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Low Testosterone Levels in Partner

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My DH had his testosterone levels tested (along with other things) and his levels were extremely low. His Dr wants to prescribe a testosterone gel. I, however, am worried about the effects of it on our family. We have a family bed and I'm worried some of the gel may rub off on us. I'm also worried about how it may change his personality. He's so gentle and faithful right now...what if he turns into a rage machine with a wandering eye.

I know he needs help. He has no energy, no sex drive, no "oomph." I just don't know if this is the way to go, though. I know he wants to feel like a man again. And I have had no problem altering my female hormones when they were out of whack. So why am I so freaked out about this?

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do to remedy the situation? How has your life changed for better or worse? Discuss, please.
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My dh has low test. levels becuase of a pituitary tumor and subsequent surgeries. He tried the gel ( there is a patch that can be worn over the area) but it made him break out really bad and the patch irritated his skin too. He swapped to injectable test. I give him a shot every 2 weeks. Works nicely for us although he was a horny toad the first month and about killed this 45 year old lady!!!
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I'd like to discuss this topic more at a later date. Company is coming shortly and I have more tasks to finish...
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