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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

We've switched to disposables. I know, whatever.
Why is it that they seem so much easier? When you're all jazzed about cloth diapering it seems so easy and logical. Where the hell does that enthusiasm go at 4 am?

I've decided the only way I'm sticking to cloth when we have to size up to mediums is if I can afford all bumgenuis AIO's. I freaking hate prefolds lately. They're so easy to wash and they get so clean... simplicity right? Add a snappi or a wiggly baby and they're bleached, woven HELL. All that said, we're still using 7th gen at night but usually only 2-3 so it's not too bad.
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*The food-in-the-hair thing happens quite often at our house. She finds my dinner time to be her dinner time at all. It doesn't matter. The minute I sit down to eat she gets hungry too. I got sick of throwing food away that I eat overtop of her now.

*Have left in her in a dirty onsie for a full day. It wasn't wet with spit up....anymore.

*I also go back to sleep if I know she is waking up and making the "I'm hungry but not so hungry that I am screaming" noises. Once in a while she will go back to sleep.

Can we do confessions of a first time dad too?

*Since I had a c/s I couldn't carry her in her carseat. DH got out of the truck, locked the doors and was halfway up the front sidewalk before I could spit out "Aren't you going to take your daughter?" She was only a week and half old and it was one of the first times we had gone out so he wasn't used to having to take her out of the truck.

*He went to put her (in the carseat) into the truck and when he opened the door the wind caught it. He tried to catch the door and the carseat slipped out of his hands and he dropped the carseat with her in it.
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*I totally eat over Thalia too. I've even found myself using her little body, along with the boppy, to prop up my bowl/plate. I feel pretty bad about it though and usually snatch up the bowl. :
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Is It Just Me:
*Threatened to take her to the fire station when she was crying inconsolably on Day 3. (I was joking, though.)
*Sometimes when I eat while wearing her in the wrap or sling, I put a napkin on top of her little head. She looks like the flying nun.
*Sometimes when I eat while wearing her, I DON'T put a napkin on top of her little head. :

Same here, The other day a mayo-y onion fell on her head. Took me a while to notice it there (she was in the babyhawk) and when I did I pointed it out to everyone to laugh at before I cleaned it up.. which was just me picking it up, putting it in my mouth and wiping her head with my finger. She still smelled like subway hours later, haha! With her, just likek with ds, I find crumbs in her neck rolls regularly.
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Sorry- I'm crashing from Sept and just can't resist!!!

I cannot stop picking my son's nose! I see big crusty boogers just hanging out in there and I can't resist going in after them. I've even made up a song about it.... The Booger Fishing Song.

OMG I am so weird.
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Confessions of a 4th time mom

This is the best thread ever!

I also forget (or just don't want) to brush my teeth, baby doesn't care and that's two minutes that can be spent sleeping.

I spent $150. on cloth diapers I'm not using. I will use them, but friends keep giving me disposables I HAVE to use up.

I hardly ever change her in the night.

I have 3 other children who haven't opened a school book since she was born.

In the beginning when friends wanted to come see my new baby I kinda didn't want them to because I was afraid they would come at a time I could be sleeping...which was almost anytime.
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2nd timer here. . .

yesterday I cut his finger with the nail clippers. . . :

glad ya'll are here, I feel much better now!
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* I have woken up DH at the crack of dawn on his day off to tell him the baby has been up all night when he wasn't. This earns me hours of sleeping in sleep while he deals with bright eyed, well slept baby all morning!

* I too will not change a poop right away... this one makes me feel super guilty when his coolie is red.

* I too judged ugly plastic seats that vibrate and swore I would soothe my baby in more natural ways. The damn plastic seat is the only thing that allows me a shower most days...

* I have not bathed him in 12 days. I didn't wipe his eye crusties all day yesterday. He wore a dirty onesie today.

* I still use disposables at night, despite my insistance on buying more absorbent night time cloth diapers.

* I run around in the last half hour before DH gets home cleaning up my mess of the day and then tell him I have been doing chores during naps instead of spending so much time on the internet and watching TV during naps.

