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Anyone with few symptoms?

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I really don't feel that pregnant at all, and I'm kind of freaking out over it. With my first baby I felt HORRIBLE at this point (about 5 weeks)--constant nausea, sore breasts, exhausted, etc. This time I just have random hot flashes, man gas, and I am sometimes so hungry I feel sick. But I wouldn't know I was pregnant if I hadn't of taken two tests. I can't quit worrying that maybe I'm just dreaming up this whole pregnancy.
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Hey Pepper!

I'm just over 7 weeks and I have very few symtoms. I am more tired than usual (but I'm also under a lot of stress, so it is contributing) and I am experiencing marginal discomfort when I'm nursing my 2 year old, but other than that my pregnancy is pretty symptom free!
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I have no symptoms either
I did already have an early sono and saw the beans HB but its still not making me feel better Im really scared that no sxs are a really bad thing esp since when I mc last pregnancy I felt so great
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Pepper 44 don't worry, at least you have some symptoms. I also am worried but I feel nothing except for tiredness which could be due to poor sleep (I have a 2 year old insomniac). I have had 2 miscarriages since the summer so of course I am hyper aware of my symptoms and I expected to be feeling more by now (I am 5 weeks 4 days). I just wish my boobs would hurt more! I am about to go to the drs office to get results of blood tests checking my hcg levels so hopefully I will be reassured by the news!
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I am 7 weeks and don't feel much. Mild nausea if I am hungry. Smells make me gag, like changing my 2 yr old diaper. Other than that- I feel pretty good. My boobs hurt if I poke them- but not on their own. When I am quiet I can sort of feel the energy of the baby in my lower pelvis though. I am trying not to think about it, and am grateful I still feel good.
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I'm 8 weeks and feel nothing. I had nausea for two days, then it went away. I started to freak out a bit because with both DDs, I felt nasty and hungover for a good month.
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FWIW I have also heard that you feel way worse when PG with a girl- double hormones or something. My last PG was a boy, and I never felt that horrible.... well until the last 8 weeks or so.
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My only real symptoms are that my breasts are sore when I am nursing my son and that I have to pee a lot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't get the nausea that I had with my first pregnancy,
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I feel exactly the same way! My mom told me she's amazed I don't feel sick and honestly, I don't feel very different. I have to go to the bathroom a lot, and I get tired about 8 p.m. but I wake up early as well so I'm not sure that counts.

I'm worried also!
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luckily :::knocks on wood::: I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms..no vomiting nothing! I think it will feel real when I hear the baby's heartbeat.
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I have had hardly any symptoms. My nipples are sore, and if I don't eat I feel _slight_ nausea, and I am very sleepy...

In general, I feel really great, actually. Really, if it weren't that my period is 3 weeks late I wouldn't have taken the test.

With DS I was nauseated from Day 1, it was awful!

I haven't made an appt with the MW, yet, so I hope all is well.
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