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What can I do with jelly jars, pasta sauce jars? - Page 2

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We reuse nearly every glass jar that comes into our home. In fact, I purposely choose glass packaging whenever possible>>>>

me too.
I just wish more manf. started using square glass containers LOL
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We also have made snow globes out of them, it's a great project for the kids and...uh...I have quite a bit of fun making them too!
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I use them for freezing my chicken broth after roasting or baking a chicken (or turkey, ham, whatever leaves juice behind). I always leave enough room for expansion and have found that when they've broken (maybe once or twice), they don't shatter into tiny pieces, but rather large, easy to remove fragments.

I also use them for draining off grease after browning hamburger or cooking bacon. I cannot pour it down my drains for fear it will build up and clog them, so I put them in the jars and then throw them away when full.

I've also made gifts out of them by adding a small strand of Christmas lights, filling with potpurri, then topping with a doily threaded with a colorful ribbon to tie off and make a 'lid'. When the lights are plugged in, the aroma is heavenly

Oh, and never underestimate keeping some on hand for summer firefly catching, assuming you're in an area that gets fireflies My kids also like to keep mini bug farms going when they catch something neat or interesting. Just remember to poke small holes in the lid or your bugs won't last very long.
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Small and medium sizes are great for spice storage. Buying spices in bulk or from an East Indian Grocery store is much more frugal.... storing them in jars makes it easy to identify, they stack, keep them fresh... and look nice too!
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AFA pickle-smell (or other unsavory leftover smellies) I found that filling the jar with hot water and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and leaving overnight (or until you get to the dinner dishes the next day ) works to take out most all smells.
Speaking of soaking, another re-use for jars is to soak stained items before the wash, little socks and undies, etc. with just a little laundry soap or peroxide for whites, if your lid fits well you can even agitate them every once in a while.
Speaking of shaking things in jars with well-fitting lids, you can use them to make pudding, sauces, etc. by shaking the ingredients in the jar to mix them.
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I have tons of them. I use them for storing and freezing.
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we use bigger jars for pencils, paintbrushes, pens, etc.
food storage in fridge and cupboard
canning - jam, salsa, peaches, plums
"wish" jars - whenever we think of something we'd like, we put a slip of paper in our jar, then other members of the family always have ideas for b-days, holidays etc.
i don't freeze them anymore, my idea of head room and my freezers always seem to be amiss.
and it may see too obvious, but old jars are the only drinking glasses we use. the little ones are perfect for kids, and they are harder to break than you would think.
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Originally Posted by kacymoose View Post
I'm just getting started using jars for storage now. I went to put some homemade hot chocolate mix in one. It still smelled like pickles despite being washed well and air dried. Another one still smelled like jelly.

What can I do about the smell?

Vinegar is great for getting rid of smells in jars and cans! I just pour it in the jar and let it sit for awhile.

I like using pasta sauce sized jars for hot chocolate or other gift mixes a lot. I paint the jars with acrylic paints, then do 2-3 coats of mod podge to seal it all. I put a square of fabric over the lid, glue it down, and glue/tie a ribbon around the edge to make it look finished.
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Originally Posted by lightheart View Post
What about freezing things in them? Don't some people use glass to freeze things, just leave enough headroom for things to expand?
We use them for freezing bone broth or big batches of cooked beans, chili, sauce, etc. We fill them 3/4 full so when they expand the dont burst.
Nothing goes to waste this way if we are not going to be able to eat it all soon.
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Wow, these are some great ideas! I wouldn't have thought of most of them.
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make a craft project w/ the kids - I took old artwork - paintings for us - and cut them up in little pieces & the kids dipped them in glue mixed with water & plastered them all over the glass & voila - you have a beautiful vase or holder of some sort & it makes great gifts for grandparents or others.

we also use them for drinking - the lid comes in handy for travel. storage, etc.
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We use jars for EVERYTHING! Food storage, craft storage, craft projects, packaging homemade bath and food products, drinking glasses....you name it! Never throw them away!
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