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Oh and yes, the mothercraft playgroups have varying hours and they are in westboro. Nice place and I don't mean to discourage anyone to use it, just not as appropriate as I had originally thought for are new group like ourselves to just randomly crash their party!
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I'm up for anything, so just let me know when and where and I'll be there with my little guy!

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Sanguine_speed, I'm happy to hear you've come around on the suburbia bit. I am where you were. still wondering what I am doing in a place where they cut down all the trees and name the streets after them. I feel funny sometimes hanging my cloth diapers outside when all I see on our street are latchkey kids and boxes and boxes of pampers on garbage day. Are you in chelsea too I wonder?

So should we all try to meet up sometime? It's nice even connecting here to other like minded moms in the area.
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Sanguine_speed, thank you so much for your thoughts on my Chelsea comment. I needed that boost! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not even sure what I mean by "suburban." I've never lived in suburbia before (always been either country or right downtown) so my perceptions are hopefully out-dated stereotypes. I have met absolutely amazing people here, everyone so unique and individual. Unlike developments that just mushroom up in a day, Chelsea benefits from having an old crowd and new crowd. The two don't always live in peace that's for sure but it does keep things lively.

I guess my frustration now is that it's been lonely since going on mat leave and I'm living in my car more than I expected to, even though we deliberately bought a house on a bus route and walking distance to basic amenities. I'm on the highway to the big boxes in Gatineau more often than I'd like to admit. Nobody I know here seems to care that there aren't more services and stores for the locals, that everything is geared towards tourists. Instead there is a constant battle against any sort of development that might keep us closer to home, buying local and out of our cars.

Oh yeah and I'm not allowed to have chickens...but that's for another rant!

Anyway.... don't mean to hijack the thread. We can talk more about this once I have a babe to bring to play group! Have a great time you guys and hope to join you soon.
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No worries about hijacking this thread! It's about connecting to other women in the same area with similar life situations right?! All good.

Also, I think you should not exclude yourself because you don't have a babe in arms just yet. no sense being home alone bored by yourself.

Are you counting down the days until les saison reopens or am I the only one?!
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Tuesday works for me.
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Sorry...when I said Tuesday I meant that's the day that Les Saisons opens again. Yippeee!
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LOL Okay! Not Tuesday, then!
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Hey gals! My baby boy arrived on Sunday!!! Beautiful natural birth and first NIP was at Les Saisons of course! Am on planet bliss, so glad to have joined the mummy club, feel like I finally understand how the universe works or something else enormous like that. :::::
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Congratulations, JessieBird!!!

I'd love to meet up sometime. We've had a couple other Ottawa meetups here this past summer/fall and I'm all for another one. I'm pretty flexible with time and location (although we will be going away for a bit over the holiday season, so I might end up missing this one, depending on when it ends up being).
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Congrats JessieBird! That's really great. I'm glad to hear everything went well.
Have fun with it!

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i've met up with a few mamas from this board so would be up for doing it again sometime for sure!
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Hey, star*mora and MaybeGracie!
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hey megan,
how's little l doing?
would be great to meet up sometime!!
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Hey mamas, let's start plotting a meet-up in the New Year!
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Congratulations JessieBird! Just reading through your posts right now and I have a feeling I know your husband (based on your name, location and date your LO was born....). Nice to see you here!
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