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Does anyone know of any good sales coming up?

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We have # 3 coming in April and I sold all of my dipes at the start of this pregnancy thinking I wouldn't be able to do cloth. I changed my mind, I can't deal with the idea of throwing away diapers for 2.5 years. So, I need to rebuild and was hoping for some good sales. I need prefolds and covers along with small FBs or Bum genius 3.0. DOes anyone know of any sites hosting "Black Friday" sales?
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kelly's closet is...I don't know what it will be yet though. They're sending out an email with the details tomorrow night. Lots of giveaways, too.
here's part of the email:

Look forward to winning the following: *First 10 orders of the day receive a BumGenius One Size Cloth Diaper (with inserts) **For every $100.00 you spend you will be entered in to win one of our three drawings! THE DRAWINGS are:1st drawing- 3 bumgenius 3.0 One size diapers with inserts
2nd drawing- 3 Happy Heiny One size diapers (aplix) with inserts
3rd drawing- 3 Fuzzi bunz pocket diapers *At 12 noontime est the first 10 orders will receive a Happy Heiny's One Size Diaper in aplix More giveaway's will be disclosed on Thanksgiving day evening. We will also be having specials as well.
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I took advantage of the black friday sales at pinstripesandpolkadots.com
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There are a ton of diaper stores on hyena cart having black friday and cyber monday sales. I saw some really cute fitteds at one but I don't need dipes so was not really looking at all the dipe stock.
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if you're looking for Fuzzi Bunz, softclothbunz has buy 3, get one free!
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Jillian's Drawers Just sent me this:
We just wanted to let everyone know that we have a great special on bumGenius! One-Size Pocket Diapers for the next two weeks!

Starting now, purchase a 4-Pack of bumGenius! One-Size Pocket Diapers for $59.95. That's only $14.99 per diaper! Each 4-pack includes:
1 Twilight Blue
1 Butternut Yellow
1 Blossom Pink
1 Grasshopper Green

Cotton Babies is also having a Black Friday Sale. In addition to the same $15 BG's deal, they also have a sale on seconds, doublers, inserts, carseats, wooden toys and carriers. Free Shipping with the code "BLACKFRIDAY"
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another sale

Another Black Friday and beyond sale at GreenEarthMama.com.
Green Earth Prefolds are always a good price. Happy Heiny and bumGenius are on sale too.
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this is a great thread, thank you so much!!! I am expecting my first one in a month and decided to CD.

I am not sure how to look/use the hyena cart, can someone explain it to me?

Thank you so much
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See me sig
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thanks for the sig link!!! Love the savings I got on my breast pump YOOHOO!!
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There are some great sales at www.rgnaturalbabies.com on Diapers!

And Congrats on #3!!! Our #2 is due in March
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Theres a WAHM on ebay, she runs monkey buns, she sells fitted & covers for $6.50, all custom. And also on ebay, I snagged a deal last night, GO to the cloth diapering section, search for "green & comfy", a new comp. doing a huge grand opening blowout, I got a large AIO, for $7.30 (including shipping!)
Actually you could probably find all your diapering needs on ebay, just watch the shipping, it kills the deal sometimes!
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fuzzibunzdirect.com - 25% off Mon and Tues

with code Monday - you can get 25% off your entire order at fuzzibunzdirect.com, monday and tuesday (dec 1-2) only. great deal on fuzzi bunz diapers!
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Oh, that is a good sale, wow!
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just when I thought I got it all figured out, my head is spinning again. I thought about doing fuzzy bunz but there are so many options...

I think I will just stick with Prefolds and covers for now. Speaking of which, thirsties seems to be the fave for Newborns and small, is that about right? Are there any thirsties that come with snaps ( I think I would waking my LO everytime a velcro opens)

Also, where can I find who uses what kind of detergent? Preferably on sale and pale liners...

Sorry, hijacking the thread kinda
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