(I'm realizing this thread has me lying to my husband twice! I feel bad - he is awesome. I think he gets some love tonight.

Thanks for starting this and making me feel SO much better about my "bad" mommy moments...:
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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
2nd timer here. . .

yesterday I cut his finger with the nail clippers. . . :
I've BTDT. That's why my babe's fingernails and toenails are uber long and I just cover them with the mittens or foldover onesies. I hate to file nails and dh doesn't do anything without being asked 1 million times. Maybe my mom will cut them in January when I go back to work

Originally Posted by mama.rye View Post
* I have woken up DH at the crack of dawn on his day off to tell him the baby has been up all night when he wasn't. This earns me hours of sleeping in sleep while he deals with bright eyed, well slept baby all morning!
This is one fabulous idea. I've never thought to do it in the morning

And more from me...

*My baby has been in the same outfit for 3 days now. There's still a smidgeon of brussels sprouts on her back from Thanksgiving dinner. All the other food/dirt has worn or fallen off by now.*

*Last night when I'd been holding a screaming, inconsolable, recently fed Hazel for 3 hours I went and hid in the bedroom with earplugs in for an hour while dh wrangled her. When he came and got me she fed for a half hour : I'd told him she wasn't hungry..*

*I yelled at dd1 for playing her recorder downstairs because Hazel had just fallen asleep after 4 hours of being awake*

*I purposely didn't wash my cloth diapers so I could take her to the festivities of yesterday in 'sposies.*
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i always eat over babe, somuch so that i had to wash cury stains out of my sukara bloom
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mama.rye- I don't think there's any such thing as a 'bad mommy' moment, not really, anyway.

about the nail clippers.. . with DS1, I was able to just nibble them off while he nursed. But Milo's nails are welded to his skin at the corners, so while he was sleeping, I tried to cut them. I mean I REALY hurt him, too. . .

I do the fast clean-up, too!
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Originally Posted by crosscat View Post
*Sometimes when I eat while wearing her, I DON'T put a napkin on top of her little head. :
I almost PEED my maternity pants @ the visual! :

Not in your DDC, just : ing.
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Ok, I'll give in...here are my confessions....

*I dropped my cell phone on her head while I was talking to my BFF while BF'ing when she was only a couple weeks old.
*I also eat over the top of her while she BF'ing.

Oh, speaking of food, DH just brought me dinner! Gotta run and eat while she's actually sleeping! Back later...

ok, back and nak...

*we cosleep and have gotten so good at nursing side-lying that i rarely wake up enough to change her diaper before 5 or 6am.
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-I spent over $200 on cloth diaper stuff and have basically used the prefolds as rags! I really want to use them, but I just don't get prefolds and we haven't gotten back into the swing of doing laundry regularly enough to use AIOs.
-A couple times Finn has woken up at 5am to feed and then won't go back to sleep, so I've taken to waking up the bf after feeding, saying "your shift" and going back to sleep.
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-I fell asleep on the couch & let go so he fell on the tile floor - when he was 4 days old.

-Am so frustrated with how stinky the covers get that my prefolds are sitting neatly folded & he's wearing disposables.

-I have picked at the zits - man I wish they would go away.

What a fabulous thread!!!!
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-I came out of the bathroom in the store the other day with Keir in my pouch and wacked his head on the door...I misjudged where his head ended and the door was...I felt sooo awful.

- I often wake up dh saying I have had a rough night when I haven`t, the worse part is I know he has been up at least once or twice with my other boys.

-i keep him in sposies at night so I don't have to change his bum....
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I am laughing so hard I'm crying. Thank you so much, mamas. I really needed this after getting covered in vomit three times before lunch time today!

Okay, mine, c+p from November:

When he projectile vomits (at least once every day), I leave him sitting in his nasty clothes until I've cleaned myself up. It feels selfish, though it makes more sense because I'd just get him covered in vomit again.

He's so strong that I forget I still need to support his head and he headbutts me sometimes, too

I put him in his swing early in the morning when DH and DS1 get up so I can get a couple more hours of sleep... alone! Without the constant grunting!

