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Hi everyone!

I just found these AWESOME forums! I am due 2/11 with a miracle little girl via IVF/ICSI after 9 years of infertility! I am having a joyful pregnancy despite having SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and GD. I am fortunate to be able to work form home and stay on modified bedrest for the SPD. Just found out I have GD but I feel confident I can control it!

Just wanted to say hi and I'm so happy to be here!
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Welcome, and congrats!
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welcome! How wonderful to be pregnant after such a long wait- congratulations mama!
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Welcome and congratulations! So glad you found us.
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Congratulations!! : And welcome to MDC!!
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Welcome to MDC and to the Feb DDC!! Congratulations on your pg!!
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and CONGRATS!!! I'm actually in the March ddc but I had to pop in and say congrats since our baby is also an IVF/ICSI pregnancy. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. You will LOVE it here at MDC!!! Sorry to hear about your SPD but I'm glad you have managed to keep your positive attitude about everything!
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Welcome and Congrats on your pregnancy!!!
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