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Working noon-8. I may hit up the goodwill before work to get some wool sweaters; Pudge is needing some new diaper covers and I don't have as much time as I'd need to crochet them fast enough. Other than that my plans involve sitting at home doing nothing but enjoying my kids and maybe doing some cooking.
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I wasn't planning to go out, but I've found a great deal on a Senseo that I've been dying to buy, and I have a $20 off manufacturers coupon for Senseo, so I'm seriously considering it. But I really, really don't want to. I just want to cringe at how busy I'm sure it'll be.

I may go to Joann's for some fabric, but the parking there sucks so that's doubtful.

I really don't want to go out at all, but we'll see.
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I'm observing Buy Nothing Day today. Every year I want to and realize it's the day after I've already bought a coffee or something else (in Canada, it's just another Friday so keeping track of the date isn't as easy as in the US)
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I'm not spending a cent

other than I bought my special needs son a McGriddle this am for feeding therapy. (He ate 14 bites that were chunky! That's a record! Long story short he cannot move his tongue very well so he's been in feeding therapy for 3 years and it's a HUGE deal that he ate part of this fast food.)

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 12, 10, 8, and 5 1/2
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Two of my nieces and a nephew went at 3:45am this morning to Kohls. Their mothers told me at 8am when we went to do a walk to burn off all those calories from yesterday.

I am hosting a fajita and taco feast tonight for the visiting out of town relatives staying at my ILs. Get them out of the house and give my ILs a break. So I went to the local grocery at noon or so. It was dead. They said they were busy earlier but I was able to buy all the stuff to make for tonight. Off to get ready!
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I want to report back on a very successful BF!

I had wanted to go ice skating, and I got to go twice! Once actually on Thursday at an open rink in downtown SLC. So fun! DP, DD and I had a great time!

Then Friday DD has a cold, so DP and I head out alone to the Olympic rink nearby and skated on some funky-hard ice. It was so smooth and strange - you could glide for ages! I loved seeing that winter Olympic space and thinking about the competitions that happened there. The rink advertises that it has the fastest ice on earth. Oh, there was a hockey game going on at the time as well (this place is HUGE!) and sheesh did they stink! Kinda gave me a better appreciation for S. Palin.

Then exiting the Olympic grounds we nearly got T-boned by a guy who ran the red. Mere inches to spare. He had to swerve HARD and I was braced for the crunching sound. Took a year off our lives. SLC seems to positively teeming with insane drivers.

Anyhow, as for Black Friday, I'll never shop again!
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I had a fabulous BF! I did go to the natural partnting store that I was planning to go to and got my free organic wool Babylegs! There were no lines, maybe a dozen people in the store, and no stress.

DS and I then went to a Christmas parade, got to wear some silly foam antlers and also got to go on a miniature horse carriage ride. It was the first ride of any kind that my son has enjoyed, and I fogot to bring my camera. : He loved it though! He was literally bouncing up and down on my lap the entire way. :
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