He's much chubbier than DS1 was and I find myself hoping his weight gain will slow down... that's what a lifetime of being told I was fat and having low self esteem and body images does... I really don't want to pass that on to my kids, but I've always been secretly thrilled DS1 is "skinny".

He had his first ever bath last night (with me in the big tub)... normally I just wipe him down.

This morning I started scraping off the cradle cap... my kids seem to get it in their eyebrows and between their eyebrows... so he's now sporting that red skin/just had my eyebrows waxed look

If he projectile vomits at night (we sleep on prefolds) and it gets the sheets, I just grab an extra pf to cover the wet patch so we can go back to sleep.

The cloth dipes made him start to peel in the folds of skin in his groin, so I used sposies for two weeks and I am tempted to go back to them at least for o/n.

I have moments where I resent him for all this extra laundry he's creating with the constant vomiting...

...and I feel incredibly guilty because DH is doing everything for DS1 and the poor kid barely knows who I am right now!
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Ready for a mom of the year worthy confession? Night before last I woke up and Ainsley was on her head (feet in the air) : I almost always end up sleeping sitting up with her on the boppy, and now that she's moving around more she moved too much I guess and fell off the boppy and onto her head! I have no clue how long she was like that, I hope to goodness it wasn't more then a couple of minutes at most.. but who knows. She wasn't even crying. I'm trying to lay down once she's asleep now, but still have fallen asleep before she's done nursing sitting up.. (we have trouble nursing laying down, her mouth is still small and my nips end up really sore).
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All these confessions make me feel a lot better. A lot of mine are repeats, but here goes...

- I thought DD had bad breath, I even told her doctor about it at her one week appt. He looked in her mouth and found nothing. Later I realized it was a cheesy-neck-stink.

- It takes us four prefolds to sleep (not including the ones for her bum): one under my boobs, one for wiping her face/clothes, and two under her head. The double layer is awesome, when she spits up a big one I can whisk away the top prefold and she's still on one.

- I was convinced I wouldn't use baby-tenders but one day I gave in and bought a swing. Pointless anyway, she will rarely stay in it. It usually allows me five minutes to brush my teeth and pee first thing in the morning though.

- In one of our first nights home, in bed, she was crying and I couldn't fix it. I was very tired and frustrated, and I said 'WAH!' back at her. : I have since gained quite a bit of patience.

- She is currently sleeping, swaddled, with a scarf tied around her upper body. I can't keep her swaddled otherwise. I've googled 'swaddle scarf tie' to try and determine if maybe this isn't as crazy as I think it might be, but no results...

- Our current bath rate seems to be one every two weeks. I tried her in the shower with me and she got red eyes, I think I did it wrong.

- She is six weeks old and has not had her nails trimmed. I wait until she has little hangnails and then rip them off. Kinda works.

- I realized today that I think I am underestimating her eating capacity. I read an article about some culture where their babes are nursed an average of every 13 minutes. With DD, if she's eaten recently, popped off, and then becomes fussy I had assumed she couldn't possibly be hungry again. From now on I'll offer more boob.

There's more, but my little scarf-tied bundle is starting to stir...
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Thank you for this thread! I feel so much better just after reading it! I hope you all don't mind that I join in. I could say me too to almost everything on here but here are a few of my own.

*I also give DD over to DH in the middle of the night saying that she has been up for "hours" when it has only been for a feeding. Except when I do it I cry as I can cry at the drop of a dime. I really only want to go back to sleep.

*Napkin on her head! Good Idea!!! I have gotten used to picking food off of her.

*The baby is my excuse to get out of housework sometimes. I just "cannot do dishes" while feeding DD, so DH has to do it!

*After a very long night and finally getting DD to sleep at 6am, I let my older child sit in front of the tv with a box of cereal while I napped on the couch. He was a very happy boy!

*If DD falls asleep in her car seat, I leave her in the car seat until she wakes up. I don't dare mover her.

*Ditto on the nose picking!

Thanks for the laughs and making me feel good. I know I have more...
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