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This past Saturday I found out that I'm pregnant. Yippee! According to the due date calendars that I've found, I'm due around July 28, 2009 and I'm 5 wks 0 days today. This is my first pregnancy and even though I've been educating myself on pregnancy and birth for a few years now, I feel like I need a manual on what to do now that you know you're pregnant. Also, even though I've had 3 immediately positive pregnancy tests, and I know the tests are pretty accurate, I have this mild paranoia that somehow they'll turn out to be mistaken. I know it's just paranoia and it's normal to not feel pregnant in the first weeks, but I wonder if anyone else felt the same way when they were pregnant for the first time?

Anyway, glad to have found you all and I look forward to sharing more as time passes.
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Welcome! MDC is a great place to hang out and get all sorts of info on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, etc.

When I was pregnant with DS, I spent those first few weeks convinced my period would start at any moment. It's normal to feel a little weird about the whole thing. Thankfully over the next few months there will likely be lots of first...first hearing the heartbeat, first movement, etc. which should help. Also, there is the lovely morning sickness which if you're unlucky enough to deal with does tend to reinforce that something is going on
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What you are feeling is totally normal. I remember feeling the exact same way with my first pregnancy. I didn't believe it until I felt the baby move for the first time. And then it really sunk in lol.
I'm looking forward to sharing pregnancies together! And dogmom is right! If you get m/s, you will KNOW that something is going on for sure ;-)
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: Congratulations and welcome to MDC. You will find lots of helpful info on this forum. It is great.

I have two children and I still don't even feel pregnant this time! I am 7wk3d and I am waiting to "feel" something different inside me. If I remember correctly the previous pregnancies, it took me a number of weeks to feel "pregnant".
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Welcome! I am due the day after you and I am the same way. I did feel the baby implant and other than that, I am symptom free. My breasts ARE a little bigger, but no pain, etc. No morning sickness yet either. So just letting you know that I am in the same time frame and feeling the same way!
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: Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has felt a bit paranoid about this. I feel a lot more rational about it today, but maybe that's because I got a chance to release those feelings. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to feeling nauseous (hopefully just mild nausea).
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