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asheville pediatrician

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we just moved to the asheville area and i'm wondering about doctors for my son. Mr. Pants is 21 months old, intact, co-sleeping, delayed/selective vaccinated, cloth diapered, from a family filled with food allergies/sensitivies and still breastfeeding. we prefer natural methods to antibiotics, etc.

any suggestions for a pediatrician who will be a good fit for us? i need a "mainstream doctor" to keep my family silent (they live in the same apartment complex and that is not a battle i'm fighting--the battle i'm fighting is for a homebirth with my second and i know it's none of their business, but you know how family politics work)

thanks for any help!
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There's Josh Bernstein who I think is with Asheville Pediatrics and Jim Haaksma at Community Family. My son sees Haaksma & although I wasn't happy with his spiel on night nursing past a year (he's had a number of patients get cavities) he respects our choice not to vax & he did not push antibiotics when DS had an ear infection.

Have you joined Ashevillemamas? That's a great local resource for info like this...

Welcome to Asheville!
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thanks for the response. i'm headed off to join right now!
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We love Family to Family.: They have been very respectful of our choices.
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I was a Bernstien patient but am looking for someone else. While he respects choices, he doesn't seem tuned into nor knowledgeable about AP practices. I don't mind if he has an opposite preference but he should tailor his answers towards his patients lifestyle and choices. It just seemed like a lack of effort to really connect with us. This is a long-term relationship built on trust so you would think that would be something important. Anyway, he's alright if you want just a basic pedi.
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