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Wasatch Soup Swap!!! - Page 2

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Thanks to everyone who came and participated! :
I'm loving my freezer. :

You can read the rundown HERE!!!
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Soup Number One: Coconut Curry
We added chicken and a few other veggies and it was delicious. Next time we make it I want to add some spice! Oh yeah!
Thanks Amy!
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Thanks Jennifer! We had your delicious four-grain soup first too and I'm SO glad you included the recipe. It's so yummy and my body just feels happy after eating it
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OOH! OOH! My first soup was TOMATO BASIL :

Sagan, Ember and I LOVED IT! :

I think soup swap was a necessity for me this year. WHY? You ask? Because I've been having a REALLY HARD TIME in the kitchen... in my house. All things food/nutrition and love/relationship have been in serious conflict.
My husband doesn't like anything GOOD. Some of you know this and know my plight (or inability) to "please the husband" and know the toll it's taking on my sanity and health. :
I needed soup swap. I needed to feel FREE to cook whatever I LOVED and WANTED to share with people who wouldn't act all hang dog and butt-hurt even if they didn't like my soup. I needed to see all those wonderful soups at the Soup Swap, and see people EATING them and ENJOYING them.
I needed to fill my freezer with lots of different soups and stand back in admiration and know that for at LEAST 6 meals, me and the kids would be well fed, well cared for, without conflict, without fear and intimidation.
needed to watch my husband turn up his nose and not eat at soup swap, because even though there were THREE delicious soups there for eating, AND salad; they weren't "good enough" for him. Oh, wow... so it's NOT just me!!! I am not the root and cause of all his culinary pain! :

I needed to realize that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ME... OR my cooking. There is nothing wrong with my food, the soup, ANYONE's soup. There is, however, something wrong with my husband, and I REALLY needed to see that. For my own sanity, I needed to see it in a way that I could believe it.

HOW is that helpful to me? I've been at the end of my rope mamas... and soup swap helped me AT LEAST tie a knot at the end of it.

Thanks for letting me USE YOU in a strictly selfish way. Hopefully your 6 delicious soups that you didn't have to cook yourself are enough payment.
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