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Giving Up Stuff

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Judgement free thread please!

I have given up caffine and alcohol both of which I do not even have regularly but it is a little harder than I thought, maybe because this pregnancy was unexpected?

I usually like a little Green Tea or Mate before I have to do something big like make Thanksgiving Dinner and it was just a little less productive and accomplishment driven w/o it . . .

Also the recipe for my dinner called for White Wine and I so wanted to take a sip. I don't think a sip is a problem in general, but I am teatotalling for the first trimester, so it was a little bit of a bummer.

Anyone else want to whine about giving up stuff?
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It is SOOOOOOO hard for me to give up coffee (I don't even drink too much, but, I just love a cup in the morning and maybe "socially" all day long when DH's grandma is in town because she makes the best ever lol).

I am totally off coffee this time though and really minimizing anything with caffeine. I don't drink too often, but, I do like having a couple when I go to mom night outs/ins...so that's going to be a change. I think after the first trimester I will start drinking a little again...I did with my first and while BF. I will probably hold off caffeine until the baby is "term."

I was at a church ladies dinner recently, and this lady told me how she hadn't even had chocolate for for like 8yrs because of pregnancy and breastfeeding....more power to her, but, there is no way I could be that strict LOL.
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It probably sounds bad, but I'm having a hard time not having any alcohol! I really don't drink much but I really do enjoy a nice rum and coke after one of those really hard days with the kids, and with my pregnancy hormones I'm having those days more than ever. I'm also not looking forward to missing out on drinking during the holidays. Baileys and wine go hand-in-hand with Christmas dinner and wrapping presents.

And since this is a judgment-free thread, I'll admit that I haven't given up coffee. I'll have a cup or two about as many days as I skip. My brain is just so non-functional some days and I find it really hard to keep up with the kids without a small kick.
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I'm having a hard time with alcohol! I'm not a big drinker... but I do love a nice glass of red wine. And watching my husband and FIL sharing a really nice bottle makes me a bit sad. It took me a long time to enjoy wine, and now I cannot even have any.

Caffeine wasn't as hard for me as I thought it would be. I'm not a coffee drinker, so that's not an issue. I drink caffeine free tea and Coke already due to caffeine induced migraines. I've found myself not even wanting my caffeine free Coke or any form of pop. It doesn't seem appealing at all! It's just been water, water, and more water for me.
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I gave up all things caffiene (chocolate included) with my last pregnancy. I decided not to be as militant this time. No soda, and no coffee, but I will indulge in the occasional glass of tea. It's all about balance, yeah?
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I'm also less militant this time, and have had sips of wine and beer and most mornings a small cup of coffee. Last time I did have a small glass of wine on occasion later in the pregnancy, and I am sure I will do the same this time.

It is hard giving up the drinks at times, especially when others are enjoying.
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I drink coffee as much as I feel I desire, which is usually about 1 cup every two days, sometimes one a day. The adverse effects associated with caffeine in pregnancy are based on an intake of 350 mg per day, which is more than two cups of brewed coffee (almost 3). So I think I'm okay!

Alcohol, never really cared for it, though I was planning on having a drink with some colleagues in December to celebrate our near-graduation from midwifery school! Ah well, I'd rather have a baby than drinks. That said, I do fully support pregnant women having an occasional drink, especially in later pregnancy. :
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Now I feel really guilty about the half glass of wine I had with my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I thought a half glass was ok in the first trimester with a big meal? I will abstain now though, and found cutting out caffeine easy - luckily I'm not really affected by it, so can drink caffeine free without noticing.
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Originally Posted by lisalu100 View Post
Now I feel really guilty about the half glass of wine I had with my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I thought a half glass was ok in the first trimester with a big meal?
Half a glass of wine with a big meal, only once???
PLEASE don't worry!!

I don't touch alcohol in the first trimester, but a couple of times, I had had some wine before I knew I was pregnant with 2 of my kids. My midwife says that so many moms freak out that they drank a bit of alcohol, but it is really no big deal when it is a little bit once in a blue moon.

