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When DS got a plantars wart, the ped sent us to a formulating pharmacy for a homeopathic type remedy--prescription needed but not covered by insurance. It took time, but it worked. A few years later when he got another one, it worked again. I don't have the tube anymore to look up what it's called though.
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Thanks for the suggestions - I have about 15 small warts (EWWWWW!) on my left heel, which started as 1 small wart and kept having little warty babies (ewwwww!)

Now I have one on my left thumb. It stinks. I'll try some of these remedies.
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I have used Dr. Scholl's plantar wart "Patches" - little adhesive dots with acid in them. My FIL, a podiatrist, recommends first trying the Duct tape remedy too, esp. if it is a child and surgical removal would be traumatic. If you're trying duct tape - it can take a LONG time - you have to be really patient and persistent. Also, although it's not really natural, Tagamet is used off-label as a wart eliminator. The little block dots - those are blood vessels. Warts are highly vascularized, that's why they bleed so much when you pick at them. To cut down on infection risk, wash (alcohol would be great) your tools and the skin well, before and after any digging.
I have a plantar that was surgically removed - it came back. FIL suggested that I be persistent about acid/trimming at dead flesh rather than try to surgically remove it again. Sometimes a slower removal results in a more complete removal.
Just one more note while I ramble on here - FIL (yes, we talk about warts a lot!) swears that he had a wart "cured" as a child by sticking it in stump water. (Standing water in a tree stump) It's worth a try!
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Breast milk ingredient may reduce warts http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5281701/
Doctors hope it could be used to treat other viral conditions
Updated: 12:37 p.m. ET June 24 Reuters

BOSTON - A cream made from human breast milk and nicknamed Hamlet can dramatically reduce, and often eliminate, stubborn common warts, Swedish doctors reported.
Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells, which the researchers refer to by the whimsical acronym HAMLET, is the active ingredient that forces the wart cell to self-destruct by accumulating in each cell’s nucleus and interfering with its control process.

The results, published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine, may extend well beyond wart treatment because the same class of viruses that cause those growths are also responsible for cervical cancer, genital warts, and some types of skin cancer.
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I've heard that grapefruit seed extract works:
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I had one on my finger for 2 years, I got tired of it being there and did this. I soaked a cotton ball in vinegar put it on the wart and wrapped either tape or duct tape around it, depending on what I saw first lol. It softened up the skin around it. This gets nasty so beware. I then sterilized a pin and pickedit open and ropped tea tree oil on it. Then I filed it with a nail file cuz you know the skin is just hanging from when i opened it up. Woke up the next day and I had no wart
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I couldn't go to that previous link, but I've got this one on breastmilk for warts:

We're trying it on my husbands warts right now, nothing else has worked and he tried it all including duct tape...

Lots of interesting suggestions, good luck!
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Reviving this thread to update...

I had a wart on my hand which I had been trying to get rid of at home using lemon oil, orange peels, acid, etc. Wasn't working so I had the doc try to burn it off. That didn't seem to work as I was left with a firm, raise area that I presumed was the #@%^& persistent wart. So I started this thread and kept trying different remedies.

Long story short...I have just gone to a dermatologist who told me that I didn't have a wart anymore, but rather lots of scar tissue from all the poking!!! I thought that this might be good information for share. Had I known that this could have been the case I would have saved myself a lot of time, bandaids, fiddling, etc.

Cheers, Mamas!
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zinc gets rid of warts

Oral BACKGROUND: Viral warts are common dermatological diseases; although the rate of spontaneous recovery is high, it usually takes a long time, and some patients might not show this spontaneous healing. Zinc has an important effect on the immune system and it has been used as an immunomodulator to treat a variety of skin disorders. OBJECTIVE: To assess whether oral zinc was effective in treating viral warts of patients evaluated between May 1999 and April 2000. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This was a placebo-controlled clinical trial. Eighty patients with viral warts (common, plantar and plane) were all resistant to all forms of treatment. Each patient had > 15 warts. Forty patients were treated by oral zinc sulphate at a dose of 10 mg kg(-1) daily up to 600 mg day(-1) and followed-up for resolution of their warts and for any evidence of recurrence for 2-6 months. Another 40 patients were given a placebo oral treatment in the form of glucose, and followed-up for the same period. RESULTS: Only 23 patients of the first group (zinc treated) and 20 patients of the second group (placebo treated) completed the study. In all patients the serum level of zinc was low. In the zinc-treated group, the overall response was complete clearance of warts observed in 20 patients (86.9%) after 2 months of treatment. Fourteen patients (60.9%) showed complete disappearance of their warts after 1 month. Three patients (13.3%) failed to respond to the treatment after 2 months of therapy. The response to treatment was directly related to the increment in serum zinc level. No patient of the placebo-treated group showed any response. CONCLUSIONS: We conclude that zinc sulphate at a dose of 10 mg kg(-1) daily seems to be a highly efficacious therapeutic option for recalcitrant viral warts and proved to be safe with few adverse effects.
follow this ^^^ link to get a writeup about the zinc study in plain english

and according to kellymom's site:
Increasing mom's zinc intake does not increase the amount of zinc in her milk.
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Interesting....question though:
a dose of 10 mg kg(-1) daily up to 600 mg day(-1)
Does this mean 10 mg for every kg of body weight?
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Second the tea tree oil!

I put a dropper in my bottle of tto,kept it by the bathroom sink and whenever I was in the bathroom (ok really it worked out more lilke 2-3x day) I put a drop, straight, on each wart.

They were all gone in about 2 weeks, some faster than that. I'd tried vitamin E and thuja with no luck.
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The BEST method we've ever tried is:
Cut a clove of garlic in half- put it on the wart- wrap the garlic and area with a bandaid (we also wrapped it with gauze and tape over the bandaid)- put a new piece of garlic on daily. It only took a few days and my DD's (then 3) wart FELL OFF. No kidding...dried up and fell off and has never returned!!!
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When I was a teenager, I had a planters wart for almost a year...someone told me to have my preacher buy it for a penny.  I did and honestly the thing disappeared...I know, I would never believe that if someone told me but it happened.  I am now 41 and 6 months ago I had 7 planters warts on my feet.  I ask my fiancé to buy them, he didn't believe me after I explained my earlier situation but gave me a penny anyway.  Within 1 week all were gone but 1.  If he would have believed, maybe it would have removed them all.  I know it sounds crazy, but my mom had 10 and asked her sister to buy them, she now only has 1 a week after the sale.  What will it hurt to try?

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