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There seem to be quite a few...

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There seem to be quite a few families here made up of white mamas and korean hubbys? I'm just thrilled because usually the korean families we've stumbled on over the years are white hubbys and korean mamas, so I've felt a tad out of place...and there are virtually NO multi racial asian families where we live whatsoever. Period. Nada. Zilch! Maybe it's just what I've seen here in midwesternville, but it seems more uncommon, I have no idea why though?

Out of curiosity are any of your korean hubby's adopted? My hubby was adopted from SK when he was about 8, so he remembers Korea vividly, although he lost the language. At the same time, the culture/religion/etc is still a huge part of his identity so we incorporate it into our family pretty regularly. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with that? We desperately want the girls to learn to speak Korean, but there's no one in the area who tutors...argh! Any suggestions?

Anywhoo, just wanted to say how glad I am that we all have a place to connect! :
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Hi there, bellevuemama! I'm white, and my dh is Korean. He immigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was 12.

I, too, find that most of the time when I meet a mixed Asian couple, it's usually the woman who is Korean or Asian, and the man is white or another race. I've always thought of trying to start a social group in my area for non-Asian women married to Asian men. It's a unique mixture with unique issues, in my opinion. I started a couple of online groups looking for local women who are like me at myspace and facebook, but haven't really gotten any bites. But I figure it'll take awhile.

Anyway, nice to meetcha.
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I totally agree! I've noticed the same things, wonder why that is???

Anywhoo...I'm on facebook, would you let me join your group? You can PM me if you don't want to post for the masses

Glad to meet ya!
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Bellevue -- my local group probably wouldn't be exciting cause it's not very active and only has like two members. We probably don't live in the same area, although it would ROCK if we did!!!! Wouldn't it? :

Anyway, I do have another group that's a private one for non-Korean women married to Korean men. I will send you that link if you like? I'll pm you. I started that group about 8 or 9 years ago, and it's got 25 members, and lots and lots of discussions. And good archives. The women are from all over the world, so it's not a "local" group. Some live in the U.S., and some live in Korea. They're all actually non-Asian women who are married to KOrean men, though.

Here's a couple of other groups that I'm a member of:
On Facebook, I joined 'Western Girls Married To Korean Guys'. This is a public group, though, so people don't really post really personal things, since on facebook you usually use your real name. Also on Facebook, there is 'Kimchi Mamas and Papas'. You should check that out.

In fact, the main site of 'Kimchi Mamas' is better - it's a blog written by different women who are in Asian Intercultural relationships, or who are Hapa themselves, or KOrean themselves, or married to Koreans. Lots of essays on there to read, and comments. That one is public, so people use screen names. If you go to the Facebook 'Kimchi Mamas and Papas' group, you'll find a link to the main 'Kimchi Mama' site.

Hope that helps.
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