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Nausea returning at 19-20 weeks?

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Hi all,

I had HORRIBLE morning sickness from about 5 weeks until about 14-15 weeks. 24/7 nausea, intense vomiting (at one point 20+ times a day!) And I was basically house bound. It gradually went away, and from about 15-19 weeks I felt good, I had a huge appetite and was back to eating a full range of healthy food, and was able to start taking some of my supplements like my fish oil, probiotics, vitamin d, etc. I felt like I was back to giving my body the nutrition it needed and felt really good about my diet.

However, about 3 days ago I started feeling a low-grade nausea. I felt less hungry, and the nausea was worse after eating, after taking supplements, and at night. It had gradually become worse each day, though I am able to eat. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I ate a lot of delicious food, even though I wasn't feeling 100% and afterwards was so ill I thought I must have food poisoning! But everyone else was fine. All day today I have been feeling very nauseous again, and even am starting to have that bad taste in my mouth that I had for 3 months during the worst of the morning sickness.

Is it possible for morning sickness to go completely away for a month then come back??? I'm pretty miserable.
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It comes and goes for me, too. I think I may have had a stomach bug (they seem to be going around a lot) that set me off a few weeks ago. Also, if I get over tired or try to accomplish too much, I tend to get sick again. It was the same way in my last pregnancy, it was never really gone (and I was on a half dose of Diclectin throughout the pregnancy). Take care of yourself and hopefully it will pass soon.
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I'm just about 19 weeks (tomorrow), and I feel pretty crappy today. I was sick for the first four months -- though not as severely as you were. I have been feeling pretty good for the past two weeks, but today is bleh and nothing seems to help.

I hope it's not coming back...
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I still get the occasional nauseous, crappy feelings some mornings and I'm almost 22 wks. It seems to happen more when I don't eat a good breakfast (no protein or not enoug food). It's no where near as bad as the first tri but still totally annoying. I was never like this w/ my first pg.
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I am also starting to get food aversions again! I had them really bad during the first trimester and now am getting that same aversion feeling towards certain foods, but not the same ones as in the first trimester!? Then I could eat meat without a terrible aversion to it but retched at the thought of veggies. Now I crave veggies but feel sick at the thought of meat.
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I've been suffering from extreme m/s and while mine didn't go away it was greatly reduced until about a week or two ago. I don't know if its normal but its happening to me as well
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Mine has been coming and going as well. Just a low grade nausea - especially if I don't eat regularly.
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