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Weekly chit-chat November 29th-December 5th

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Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! :

I am completely blown away by the realization that I will be 30 weeks on Tuesday.

Is anyone else starting to feel extremely pregnant? I sure am!
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Hear ya on the very preggo thing. I've been saying all along that "I'm not that pregnant, I'm only ____weeks." Started to say it this week, did the math, and went oh crap! I _am_ THAT pregnant now. Glad it's going so fast and (mostly) smoothly! Bet this next month will fly by too!
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I can't believe that we're in another new week!
That means I'm 29 weeks!
I mean, my bladder knows that I'm that pregnant, but I have to keep reminding myself that I am that pregnant.
There's lots of snow here, and usually I walk to town in a straight route, over whatever terrain, especially if I'm wearing my snow shoes, but yesterday I only wore my boots and I had a couple near falls. :
I'll be taking the safer, less direct route to the village.
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I am one of those people who have come to the realization that I'm REALLY pregnant and will also be 30 weeks on Tuesday. My gosh.. the countdown is really on now.

Careful out there S&D.
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Yup, 30 weeks today. Time really is flying. I know that with the holidays, at least five family birthdays, and finishing work (I hope to be done by Christmas break) this next month or so should go fairly quickly. Everyone tells me that the time drags at the end. With as much stuff as I'd like to do to get ready for the baby, I think that those last few weeks will go fairly quickly as well. We will see!

I think the baby is semi transverse. I feel a lot of pressure in my left hip and get a lot of movement in my right upper side. I'm not really surprised as I've been doing a lot of lying on my left side. I hope it isn't too difficult to get the baby's head to engage where it's supposed to be over the next several weeks.

This morning the baby's been doing stretches. They are rather painful and I never know exactly where those little feet will push next. Still, I'm always thankful for any movement. I try to treasure those feelings.

I still have to remind myself sometimes that I'm pregnant or shock myself by going into a room and seeing myself in the mirror. I'm still not hugely pregnant, and it's annoying to me that in my bulkier winter clothes and jackets, I probably could be mistaken for just a bigger woman. I'm ready for sharing "mother smiles" with people in grocery stores and for people to recognize that I've been nurturing a baby inside of me for seven months. Oh well. There are blessings to not being off balance, completely unable to wear regular clothes, etc.

It's always an adventure!
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30 weeks on Wednesday, and about 44 days until Amelia's born. Holy cow!

And I'm just exhausted! It may have been because I was cooking for Thanksgiving for 2 days, and then spent the last 2 days cleaning and decorating for Christmas, or it could be that I'm huge and pregnant, but I feel that first tri exhaustion again!

Amelia's being a bit odd with her movements again. I'm not sure if it's just because of the anterior placenta or what, but now I can only feel her if I'm laying on my left side... Weird! So, I have to lay down several times a day just to make sure she's moving. Oy!
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We are home from visiting family. We had a nice visit. I am 30 weeks now, and it's good to be in the 30s. My sister gave me some adorable girly clothes for my baby girl . . .and it sure has helped me get in the mood for baby girl!
I am so thankful for this baby . . . I need to remind myself of that many times each day when I get overwhelmed and start having difficulty coping. My children are excited about our new baby, and it's really wondrous to be a part of their excitement.
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We had a great Thanksgiving and have been taking advantage of some extra time off. We are in uber cleaning mode around here. We've tackled the guest/baby room (she'll sleep with us but her dresser and gear are in here), the bathroom and linen closet, the kitchen, and dining room. We are going through all the closets and odds and ends stored in these places and throwing out or giving away a ton of stuff! It feels really good but I over did it today and am exhausted and sore. We have yet to tackle our room and the garage. We will do those over the next couple of weekends. Now the trick will be keeping up with this newly organized house!

I'm just about 31 weeks now and am feeling really good. Still feeling some hip pain but less now. It feels good to be getting the house in order and I'm mentally feeling more and more ready for this baby to arrive. DH's birthday is just over a week away and then we have Christmas! Time is flying by and we are very excited about getting closer to meeting this little girl.

Hope all of you ladies are well!
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29 weeks here and I'm tired after visiting in-laws just left.

Luckilly I didn't have to do all the cooking for Thanksgiving, my mom and aunt did most of the big stuff and I just made some side dishes. But I cleaned like mad for my in-laws, and then just feeling like I had to entertain them while they were here...

Plus I'm not sleeping very well - I keep waking up at 4 am with my cat, then I have to pee, then I go back to bed and toss and turn and can't get comfortable. If I don't sleep with a pillow between my knees my hips ache. Two nights I gave up after an hour and turned on my light and read. The night before thanksgiving I never got back to sleep so I was totally wiped and braindead on Thanksgiving.

I've got a ton of work to do, not to mention holiday shopping and decorating, and baby preparation.

I feel like everything has to be ready a month early, because both of my girls came early, 4 and 3 weeks, respectively. I'm hoping to cook this one to term and am supposed to be taking it easy but it's going to be tough with the holidays and all.
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Hey ladies!

I'll be 30 weeks on Thursday - so a few more days for me! I also have had moments where I forget I'm pregnant. I'm just feeling really good right now most of the time. Well except right now, because it's not quite 5am and I am awake because I can't sleep. : I probably should go back to bed and at least try.

