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Traveling to Mexico with little ones

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We are taking our 3 year old and 9 month old to Playa Del Carmen, just outside of Cancun, in a few weeks. We're trying to figure out if we need to bring carseats. We'll be taking a shuttle van from the airport to the hotel and apparently we can't install our carseats in the van, but they'll provide seats for us if we notify them ahead of time. After that, we don't plan on driving anywhere. I just feel so weird not having the carseats with us though.

Has anyone done a similar trip with little ones? Did you bring carseats?

Also, we're staying in an all-inclusive, so I don't anticipate any of us getting sick, but you never know. Should we bring any medications with us just in case?
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I had to laugh when I read about the carseats! Almost no one in Mexico uses carseats. I wouldn't bring them if they can provide them in the van and you don't anticipate going anywhere else via car.
About meds, I'd probably bring some Tylenol and Pepto-Bismol (or something similar) just because they don't have the same brands there and trying to figure that out when someone is sick would just be a hastle.
Have a great trip!
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What she said.
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definitely something like pepto for kids and upset tummys. anti-diarrhea medicine for adults too. We went to puerto nuevo when the kids were 1, 3 and 5 and did not bring car seats. We had a shuttle type van take us to and from the airport and there wasn't even seat belts. The "taxi" that us adults took one night (the only time we left our all-inclusive resort) to go out it was just a guy using his own car and I remember only one of the seat belts working.

OH, also, I was so glad we took children's benadryl because my youngest broke out in horrible hives from the chemicals in the kiddie pool. He also got stung by a bee and tried many new foods so it's a good idea to have antihistamine on hand.
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We went on a cruise to Mexico and took two taxi rides sans car seats (SCARY for mama, fun for baby!). We hadn't even thought about it...

I prefer bringing the carseat on the plane with us, but I only have one child, so that's easier!

I'd bring all of the above meds.
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We went to Puerto Morelos (just south of Cancun) when DS was 14mos (2.5 years ago), and didn't bring his carseat. It was fine. We stayed at an all-inclusive and never went anywhere either.

As for meds, we brought our vitamins, and the iron drops my son was on; I also packed benadryl (didn't need it) in case of allergic reaction, and liquid tylenol (didn't need that either, but the peace of mind was priceless).

Have fun!
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Meds - definately, just cause its all inclusive doesn't mean you won't get sick, there was one day I felt off and I think it was something I ate. When we went I had my nails in the seat in front of us the entire time. They pay no attention to basic safety laws like we have here. I cannot tell you how many times a car would be passing oncoming traffic and barely miss us, but we went to riviera maya, a bit longer ride. Personally if I ever went back with the girls I would rent a car and take the seats. I don't trust those drivers with the safety of my kids.
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