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Ah... *big breath*...

I am five weeks pp with my 1st. No tearing, 2 hours of pushing, 1 skid mark. My husband and I DTD 3 1/2 weeks pp. I was surprised that I wanted to and at how good it felt! There is definitely an increase in sensation... I don't know if it's related to bf or no longer being pregnant. However, I am not the same quite yet. There is definitely a little more room and I have a 'stiff' area where I had a skid mark, plus a few stiff sections inside. They do not hurt though.

Does this sound normal to everyone - having stiff areas? I am curious how long they take to relax.

I know it will take more time to go back to normal.
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What is that "golf ball" looking bulge right at the opening of the vagina? Is it a prolapsed vaginal wall (i.e., the bladder pushing the wall out, aka cystocele)? I'm 8 wks pp but I first noticed it after my dc2's birth. It doesn't bother me, just wondering what those ridges sitting right under the urethra are! Like everyone else, I've no idea what my pre birth vagina looked like, and Im too scared of freaky pics to do any image googling.

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When I tore with DD, everything went back to normal quickly other than some scar tissue. I'm almost 5 weeks pp with DS and my tear was never sutured, I stayed in bed with my legs together for 3 days and the two side of the tear never came together. I looked down there with a mirror and I feel like my vagina has been turned inside out. I've never been able to see my urethra before but now can and my vaginal walls look like they're coming out of the opening. Not good. Not. Good.


I'm not sure what I can do about it, if anything but it makes me feel so disgusting.

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I had extensive tearing with my VBAC baby.  Bilateral sulcus tearing.  It means that you basically tear from your cervix clear down both sides of the vagina all the way out.  I also had a few minor labial abrasions.  It took nearly 2.5 hours of stitching to put me back together.  Not pretty.  It can still be painful 9 months Postpartum for me.....  I have some extensive scarring and several areas that just aren't normal - probably never will be.

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So, I pushed for like 30 minutes and everything was going fine and slow until my MW said that his heart rate dropped and didnt come back up and they wanted me to "get him out now"  so i pushed with all my might, might i didnt even know I had and out came the head, grabbed a breath and out came the body.  And there went my vagina... bye bye vagina.  I had a 2nd degree tear, aka, to the anus, awesome.  30 minutes of stitching.  I was sooo not prepared for the pain that I would experience for the next 3-4 months.  My baby is now 5 months and there is a ton of scar tissue down there.  It just sucks.  We have DTD about 3x , starting at maybe 8 weeks pp.  But I hate my vagina.  Its stiff and everything hurts.  I feel sooo unsexy now.  its really crappy.  plus im about 30 lbs overweight, which I really really hate.... even though DH is still way bigger, I use to be the tiny one!  


Anywho, yeah, Im not sure if things will ever be "normal" again.  But probably everyone says that afterward.  I have hears of women going to physical therapy for this "issue."  I thought about it.  But Im just too shy to go to a dr to "work" on my vagina...


on the plus side, breastfeeding is going awesome and my older daughter isnt jealous at all of her new brother!  Plus I sleep the whole night with my little guy-- and he just started napping during the day too!!  so life isnt horrible... just my vagina is.

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