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While/when G!d was visiting Avraham, three אנשים, men, visited him. There's no way to read it that kh'v'sh those three men were in any way a deity.

It says that very clearly in the text.

G!d comes to visit him, v.1.
Avraham sees the three visitors, v.2.
Avraham asks G!d to wait, v.3.
Avraham asks the visitors to make themselves at home, v.4&5.
Avraham rushes around to make the visitors feel at home, v.6 et al.

Welcoming visitors/guests is an enormous mitzva. And we learn the importance of it here, when Avraham actually went so far as to ask G!d to wait, so he could welcome strangers into his home properly.

The sing./pl. thing isn't an issue here.