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? about retraction

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My son is two and he goes diaperless quite often. (He's in cloth diapers and we like to air him out off & on during the day!) Anyhow.. how can I put this..he likes to play with his penis now and again and I've noticed he puts his thumb inside his penis and moves his thumb around the inside of the skin if you understand what I mean and then also retracts the foreskin back quite a bit.

Is this ok? He doesn't seem to hurt himself at all when he's doing that.

He appears to be fully retracted. Is this ok and normal for his age (that he would be fully retracted)?
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Hi Tracy! My son does this too.
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Fancy meeting you here, lol!!!! Well, that's good to hear that your son does this too! I thought it was ok but wow..the sight of it, lol!
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I have two intact sons, and both started doing that between 2-3 yo. It is completely normal...perhaps disconserting for the mama, but normal. He is not likely to do anything to his penis that will hurt it (that would make touching/playing with it pointless:LOL ).
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LOL! That's kinda what I thought, hehehe! Nope..he seems to be in no pain whatsoever. I guess I was just worried about him scratching the inside of the skin and perhaps retracting himself before it was ready. I guess if it retracts when he does it..it's ready, huh?
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If he retracts himself, it is OK, but I doubt that he is in that stage already. But no two boys are alike. Usually it takes a long time and is a slow process, that's why it is so cruel when doctors or anyone else does it suddenly.

When my grandson was between two and three and we let him run naked all summer long, I watched him shove his penis into himself as though he was going to make it disappear lots of times. Or he would twist it and twist it as though he were winding up some toy. Soemtimes I would see him stretch the foreskin up to his belly button and hold it there forever.

At times I wondered if he was going to hurt himself, but he didn't even notice what he was doing. One hand was always holding on to his penis while the other hand was used for more practical purposes (like holding a toy, food, etc.)

You would have thought he only had one hand! LOL

But, he never had a problem with his foreskin and is now 6 yrs. old. (He retracted himself in the tub when he was about 5.)

I guess that's the way Mother Nature herself designed it and our boys are just following their instincts.

Let them do what comes naturally!

OOPS! I just read that you said he does retract himself. He is very young to do that but, like I said, no two boys are alike. He is his own man!
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Gitti, thanks for your reply. How funny... Reece does the exact same thing, lol! Penis in one hand..toy or yep...food, lol..in the other.

I thought maybe Reece was on the younger side to be retracted but he is. I've seen him pull the foreskin back quite a bit. About 3/4 of the way up. He seems to love every minute of it so I guess he's ok!

I was worried about him putting his thumb in there. I was worried he could scratch the underside of the foreskin. Does this make sense?

The only way I could get him to quit that though would be to keep his diaper on him at all times. I like airing him out though. He's nekkid more often than he's dressed

Btw.. that is really helping w/the potty training! I'm not doing anything..he just tells me he has to poop and then he goes on the potty. (sorry to ramble on, lol!)
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We men do have an obsession with that part and we do pay quite a bit of attention to it. However, we will not hurt it even as an infant. It is just too important to us. :LOL

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