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Who is still working full time...and what do you do? - Page 2

Poll Results: Are you still working and when are you going to stop?

  • 63% (21)
    Working full time until baby.
  • 12% (4)
    Working full time until...post when.
  • 3% (1)
    Are you insane...working full time!!! I need my naps!
  • 12% (4)
    Working part time.
  • 9% (3)
    other...please explain.
33 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by gretae View Post
omg. I so wish I weren't still working. I work in the ER of a trauma center and am on my feet running (waddling) all the live long day. I can't really do it physically any more and have had to tell people that if they want me to talk to someone they are going to have to come to me or just wait awhile which isn't my style at all. I'm a social worker and my job ain't easy. I kinda have to work right up until I go into labor because I don't have much time saved up, nor do I have enough fmla thanks to being a single parent of two girls. Somehow I'm doing it but I'm not sure how. It's been really hard. I worked part time when I had the girls but that was like, 9 and 11 years ago, working like I have been is the pits. 40 plus a week.

sorry, I sound like I'm whining. It's just been really hard.
I don't work (at a paid job anyway!) but I just wanted to give you some

And just so I can add to this thread, I worked until 38 weeks with DS.
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I put other.. I'm a full-time student in a PhD program, I do what I can for lab work in between classes but they've been pretty flexible about letting me take a day off here and there when I need it. I'm planning to finish the semester, hopefully baby will stay in that long!

I have my comprehensive exam all day Dec. 12th and a final for another class Dec. 17th, which I may see if I can take early since I'm due the 20th, and once those are out of the way I'll be taking time off until classes start again at the end of January. Unless the baby comes early, in which case I'll have to make arrangements to make up exams, probably in early January.
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I'm working until baby. It's getting a lot harder, especialy with the pain down my leg. I'm a CNA at the continuing care center attatched to our local hospital. Our avenue is pretty heavy and sometimes stressful. The work has definetly helped me to keep the weight gain in check (even though I've indulged in cravings a bit too much). So I work from 6:30-3 and then come home and some nights DH has to work 5-10ish, leaving me to take care of DD. I must admit it's getting very tiring, but we just can't afford any other way.
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I put other...
I have several jobs besides being the full time mama to my 3 boys ages 6.5, 4.5, and almost 2 and wife to a dh w/ physical disabilities.

I have been nannyig 2 girls for 9 years. They are ages 9.5 and almost 13. They have been at my last 2 births and plan to be at this one as well so I will literally be working right through birth W/ each one of my boys I was working my reg. schedule w/ the girls w/in 1 wk of birth. Now that they are older that really just consists of of after school p-ups and some evening care. They are really tons of help though so it isn't bad.

My other job is more complicated. I own my own baby equipment rental company (www.travelintotsrentals. com). I have been doing it for 4 years. I rent all kinds of equipment such as cribs, high chairs, car seats, strollers, amby hammock, co sleepers, pack and plays, toys, toddler beds, etc. I deliver the items for families that are traveling here on vacation. Our busiest time of the year is from Thanksgiving to New years. I am due somewhere from the 20th of dec. to 25th. Not sure of my dates exactly. W/ ds 3 I worked right up until labor and then had dh do deliveries until ds3 was about 5 days old then I took over again. I was taking phone orders w/in 12 hours after his birth (from bed). I had a major melt down yesterday and just don't think that I am going to be able to do that this time. I have major preggo brain and am making silly mistakes. Nothing serious but I hate looking like an idiot I have a call into my sil to see if she can take over this weekend until mid jan. and am waiting to hear back from her. I sure hope that works out. I feel I am just a tad over extended right now.

It is interesting to see how many working mamas we have in this ddc and how varied the jobs are.
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I'm working up until my vacation starts. The university's winter break runs from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2, and since my due date is Dec. 29 I'm hoping to get a few days off before this baby arrives.

I'm a web designer for a couple of the departments at the university and I work from home most of the time, so it's no trouble. Normally, I go in to the office once a week but as of this week I'm not doing that anymore. My feet are swelling and it's getting harder to get around, and both my doctor and DH don't want me driving an hour and a half each way by myself.
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