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Dialation & Effacement progress thread

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I thought it might be fun to know where everyone is in their progress.(for those that get checked)
I had a cervical check yesterday & cervix was funneling from 3cm to 1cm. so.......I'm 1cm dialated & 50% effaced @ 35w3d
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Go mamas, go!!!!!

BTW, when I went in for my m/w appt the day before my water broke, I was only dilated a cm although I was significantly effaced.
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I kinda wish I knew. The dr. didn't check me last time, though she did say the baby was head down. My next appt isn't until next monday. I'll be 37 weeks by then. With my first DD, I was dilated 4 cm for over a month before she was born...so I guess it doesn't really matter if I am dilated yet. I still want to know though...
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Oh...uh, does anyone know if there is a way to check yourself? Just curious.
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Originally Posted by KSLaura View Post
Oh...uh, does anyone know if there is a way to check yourself? Just curious.
I know one finger tip=1cm
yesterday the Dr held up his 4 fingers & said that = 8cm
does that help at all?

or get a measurement of your own fingers using cm...& go from there
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I've got 1cm, maybe 1 1/2cm as of this morning. No effacement.

I'm starting to get insanely impatient though!
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My dr. gave me the option to be checked yesterday, I'm 39w today, I declined... it doesn't really mean anything as you've said, you can "pop" into labor anytime or walk around 4cm for weeks... so why dig around in there if we don't need to? :0) It totally bothers my MIL who is all about the conventional way of doing things, "did you get checked?" "haven't you had another US?" etc. Whereas my mom is much more laid back, "it'll happen when it happens..." Funny how our parents shape us!
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I was checked two weeks ago, 35 weeks, and was 0cm but 80% effaced.
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I go in tomorrow so I will let you guys know then! I better be doing something! lol Baby hasn't moved AS MUCH today as normal. We'll see what MW says about that too. Maybe not enough room? Too tired to squirm about?? We just went out to eat, then to the lake to walk around the sandy beach, then to a pond across the street to feed duckies(too cute by the way) and then home...there was SOOOO much pressure down there! OUCH!
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1cm -4 station as of last wed at 34w 6d and one of the boys kicked the Dr's finger when she checked me =D good boy!
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I think I am getting checked tomorrow (36w3d)when the MW does the GBS test since she will be down there anyway. The MW I saw at my last appt she said she planned to do it this week to verify baby's position too, but she had to cancel my appt Monday due to being in L&D and I was only able to get an appt with the other MW in the practice if I didn't want to wait until next week. I have been feeling a lot of low pressure when I have contractions, so I hope something is going on even though I know it doesn't mean much in terms of when labor will actually start.
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I'm 36 weeks today and just had my dr appt earlier and got checked. I'm 1 1/2 cms (She said not quite 2cms but a very loose 1cm) dialated, 50-60% effaced and baby still at -3 station head down. Didn't ask about cervical length but last week it was only 2cms. Last week (at 35 weeks) I was 1 cm dialted and 40% effaced. Everything is so much more uncomfortable-hard to drive and sit. Baby's moving fine and tons of pressure though I have noticed during contractions that baby pushes on me or stretches out or something -it's hard to explain but very weird. I actually go pretty fast once I hit 3-4 cms. Have been drinking insane amounts of water to keep back contrations/labor away, about 100-140ozs of water a day. Feel like I'm drowning and I so hate water right now. But making sure that the back labor is not from dehydration and not real labor. I expect to go within the next week. My next appt isn't til 38 weeks. Oh and I got my GBS results back and they were negative so I don't have to deal with antibiotics or refusing them.

*I forgot to add also:
Been nesting last week and now, spent all last week cleaning and organizing the house as much as I could, just have bathroom left-going to see if my mom could do it as I hate cleaning bathrooms. This week I have been making freezer meals for after when the baby. I made 9 meals today and hope to make 6-10 meals tomorrow. Yesterday went to Costco to get all the ingredients that I hadn't gotten in the past few weeks.

I have gained 3 lbs-up to a totally of 33 lbs this pregnancy-in the last week but it must be all baby as I haven't bloated or puffed out anywhere like I normally do in my hands and feet.

Can't remember if there was anything else to add. So that's all for now.
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I'm 1-2cms and about 70% effaced, and this kid is seriously engaged. I thought he was sitting low before, but this past week has brought on a whole new level of low (and pain!). The midwife was a little shocked at my appointment today, actually. No BH though, only that vague achey cramp feeling like when you get your period. I want this kid to get here already, but I think it will be a while still.
It is a little scary to think of having a baby any second now though. My house is not super tidy, and the whole backseat is full of stuff that needs to be dropped off elsewhere (Good Will, recycling depot, library, etc, etc). Oh, and I have exams the week of the 14th. But, hey, babies come, and we figure it out, right?
It's very exciting to be seeing birth announcements. Congratulations all, and I can't wait to join in myself!
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I'll get checked on Monday.

Meanwhile... I've jabbed a finger as far as I could and didn't even come close to my cervix. That's either short fingers, short arms, or a big belly, lol.
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I got checked yesterday (after 4 hours of what felt like labor) and was just 1cm. That's 1cm more than two weeks ago, anyhow. *shrug*
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At 34 weeks I was 1-2 cm and 80% effaced, baby was at -2 and I was put on modified bedrest.

I just got checked Monday at 36 weeks and a different midwife said I was 1cm and 60% effaced?????

I don't know, I was less dilated and effaced than that when I got checked and went into labor with DS the next day, so I'm not taking much stock in it.
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Hah hah this is funny...I've had a cerclage stitch in the whole pregnancy so that I didn't dilate early. It was taken out today. Last pregnancy when they took it out I immediately dilated to 2 centimeters and I was already significantly (maybe 80%) effaced...I still didn't go into labor for three weeks, eventually I was induced.

So today I get it taken out and .... NOTHING. I'm still high, long, closed, firm, and he couldn't even get the very tip of his finger in. I expect to still be pregnant in January, but who knows
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37 weeks here, + (since I want to go to "due date") pleased to report: long/closed/posterior (whatever that means); soft.

dd is feverish + like a limpet; typing one handed ;P
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Saw my MW today, baby is head down, but really high. Cervix was too high to even feel any dilation. I'm still 3 weeks away from my due date, so I shouldn't be disappointed, but it would have been nice if all these contractions had done a little something
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38w4d and long, soft and closed. This is my second babe.

I've had some crazy random strong contractions the last week and tons of pressure so I was surprised to have no progress at all. I know baby is still up high though and since I'm trying to make it past my due date I should be pleased but there was a tiny bit of disappointment when I found that out.
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