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Jackson James is HERE!!!!

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7.4 lbs and 20 inches!

au natural

He is sooooooooooooooooooo wonderful! I LOVE being a mom



i love him
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby and natural birth! He is just a precious snuggle bug!
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Congratulations! :
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totally beautiful!!! congrats!
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Yay!!! Welcome to the world, little cutie pie!
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Congratulations!!! He is adorable! :
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: congratulations!!! He's *so* adorable!!! :
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He's beautiful!!!! Congrats!
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Oh mama! Congrats on the birth of Jackson James!! :

He is so sweet and amazing! I look forward to hearing your birth story (no pressure ) when you're up to it. Congrats again, mama!

Much love and light to you and baby Jackson! :
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What a cutie! Congratulations! I also can't wait to hear how things went, hope you are enjoying your babymoon.
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Congratulations! :
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Beautiful Jackson James!
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Oh beautiful!!! Congratulations mama!!! He is absolutely precious! Happy birthday little guy
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Awwwwww. He looks just like you!! Congrats
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congratulations!!! so sweet!
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Welcome to the world Jackson! Congrats momma!
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Awww he is precious. Congratulations !!!!!
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