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Alpine, TX?

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Are there any mamas here from Alpine, Texas? If so, what's it like? How's the culture, education, AP community, etc?
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Just thought I'd respond since no one else had. Alpine is kinda a neat little college town in the middle of nowhere in a desert. Last time I visited was several years ago (before I had kids, so at least four) and it was very small. It is home to Sul Ross University. A school I once considered going to. There is a large Hispanic population, and a large seasonal population of college aged kids. There wasn't much in the way of fast food last I visited (there was a Sonic, but don't remember much else), or night life. But the town was also in the middle of a big construction boom, so I have no idea what is there now. It is def. a neat little place. Close enough to Big Bend National Park you can take weekend camping trips there. Its pretty close to the border with Mexico, but still a few hours away (I think...). Thats about all I remember from my time spent there. I didn't have kids when I used to visit, so not sure if there are many AP parents there or not. I don't remember seeing lots of young families there though...
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