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I second the recommendation for www.lunapads.ca, I love ordering cloth pads from this site.

Also I can recommend www.cureself.com. I ordered my New Chapter Organics prenatal multi-vitamin from this website and saved a ton of money compared to what I would pay at the health food store. They also have all kinds of homeopathic products.
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There is also www.ottawaclothdiapers.com and in montreal www.calinsetpopotin.com that I order from.
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I love this thread! Very useful; thank you for starting it!!
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love this thread im 12 weeks pregnant and from USA and i was looking for some good shopping sites. Tired of paying high end taxes for shipping cost from USA to Quebec. UPS service sure stinks here and is rather expensive ended up paying more for what i ordered online thru JC penney online store from USA. :( bah!

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