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Lancaster County and vicinity meetup!

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There are a few of us here in Lancaster County and the vicinity who have been joking about doing an interfaith meetup somewhere locally. We have a few options, if anyone is interested! (I'm not meeting in a restaurant/cafe because I know some of us have dietary restrictions preventing us from eating everywhere.)

We can always meet somewhere like Park City, though with the Christmas season coming up, it's going to be a madhouse.

The Duke St. Library would be a great meetup place, but I'm not sure how they feel about groups meeting and hanging out there.

I'm more than happy to have people over my place, and more than happy to accommodate dietary needs.

If you're interested and/or have a better idea for meeting up, let me know! I'd love to meet some local AP mamas.

(If you don't want anyone to know your location, please feel free to PM me and I'll make sure your ideas get on the thread in a more anonymous way.)
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I would come if I was still living in Philly!
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Originally Posted by 3daughters View Post
I would come if I was still living in Philly!
Oh, but you lucky bum! You hold the trump card!
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I'm in Reading, depening on how far away and dates I would be interested!
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I'm about 35-40 mins from lancaster. We do most of our shopping there. if you think of a good place to everyone to meet, I'm game. I'm okay with meeting at a house, my only issue being dd and i are celiac so gluten free (son is milk free) and I'm allergic to cats and dogs... and just about anything else with fur heh. but we always bring our own food b/c I can't assume others will be able to meet our needs, so don't stress too much about that.

who else is game?
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I'm so game, but my house has what a friend of mine's son calls "multiples of aminalses."

So my place is out then.

Let's try to round up the other Lancaster-area moms around here and see if someone else has ideas.
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well I don't have a problem holding a get together here if people wanna travel up this way. I'm about 20 mins from reading and 35 form lancaster. I have no animals. but I don't have a kosher kitchen... so we could bring our own foods to the mix or have boxed kosher foods/snacks and paper plates/cups... or just leave food out of it all together if that's easier.
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well i have plenty of space, and no animalses. i'm fine with everybody bringing own food. i do have a 6 week old ds tho, so cleaning time is small and far flung in my house.

we're also w/in walking diatance of the etown fun fort. i've got plenty of avauilable parking, too.

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Any of the above sounds good, except the Lancaster Library, because I'm not good at driving and parking IN Lancaster (Park City is right off a major highway, I can do that). I can't have people over, because I have a cat and do not keep a kosher kitchen (add that I have a busy family here).
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Hi Sara!

I would be up for getting together too. I am thinking we could visit more easily at someone's house than at Park City. My kids like it there, but I kind of have to follow my son around and feel hypervigilant in the mall, so it might be nice to have the kids playing in a safe area all together, kwim?

heidirk, still interested in hosting?
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I think Heidi or Henny would both be fine - I can do food at people's houses as long as it's vegetarian.

Battle of the "H"s - commence!
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Hi, y'all . I'm Melinda, mama to almost-20-month-old O. We are new to Lancaster and live fairly close to, well, almost anything in the city. We have 2 cats and bring our own food everywhere - even my MIL's house in TN! I'd love to meet some other mama's. We have joined the Lancaster Tot Spot co-op too.
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Welcome Possum!

I am new here too. We moved to Marietta in October.

I looked at that Lancaster Tot Spot. I wish there was a way to check it out first before paying $40 on the season, kwim? Any chance I could do that?

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Yes, there is an open house this Saturday morning - Dec. 6 from 9:30 - 12. They are considering doing Saturday hours, so this will help them judge interest.
I believe you can also come during regular hours to check it out once. I'm not sure if you need to arrange it ahead of time with Angie or not. Her # is on that web page.
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Welcome, Possum! Wow! So many of us in the county, cool!
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I will have to check that out one day!

Actually, Saturday my hubby is taking my daughter to Strasburg railroad for a day out with Thomas, which she is super excited about.

We went to the train thing tonight at the E-Town Library...I highly recommend it! Very cool and interactive for both kiddos!
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The Tot Spot sounds so cool. Is anyone going tomorrow? Depending on how we feel (colds ) we may be there. Anyone going at a particular time? It would be great to finally meet some other MDC mommas!
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We're going - probably 10-11:30 or so. I have a son about the same age as yours, Paenefaria. He's fair with very blond hair - looks nothing like me. I'm short, medium-build, bobbed brown hair, slightly crunchy-looking; this would describe like half the mamas there, so maybe no help at all. No one there knows me as Possum; they all call me Melinda. Hope to see you there.
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Yup- still interested! Just give me enough advanced warning so I can clean.
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ack sorry! somehow I missed that people were replying to this thread and i thought perhaps it went dead over the thanksgiving holidays or something... oops!
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