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So who's here?

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I thought we should have an introduction thread! So who are all the pregger mama's due in August?

Maybe we can all give a little background info so I'll start:

I'll be 26 this december and this will be my 2nd little one. DS1 is 22 months and loves to nurse still so we will probably be tandem nursing. We plan on having a home birth, possibly unassisted. I'd like a girl next but I also cant wait to meet my next little boy. We cosleep and use EC with cloth for back-up( DS is almost a grad. Yay!)and we wont be vaxing.

Can't wait to get to know you all.
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I just got a positive hpt! It was a faint second line but definitely there. So I'm an August mom.:

I'm new to mothering boards, with my first I was on pregnancy weekly but I feel like this is a better fit. I'm 22 years old and have a 16 month old daughter who still loves nursing and I'm happy to have her nurse as long as she wants. We co-sleep as well and I'm planning on a home birth.
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Hello, My name is Vanessa. I have a four year old son named Ayden and I am newly married to Dan. I have been wanting another baby for such a long time and Dan has always been super ANTI BABY since I met him. But, alas, I have finally convinced him to make me pregnant! Yay! However, we agreed on only trying in December in hopes to have a Virgo in September. BUT, there is a pretty good chance that I'm pregant as of a week ago. I hope so...I really wouldn't mind a Leo anyway. Heehe. So I cannot officially say I am pregnant yet. But I hope within the next week I will be able to declare my pregnancy.:
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Sarah, age 31, wife to Jeff, daughter age 6, son age 2.5....newbie due 8-7-09


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I'm here... ambiguous on dates, I am due sometime very late July or early August but I figured I'd rather be in on the beginning of a DDC

I am 31, I have two daughters, I've had one c/s and one vbac. My cycles never returned after Emily, I was halfheartedly charting (hence the vague due date) and we caught the first egg out!

I had an annual scheduled for December 17th so I changed it to a prenatal appointment and will get an u/s then and see if my guess of dates is right or not We won't be officially announcing until after the appointment.
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I'm Chrissy, SAHM to Noah (7), Lilah (4), and Rowan (18 mos). My EDD for this new baby is 7/29, but I've gone a week over with my 2 that were allowed to come on their own, so I think August is where I really belong.

If all goes according to plan, this baby will be our third homebirth.
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Hi I'm Erin, I am not "official" as of yet, but am hoping to be in the club. I have one DD who is 26 months and have been married to the love of my life for 12 years.

Please send sticky vibes for me, I'd be due around Aug. 11-12.
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Guess I'll report in! I got a BFP a few days ago. Not really firm on my dates since I was a bit lazy about keeping track. Oops. But I believe I'm due around Aug 3.
I have 2 littles already, ages 3 and 5. We have been talking about having a third for some time now, but were never firm on it. This was a "let's try for one month and see what happens" kind of thing. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly!

Congrats to all the mamas to be!
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I'm pretty sure I will be but am waiting until the 1st to test. Got all the symptoms, everything smells, heartburn, nausea, boob issues and we dtd on the right date. Plus I am really good at getting pregnant.
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Hi everyone. I got a BFP this afternoon! : Somewhat suprised, as I wasn't exactly sure when I ovulated, and we were not really trying so much as we had "pulled the goalie" as my hockey-loving friend likes to call it!
I this will be my fourth pregnancy. I had 2 m/c before I had DD who is 2 years 8 months old. So, for me, pregnancy doesn't exactly equal baby, but I'm very hopeful that this one sticks. I think I'd be due first week of August.
I don't think we'll be telling very many people IRL, just because of our history, until after the first trimester. Congrats to everyone!
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Oh my gosh I can not believe this day is here!

I am pg and edd s/b August 4th. I have been ttc my 3rd child forever and my last ivf cycle worked. I am just so thrilled to be here with you all. Here is to wonderful pregnancies for all of us.
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based on the edd calculators i'm due btw july30 and aug 1.....so i just picked aug

this will be #3 and if we timed it right, a girl

we've already got a pretty much picked out too but we're not telling that just yet

dh has already told his friends and family and tommorrow i'll be telling my family. just once i hope they'll be excited for me. the first two were born out of wedlock and i got a lot of grief for it....oh everybody loves the now that they're here but my family hasn't been real excited previously

this time i bet the excuse will be that we can't afford another kid though truth be told our kids have just as much if not more than i remember having as a child.....

anyways i am so psyched....this was our first month trying too:
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Can I join too? I just got my BFP yesterday:: It was our 17th cycle TTC after getting my 1st PPAF, so I thought this day would never come! Looking forward to getting to know all of you and praying for sticky babes for all of us!

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Hello I have been stalking this thread for days but it wasn't official until this afternoon I got my BFP I took a digital test for the first time and it said 'pregnant' those are fun but expensive! I'm still nursing my 11 mo old so my cycle has been out of wack not quite sure when I O'ed but I think I would be due some where in the mid teens in August. I found out I was due with my 11 month old when my DD turned 1 and now my 11 month old will be 1 on Dec 14, so this baby will be 19 months apart from the last set that was 19 months apart. My nipples are quite sore since I'm still nursing. I'm due with my fourth and so excited, We all get to be hot and cranky all summer

I am a SAHM and Homeschool,don't vax,co-sleep CD and breastfeed
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I am a sahm to Issi 6,Griff 4 and Ollie 2.
I am 33.I moved here from the UK seven years ago to marry my American husband who I met in Greece in 1996
I just had my third m/c on Oct 20th so this is a nervous time.Hopefully I will start getting excited when I get my bloodwork back on monday.
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I'm calling this baby my thanksgiving miracle. Due 8/8/09 I'm 33 and we have a 4 1/2 year old ds. We had a water home birth last time and I'm planning for the same thing with this one.
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I'm here!!

I'm Debbie, 22. 23 on the 16th. I had a beautiful wonderful daughter 8 months ago on March 18th. She was born all natural at the birthing center. Shes breastfed & cloth diapered, the works. We had a miscarriage in June, I got pregnant my first ovulation after DD. We've been trying since to get pregnant again & finally I am! I am over the moon and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've always wanted two children close in age. I don't plan on anymore after this baby. I feel like cupcake is a boy already, but I would be so happy for another girl. I can't wait to meet this litte one already! Oh cupcake is due August 2nd!
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Hi - So happy to meet everyone.
I'm 28, this is my first babe, due 8/8, and I'm a big ball of excitement and nerves right now! We were TTC for months before this and I think this babe was just waiting for the perfect time to come.

It is good timing for us in a year of big changes- after our big move back to Canada in March, DH will be starting his PhD in September. We're both kinda hoping for a boy, but we'll be ecstatic either way!

I'm really happy to have you all experienced mamas on here so we can go through all the trials of pregnancy together!
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Well, since my slight spotting of yesterday has stopped, I'll go ahead and post on this list.

I'm a 30 year old mom of two boys and a girl. This little peanut is a total surprise, but I'm amazed at how quickly we can fall in love and get all attached... it's incredible!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to a holistic pregnancy, a natural birth at home, and meeting someone very special at the end of this 40 weeks!!!
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Hi everyone,

I'm 31, due around the 8th with my 3rd (never thought i'd say that, being an only child i always thought people with 2 kids was excessive).

I have two boys - ds1 is 4 and was a midwife assisted waterbirth at home, ds2 is 2 and was an unassisted water/lotus birth at home. For this one i have found a private midwife who will be in another room - just easier than dealing with the arguments and NHS burearucracy.

DS2 is still nursing, although i'm hoping to calm that down a bit before the new babe comes, its like the milk has already changed taste and he has to nurse every ten minutes.

looking forward to getting to know you all.
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