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Originally Posted by boigrrrlwonder View Post
That's an interesting observation. I remember when I was pregnant my parents put a ton of pressure on me to get married. I didn't. I just wasn't ready, financially or otherwise. But we just got married. Actually, the reception was yesterday. I know my parents entire thing has been out of a worry that depending on my DP to support us was too risky - maybe now that we're married they'll be more secure that he will actually provide for us (which he has been - but my parents are THRILLED that we got married, so maybe it makes things different).
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Im 22 and just has my first on 11/8/08. I am also a SAHM, and loving it!
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Well we're expecting #4. S/he will be born when I am 24 and DH is 23. So far no negativity!!! : We are way excited!
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I'm in! I'll be 23 when this LO comes along. I'm really excited. We have definitely gotten 'talked down to' already by my dad's family. I called my Grandma to tell her that she was going to be a Great-Grandma and we had told everyone over Thanksgiving...her was response was, well were they "shocked, stunned...surprised" Grr I was so irritated, I told her they were thrilled, and then told her that my phone battery was dying so I had to go....haha.
Anyways, I'm thrilled that there is a young mamas tribe! DH and I are just so excited to meet this LO in July!:
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no, no!! i am younger than you i am 19!!!

Great thing to know about busby seo test.
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As far as births go, my boys were both very different.

Gabriel, my water ruptured prior to "active" labor. They did start coming, however. I planned on a hospital birth, and went in about 5 hours after my labor started and they, of course, hooked me up to pit and strapped me to a bed with monitors, etc. etc. I didn't know any better at the time. Eventually, after many interventions, I had a c-section.

Xavier was totally different. A planned homebirth from the start with two awesome midwives. Nomedical interventions during the entire pregnancy, not even a medical ultrasound. And a beautiful home birth that healed so many wounds for me from Gabe's birth. Now, I'll never do anything but birth at home.
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Originally Posted by magstphil View Post
Well we're expecting #4. S/he will be born when I am 24 and DH is 23. So far no negativity!!! : We are way excited!
Yeay!!! I hear you on wanting to join the blue team, and I'm only at 2 girls! Congrats, mama and papa (and big sisters). Wishing you a healing birth, as well.
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Originally Posted by jams001 View Post
no, no!! i am younger than you i am 19!!!

lol i was 19 when i found out i was pg. and there are quite a few moms around this board who are older now but had their first at 15 or 16.... and a few with teens who are pg or have had children
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Mags... congratulations!!!!! i am so excited for you!!!!
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Raelyn's name was something I made up out of a few different names. My maternal grandmother's name was Carolyn (Mae) and my mom's name is Karen (Mae). My paternal grandmother's name was Rose. I'm named Carolyn Rose after the two of them, and for DD, I combined Rose and Mae to get Rae, threw on a lyn, for Raelyn, and her middle name is Rose.

I was 18 when I was pregnant, and I had her a few weeks before turning 19. I'm actually still 19, but I'll be 20 in a few weeks, so I just round up
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Congrats biogrrl!

I can't remember who said it, but I too was told I couldn't leave the hospital until DD got the Hep B vax. : I wasn't planning on being at a hospital for her birth so I didn't do that research.

Out of curiosity, how did y'all hear about AP and MDC?
I'll start- my mom was a LLL leader and used to get Mothering when I was little. She likes to say "I read it when it was black and white." She prob. wouldn't call herself ap but she is! She's now an AP gramma, sewing cloth diapers and providing bf'ing support.

Which is a big surprise since my side of the family was less then thrilled until about a week before DD's birth... we're not married yet and apparently I'd miss out on so much if we had a kid now blah blah blah. Now the siblings all have babylust like mad and my parents ask me to come over with Samara all the time- I'm there like 2x a week now.
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Ok so I guess I'm about 5 pages late joining but.....

I'm a 24 y/o SAHM to 3 y/o dd (born when I was 21) and 2 week old ds. I live in eastern WA state with my wonderful dh our 2 kiddos, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.

Hope I'm not too old to hang out here .

Like others have mentioned, i do notice being treated differently at times because of my age. I probably look a couple years younger than I actually am which doesn't help either. I often notice stranger's eyes find their way to my left hand to locate my ring (yes you jerk it's there. and even if it wasn't that shouldn't make a difference). People also assume my kids simply MUST have been accidents because "why would one CHOOSE to have kids at my young age" . Both were planned and actually, dd was 2 years TTC. Imagine the complete shock on people's faces when I tell them that. People also often assume I drop them at daycare 5 days a week (they've never been to daycare and never will go to daycare) because apparently there is no way I could afford to have kids at my age without a full time job. And then there is the thought that I shouldn't know how to be a parent because I'm still a kid myself.... riiiiight. Little do they know I've never had a sip of alcohol in my life, never been to a club, not a night owl, didn't even attend parties back in high school, and silly me I actually really enjoy spending every single day with my kiddos anf make it my mission to be an informed parent who makes good decisions for her children. Dh (one year younger than me) and I are luckily, bothon the same parenting page. I can't say that all of that about most parents twice my age.

ok, rant over

glad to see this group here!
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Wow I forgot about this thread there for a bit.

