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prenatal yoga?

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Anyone doing this? I have heard to not start an excercise routine in pg, but I have been wanting to do yoga for a while... Do you think it would be okay if i start now? Does anyone have any good DVD reccomendations?
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Prenatal yoga is super gentle and meant to be started during pregnancy. If you want to go you totally should! You might love it.

FWIW- I still do a pretty aggressive Ashtanga Yoga practice, and will continue as long as my balance is good.
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I also practice yoga regularly but would recommend prenatal yoga to someone who never has. I have a DVD, but I can't for the life of me remember who made it. I can't find it right now.
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I am just soooo out of shape its not funny I really want to excersise more, and thought Yoga would be better than anything else
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I'm signing up for a class at our birth center. The last yoga class I took was 6 years ago, but it is described as begginers.
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Definitely do it! It helped me out so much last time. I had never done much yoga, either-- prenatal yoga is really where I started.
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When I was pg w/ my ds, I started a regular intro to yoga class. I just told the instructor that I was pg, and she let me know of any pose I shouldn't do, or needed modifying. I absolutely loved it, it was my favorite time of the week. I was under a lot of stress- new job, dh was 600 miles away, being pg for the 1st time, etc. Yoga really taught me how to relax, and that I had the power to do it. The breathing techniques I learned REALLY helped me during labor- as did many of the stretches.

If you're really concerned about starting any exercise program, talk to your dr or midwife about it. Now that I think of it, I don't think I mentioned it to mine. Oops!
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I've been doing a yoga class, so I will just keep doing that. There was a pregnant woman in the class, and she was able to modify things quite easily. She wound up going into labor, driving herself to the hospital, and giving birth an hour later! So I have confidence that doing yoga can make you into a strong mama.
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