We got a bunch of hand me downs from my mil that belonged to our nephew. We had two garbage bags full but about half of that we aren't keeping b/c it's stained or really worn. The other stuff I washed, organized by size, and put away. We're going to pick up the crib the next time we're over there. :

Ok, maybe I should go sleep now
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i will be 30 weeks tomorrow and I am really starting to stress out a bit about how much there is to do. I know we aren't going to get it done, so now I am just sort of trying to figure out how we can make things work. And going pyscho on my dh b/c he has so much crap in the house. crap we haven't even used in years. I am ready to attack it with my sisters and to hell with him and what he thinks. Nice, huh? I don't even feel like having a garage sale b/c that will just slow us down and give him a chance to go through everything and pull stuff out to keep.
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Hi all! 30 weeks on Tuesday!!! We also had a nice Thanksgiving and are making sloooooow progress on the to-do list. I feel like I have to have Christmas done first before moving onto baby prep so I've been doing shopping and decorating mostly. My DH is around now with no plans for business travel until after the baby is born so that is nice.

For those of you having trouble sleeping, I'm sure it was mentioned before, but have you tried taking calcium/magnisium? I take a dose before bed and have been sleeping sooooo much better. I fall asleep much more easily, don't wake as often, and even when I do get up to pee I go back to sleep without a problem. The dosage should be 2:1 cal:mag with at least 500mg of magnisium, also a little bit of vit D helps absorption, this is sold all in one pill. It's calcium you need anyway so it can't hurt!

So, can we talk Braxton Hicks? Mine started about 2 weeks ago. At first it was just one here or there. Now I am having more episodes where they start and don't really stop until I go to bed for the night (usually gone the next morning). I worry a lot about pre-term labor since my others were born early but I have been trying to tell myself that this is very normal. They seem to start for me if I am dehydrated or over-exert (which apparently includes any vaccumming!). When they start I try to lay down or put my feet up and drink lots of water. If its in the evening, which it has been lately, I will have a glass of wine. I was just wondering what everyone else's experiences with BH are, in this preg or previous. I have an appt with my mw on Thurs. and will have her chk my cervix to make sure there is no thinning or softening yet. I have to make it to 37 wks if I want to deliver out-of-hospital!
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I have BH all the time -- first pregnancy they started around 12 weeks and this time not far after that, so I'm totally used to them. But I have a sensitive/irritable uterus and am very prone to them.

And actually, BH can happen even when you're not pregnant -- but you can't typically feel them until the uterus is larger during pregnancy.

I'd keep drinking water and take it easy. Just listen to your body. Some people view BH as the uterus toning up and practicing. But if they're happening more frequently when you need to hydrate or rest, etc., than your body's telling you something.


I found some maternity clothes at Sears that were 50% off. Loose, flowy cotton shirts (that are NOT clingy, thank God), and some big, full panel pants. I'm so relieved. My mom gave me some cash (bless her) and I was able to get two tops and two pants.

I've been so depressed because nothing fits and I'm so uncomfortable and still have well over 2 months to go. So hopefully this will help.
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I have been having BH contractions since very early too. I don't really think much of them.
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I've had BH since sometime around the beginning of the 2nd trimester. As long as they aren't painful or frequent I don't think anything of it. I usually do up my water intake and put my feet up for awhile though...
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yup, feeling extremely pregnant...and the "Gee your huge" or "Wow, you're about ready to pop" comments are already getting old. :

As for BH I have at least 1 or 2 a day. Happens when I am stressed or over overexerting myself (like speed walking through Target )
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I just learned what BH contrax are! I was at my midwife appt. last week and she was doing the feel-check thing, and she said oh! feel that? the way it's hard all over? That's BH!

Which is sort of a relief because I was absentmindedly wondering.... I notice them more in the evening, but I was expecting it to hurt. Although they do sometimes get me to stop and take a deep breath! Is there anything natural to take to calm them?
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I'm having BH too but I didn't know it. My midwife came in to feel baby's position last week and said "you're having a contraction". I had no idea. I think it's common in first preg not to feel them.

I'm home from visiting DH's relatives in the midwest. Had a nice time but his mom lives in an old house and my allergie were HORRIBLE. I spent the entire time coughing and sneezing and my face is peeling off from blowing my nose. Thank god I am home bc there is no way i could take another day of itching and not being able to sleep. I am feeling better being home but not 100% yet - hopefully I'm not getting sick too. I may stay home tomorrow and rest.

Have a good week everyone!

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I'm not getting "huge" comments yet. My family is starting to doubt that I'm pregnant and thinks maybe I just got "fat"! Thank goodness for the ultrasound pix!!

I think I'm restless at night because I'm so worried about our finances. We're don't qualify for aid but I feel like we are on the brink. Although if my baby was here now, then we would qualify for aid. None of my craigslist or ebay stuff has been selling, which bums me out a little. I'm trying to just keep moving, keep tweaking but I'm worried.

I should be happy because it's the start of my birthday week and while it won't be like years past, I'm still getting a treat a day. Today we went the farmers' market and DH bought me 1/2 lb of raw almonds so that was nice. I'm just feeling scared right now.
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Originally Posted by clovermom View Post

So, can we talk Braxton Hicks? Mine started about 2 weeks ago. At first it was just one here or there. Now I am having more episodes where they start and don't really stop until I go to bed for the night (usually gone the next morning).

I also get BH frequently, but my last pregnancy I got them so often it was very uncomfortable and irritating. I wouldn't say painful, but they pulled so tight across my belly and down into my pubic area, and it was very annoying. My mw suggested lots of RRL tea, as the tea replaces the work that the BH were doing, apparently. It worked for me- I still got them quite a bit, but on days when I skipped the tea I had so many more. Check with your mw this week and see what she thinks.

This pregnancy I've had fewer. Still everyday, several times, sometimes more frequently, but not in an incapacitating way like last time. Thank heavens!
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