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Non Stop Night Time Nurser Looking for Support

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I nurse my 8 month old baby girl to sleep every night, but then I need to keep nursing her throughout the night or she will wake up screaming. She literally is attached to my breast for 12 hours straight through the night! I am not sleeping well and would love a night off. Heh heh heh! I am pretty sure the all night nursing is for comfort. Does any one else have a similar experience? Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried slipping her a pacifier after she is asleep but she makes a disgusted face and wakes up crying. My mother thinks I should let her CIO but I strongly disagree.
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I've had to work with DS on this as well. Nothing I tried worked well, only temporarily until he spontaneously stopped. I got a lot of these suggestions from No Cry Sleep Solutions book.

I'd wait until he was deep asleep and slip the nipple out of his mouth. Any time that I had (be it 1 minute or 1 hour) where I wasn't tethered was a success! This lasted for months. Also, if my breast was uncovered he'd feel it in his sleep and latch back on. I'd put a light layer of cloth like a nightgown over, and he'd go longer without relatching. Now that he's 17 months old, he will sleep longer if I'm not touching him, just lying nearby. If I'm touching him, he'll start rooting around in his sleep.

Good luck!
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One thing I've noticed is that I sometimes respond TOO quickly when my DS makes noise... like, sometimes when he reaches the end of a sleep cycle, he cries out for just a second. I used to run in and pop my boob in his mouth ASAP, but in the last couple months (he is 14 mos), I have waited a second and peeked around the door to watch him... About 2/3 of the time, DS is back to sleep in a second.

Another strategy I try is pulling the nipple out of his mouth when he's asleep, and then firmly putting my hand on him if he starts to root around wanting the boob again. He will squirm for a second, but about half the time he settles back into a deep sleep without nursing again.

Granted, these are mostly things I do at naps. I think they would probably be helpful at night, too, but I am usually half asleep and so tired that I just give him a boob so I can go back to sleep.
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Sometimes pressing his mouth closed under his bottom lip with my finger helps. I gently take my nipple out and then press and he closes his mouth and stays asleep. My ds nurses about every hour at night but there have been nights (teething) where he need the nipple in his mouth all. night. long. So I feel for you!!
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I am also in the same boat and have a almost-7 month old who nurses all the way through the night, I take her off the nipple once she's fallen asleep but come 4am she sleeps so lightly it can be difficult

I am sooooooooo looking forward to night-weaning her - probably around 9 months, no doubt people will 'flame' me for suggesting it so early but yesterday I nearly left the keys to our house in the front door and I dread to think what might have happened

I only realised a few hundred yards down the road and went running back with the DD and fortunately they were still there in the lock

I have very little support, in fact, make that *no* support (my husband works all hours of the day and night at the moment to keep his job) and I had no more than 2 hours sleep in one stretch since the day she was born, I can't go on much longer

many people use Dr Jay Gordon's plan for night-weaning - that's for a 12 month old or older, but like I said, I'll probably start this when she's 9 months as we are all going down the gurgler if I don't start to get some decent sleep
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My almost 3 year old NEVER night weaned. he still nurses several times a night.
To the point of his tooth enamel wearing away on 2 teeth!
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Thank you so much for posting your suggestions. I did look up the article by Dr. Gordon on sleep weaning and I think I may try that when dd is over one year. After reading his article I felt that the work I was doing at night with dd was difficult but important. I think I can keep this up for another 4 months until she's one. I think I can! I think I can!
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