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I apologize for the gory details but.....

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I'm almost 37 weeks and have these sharp pain in my cervix, major upper back pain, huge amounts of pressure in lower abdomen but also kinda like if you have to poop only without the poop. I am so done with this pregnancy but I can't remember how I felt with my last one close to labor, it was 9 years ago. Does this sound like right before labor, or am I just sensitive?
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No need for apologies

I had the major pelvic pressure and "cleaning out" activity the few days before my water broke.

Good luck, mama! Sounds like you might be getting there
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Eh I feel like that and I'm pretty sure I still have at least a couple of weeks before there is any chance I'm going to go into labor. Pregnancy is uncomfortable at the end. FWIW though I didn't feel like this as much last time....every pregnancy is different. This one is unfortunately the "pressure in my butt" one.
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I have had the same symptoms since 35 weeks and nothing has happened. I feel ridiculus because I have no idea if I am in labor or just preparing.
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This is the final stretch and it could be it...or it could be just you in the final stretch. I have major lower back pains from a bad sleep and can barley walk Small low cramps each day that do nothing but annoy me..and heartburn from the depths of, well....

I am also 37 weeks...and then I think...can I really do this for 3 more weeks?! I guess I have no choice! I hope you feel better soon
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if it's a sharp continuous pain, that you would call a "cramp" but not a menstrual cramp, but it lasts for an hour or so, then at the end, you feel like maybe it was just constipation ... then that's something that I've felt 3 times since Halloween, and i'm pretty convinced it's that ligament that's holding things in place. I can only get relief by lying in a fetal position, massaging the area, and waiting. Labor cramps, particularly back labor, felt a lost different, if I recall correctly.

I'm 37 weeks, and while I'm uncomfortable, I really *need* this baby to stay put for awhile longer. As long as it doesn't get too big, that is. I just have too much on my agenda for the next 2 weeks to even consider having the baby that soon! I still want a henna tattoo, a belly cast, and some nekked belly shots!

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I'm feeling that today and have had it off and on since about 32 weeks. I'm even feeling "pushy" and it's getting really frustrating to feel it and know no baby is coming yet (and it's not safe for me yet).
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and now I have a hemaroid to add to the list of joyous occasions..... what does one do about those? never had one before. I am freaked because she already feels so big and three to four more weeks of this seems like an eternity and my last baby was 9 lbs, posterior and hard to get out and I really want to stay home. I'm worried she'll be like 10 lbs and I'll have to go to the hospital. trying to stay positive......

glad I'm not the only one feeling this way.
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Yeah, I have a lot of pressure too. Including rectal pressure. One thing I loved reading was that Dr. Sears calls the last month the 'labor month' as opposed to referring to a specific time as labor. He talks all about how the last month your body is in some stage of labor- preparing for the baby to be born. That really put all of these aches and pains into perspective for me, although it didn't alleviate them!
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I've been feeling similar pressure. My MW said that the rectal pressure during BH's (or possible real contractions) is probably just poop that I am feeling since I have been constipated and baby is still really high. I know baby will come when she is good and ready, but I wish something productive was going on for all the discomfort
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Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way - I'm almost to 39 weeks so I'm really hoping that I'm close to the real thing but who knows, it could be three more weeks for me, too!

I'm really hoping that there will be some kind of clear indication when the real labor starts, my big fear at this point is that I wont be able to tell the difference from the uncomfortable & sometimes painful contractions that I've been having for the last week and real labor. But I expect it will probably be really clear.
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Originally Posted by gretae View Post
and now I have a hemaroid to add to the list of joyous occasions..... what does one do about those?
Preparation H (or generic equivalent). Don't make yourself suffer when you don't have to. I tried unsuccessfully for months to find something else, but that's what worked and I was so much happier. Witch Hazel/Tucks did NOTHING for me.
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I'm also getting my share or weird stretches and twangs...and if I'm on my feet too much I'm definitely getting lots of pressure and backaches...

I do vaguely remember this from before.
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Hey gretae!

I just wanted to say that my first was a posterior resulting in a c-section, my second was a full pound and an ounce bigger, and peacefully born at home with zero complications! I think so much of successful birth depends on environment and attitude- I'm sure you'll be fine!
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