I am not a militant.
Please don't bash me, but I do have drinks with caffeine, eat soft cheeses (I am in Europe -- every doctor here says that they are safe), and have an occasional sip of wine on 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Actually, several midwives said that it is very helpful to have a glass of wine and a hot bath to relax your body in the last weeks of pregnancy.
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I am an everything in moderation kind of person. Nothing is very appealing to me right now, but through both of my other pregnancies I had an occasional glass of wine or cup of coffee if I wanted to.
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Wow, I feel better now! I am not alone! I am laying off soda, but I am not a big soda person anyway. I don't drink much but my kahlua (double wammy!) at christmas I will miss.

I do love my coffee especially in the colder months. I just bought a new coffeemaker before the holidays and now I can't use it! Last time I was pg I couldn't handle the smell of coffee so it was easy, this time it does not bother me at all. So that means I want it constantly, if I break down and get a latte or something I order it decaf. Which is very difficult in front of people that don't know, they know I love me some caffeine. (wow! I sound like an addict!)

The other stuff, like feta cheese, I just have a hard time remembering not to eat! I did have some at an art reception and am working another soon which will have all kinds of difficult things to pass up. Oh well, totally worth it!
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I cut way back on caffeine with my first pregnancy and never really worked back up again. I usually have 1 soda a day. I haven't been able to do that for weeks, though, because the thought of soda (other than ginger ale) makes me ill. I haven't been able to eat chocolate, either. How cruel, right after Halloween and through Thanksgiving, not being able to stomach chocolate! I couldn't even eat a slice of my aunt's amazing chocolate cream pie yesterday. : Can't stand the thought of alcohol, either, though I did have a hard cider to celebrate when I got the BFP.

I haven't been able to eat enough to worry about cutting things out. Right now I feel like I'm in survival mode - if I think I can stomach it, I'm eating it! The only thing I had to "give up" was my prenatal vitamins, unfortunately. I realized they were what was causing the severe vomiting. I'm waiting for a shipment with a new kind, hopefully they won't make me sick, too.
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Originally Posted by ArtsyHeartsy View Post
The other stuff, like feta cheese, I just have a hard time remembering not to eat! I did have some at an art reception and am working another soon which will have all kinds of difficult things to pass up. Oh well, totally worth it!
As long as the cheese is pasteurized, it shouldn't be a problem.
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I am also missing my nervine herbs! I like herbs like Skullcap, Passionflower, etc. I haven't looked them up yet, but I am just feeling like this first trimester I want to be a saint. I am comforting myself by knowing that whatever happens, I am more clean living and stable in terms of diet/living situation than I was when DS was cooking.
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Ugh, we eat Raw Cheese only! : But it has been aged over the 60 days and is hard. I am definitely not giving up Sourdough Bread and Kombucha though! :P
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Mine was Crystal Lite. I drank the heck out of the stuff (I know, even with all the yucky stuff they put in it) because it helps me to not eat other sweets, drink soda, etc.

Other than that, I'm just trying to lay off a ton of sweets and eat more fiber...unfortunately I seem to need it this pregnancy.

Oh, and not food/beverage related, it's been hard giving up working as hard as I usually do around the place. I'm having problems so I need to take it easy, but it's soooo hard!
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[QUOTE=Quindin;12696131]Half a glass of wine with a big meal, only once???
PLEASE don't worry!!

Yeah, let's not talk about the night I got drunk and was probably a couple days pregnant... We were TTC, but I really didn't think it would happen on Cycle 2, and quite honestly, forgot .

I'll mention it to the midwife, and I know I shouldn't worry, but I think it'll always be at the back of my mind...
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Don't worry mama! I got a wisdom tooth AND two mercury fillings removed just before I conceived this LO. (Like two weeks and one week before!) The fillings were removed without my consent basically. I had already decided not to risk exposure. Plus I had to take vicoprofin for my wisdom tooth. And fentanyl/versed, etc. I am just taking the additude, if I have a mutant so be it!
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I don't worry about most things. I'll still eat most things I would have pre pregnancy, but I had a pretty healthy diet anyways. Things other people avoid like lunch meat doesn't worry me (I try to only eat uncured) and I still eat raw cheese. The risk is sooooo low and I buy from reputable sources, so I'm not worried.

I would have caffeine in moderation, but my body won't tolerate it right now. And I don't drink much anyways, so cutting that out is no biggie. I would do it though, regardless, since I think things like alcohol just aren't worth the risk to me.
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Since I don't drink alcohol (I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old); I don't drink any coffee, soday or tea (except Rooibostea which is caffeine free), I decided that there is NO WAY I'm cutting out my chocolate!
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