Let's see...

My oldest is Hunter Lee. I had heard the name Hunter the year before I got pregnant and I just loved it. I didn't give DH the choice. Haha! Lee is a family name. My middle name is Lea (pronouced lee) and my brother's and his son's middle name is Lee so... I continued with it.
My grumpy middle son is Tristin Ryan. Dh got his pick this time. Knight of the round table and all that. The Ryan was really just thrown in there because it flowed well.
My youngest is Ethan Asher. I REEEEEEEALLY wanted the name Asher but Dh didn't want it as a first name. I'm still a bit bummed about it but he really does look like an Ethan. So it's okay.

Second and third time around
We didn't tell anyone were were TTC or even pregnant at all until I was 12 or 13 weeks along. I didn't receive really any negative opinions/reactions my first time around (17 yrs old) so I didn't expect any nor did I get any that time. We had been married a year and 1/2 at that point. My mom was more upset that I was pregnant right before DH was deploying. She started crying actually because she was sad for me.

The third time was a shock to everyone. We were done done done... vasectomy done. The one unprotected time before the follow up test... hello there. I call it user error. Haha! He was a pleasant surprise.

With my family they have welcomed my children positively. Regardless of my age, these were new members of our family. We may be a dysfunctional bunch but family is family no matter what. I'm not sure how they would have reacted if they knew we were TTC though. I just didn't feel it was their business so we didn't share it with them.

(BTW I had my sons at 17, 19 and 21.)

How I found MDC
I was on another message board and they started talking (badly) about the breastfeeding smilie/icons here. I came over to see so I knew what the heck they were talking about. I've been around ever since. I was already semi-AP but finding MDC really got me into it.

I have a little one crawling all over me. I just got a foot in the face so I think that's my cue to get off here and stop wasting time.
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whats bad about our bfing icons? lol
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Welcome, Fondestbianca. You're really pretty and a good photographer!

Cheappearls, yay for another Texan (Dallas born). I always liked the name Asher. It was one of the poss if we had a DS. Ethan was too, if I remember right.

Seriously, what's wrong with the icons? They don't like these?

On a slightly related note, DP asked me if I was going to bf DD until she was 7 or 8... well since you suggested it... lol. He's a good guy. :
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I'm 24 years old. I have two sons. Ages 3 1/2 and 7 months. The oldest is Hunter and the youngest is Ryder. I also have an angel, named Camille, who would be 2. She died at birth due to chromosome abnomalities.
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and welcome. i am so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. i love your kids names! i am 21.. my son is 10 mos .. his name is nicholas
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Originally Posted by MamaGwynn View Post
I can relate to feeling out of place with older moms. It's unexplanable, 'cause I never felt out of place when with older friends... and my boyfriend is 10 years older than me lol.
Haha, I agree. My husband's 13 years older than me an I have older friends as well. I just get a feeling that they're looking down on me or that I don't take parenting as seriously or what not.
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Can I join? I'm 23, married and had DD (16 months) when I was 21. Currently, I'm a SAHM and am loving it! I've been reading MDC for a while now but just decided to join today. I'm so glad there's a young mother's tribe because there is a severe lack of young moms where I live. I try to pratice AP as much as possible and realize I learn something new everyday. Fortunately DH is supportive even if my family always isn't. However, there is one neighbor who practices EBF and she's been a big help with certain things.

My question to you all is: how did you find a mom's group that you liked? Are there any particular sites you use or places you go? I've tried different ones in the area but have not meshed well with the women. Plus, I'm a little nervous about my dd being around little ones who have been vaxed. Is that weird?
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I found MDC from a post on Babycenter. My "due date club" was on Whattoexpect.com (pretty mainstream). I was a lurker for a few days on Babycenter and there was an AP/Cruncy thread. I think this was the first time I had ever heard 'AP' so I was trying to figure out what that was I already had AP ideas of how I would raise my child though. Someone mentioned finding your tribe on MDC so I signed up and that was the first thing I did. I'm so glad I did that, because I found lots of ladies in my area that share the same parenting values. Now I'm on MDC every day. :
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