses it 3 times a day now (naps and bedtime with rice milk in it). So I am hoping that if I just let her use the lact-aid more often that she won't even notice the decrease in supply.
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DS will soon be 21m, am 21wks 4 days pg, and still nursing..the pain is not as intense and excruciating as it was in the 1st 4 months..just when he latches on for about the first 5 seconds..so we're doing ok..but
My supply has greatly decreased alot!! I would like to take something to help me out a little..I know we can't take any fenugreek or mother's milk tea?
Where would we be able to find this "More Milk Two"? GNC? Health Store? Pharmacy? What's MotherLove? I know I've heard of this tea before, before I was pg..so didn't mind it much..thnx.
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I am 5-6 weeks along and noticed the same thing with my 2yo dd poop....must mean something....

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