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WHY is this taking so long?! (need encouragement, please!)

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The night before Thanksgiving I started having contractions. No big deal, I thought. I'd had BH ctx for awhile starting a few weeks ago (now 37 wks). I got into the tub and soaked for awhile, but they didn't stop. I tried to take it easy and rest, went to bed on time, etc. Couldn't sleep...kept having contractions. Got in and out of the tub 3 times I think in the night. Finally when it got light out woke DH and told him I thought we should call our friends to come get DD (3 y.o.) It's an hour's drive to their place. They couldn't both come and stay with DD like we planned because it was Thanksgiving Day, so DD's "uncle" (not really her uncle, just our close friend) came and got her and DH and I went to the birth center.

I was only at a 1 and maybe 50% effaced, so they told us I could go home and rest, or stay and walk around to see if anything progressed. I stayed, but there was no progress. After about 2 1/2 hours we came home and I slept for several hours. For three days now I've been having these wonky contractions, sometimes at regular intervals and sometimes just tapering off. I tried walking (so briskly I stepped on the dog, an 85 lb. yellow lab! He got in my way. ) I tried the breastpump too but the MWs quickly shot that down, saying I probably wouldn't succeed in inducing that way and would only wear myself out. I guess they were right. It's Day Three now and I'm miserable. I had really strong contractions this morning while DH and I did some Christmas shopping, to the point where he wanted to leave the store. But I was so miserable with sitting in the house waiting that I said I'd rather make a scene in Toys R Us than go home and stare at the walls.

My labor with DD was long (about 12 hours) but nothing like this. Someone please, give me a hug or tell me something encouraging!

I should add that the babe is apparently doing fine...movement, heart rate all good. I'm glad of that.

I just don't know how much longer I can go on like this.
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Prodromal labor is no fun! Hang in there. Rest as much as you can... Your baby will be here before you know it!
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good luck, mama
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Does it help to know it's almost over, even though it may not seem like it? I'm 39+ weeks, with no contractions. I'm a little jealous!! I hope it's over soon and you can get some rest.
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I had six hours of that on Monday, and ten hours on Tuesday (then it went away - still no baby). No advice, but :
Hang in there.
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Lots of to you! All those labor pains couldn't be too fun. Sending lots of real labor:.
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I'm so sorry! I've been having this for weeks and I'm completely as disgusted with it as you are! My second too
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sending hugs to all you gals going thru this.
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I'm sorry too. On Monday I had 5 hours of regular contractions and I really thought that was it. Since then I've had contractions on and off but nothing like that. I know how disappointing it is to think that you're going to meet your baby any day now and then wake up every morning to find that your water didn't break over night!! On Thursday I was particularly grumpy about things, but last night I reached a kind of peace about it. I decided I am going to rededicate myself to lazing around the house and when that gets boring I am going to start preparing in earnest for the holidays. I thought of a couple of projects that I am really excited about doing.

Maybe there is some special way for you to use this time too?
Hang in there.
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I am working on the Christmas cards but otherwise I can't do too much. Even sitting I get so uncomfortable...I can't stay in any position very long. The only thing that is tolerable for any length of time is the tub. I can't count how many times I've been in and out of the tub in the last three days.
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I hear you sister! Good vibes coming your way.........:
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I can really sympathize with you. I have been going through the same thing for over a week now. I have had about four nights since the week before Thanksgiving that I thought I was going into labor. Last night was especially bad as I started vomiting during the night (for some reason, vomiting freaks me out, I find it quite frightening while it is happening).

As with other issues during pregnancy, reading posts on this forum like yours has been really helpful. Just knowing that other women are also going through the same problems helps me to be less anxious and know that, while the feelings might be uncomfortable, my body isn't abnormal.

So now I will just try to get the sleep and relaxation that I can over the next few days.
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Any chance you have a kidney/bladder infection? When I had mine, I LIVED in the tub, as soon as I got out, the pain resumed. Hope you feel better SOON!
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I had labor on and off like that for a week or two with DD#3 and it was horrible. It will be over soon. My theory is that the more you have to deal with that, the shorter the actual labor will be.

Sending some good vibes your way
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I'm having the same thing for the last week too... last night I really, really thought it was going to happen, but no, here I am this morning, tired & cranky, no baby. I had regular (5-8 min apart) HARD contractions (the kind that make me whimper) from 2:30 to 7 am. I also threw up at about 5 am. But then a little after 7 I was able to fall asleep and since then I've only had a couple of mild ctx. It's sooo frustrating!
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I've been doing the same thing since Wednesday. It sucks really bad. <hugs> We went to walmart last night and I was having a ctx as DH was paying...I was bent over the cart and the checkout lady asked DH if I was ok, that I was scaring her, and he said(this is why I LOVE DH)..."She's in early labor..it's ok....it's NATURAL." HAHAHAHAH I hate it when people see pg as a "syndrome" or a problem...it is natural...GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

Anywho...good luck and I hope you have your LO soon!

Sounds like there are a lot of momma's in prodomal labor!!!!!!!
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Still here...still miserable.

My new theory is that it's because I've had severe nausea and vomiting (HG?)through this whole pg...so I'm not tolerating the early labor as well as I did with DD.
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hang in there, mama
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I had 4 weeks of prodromal labor with my daughter, so I sympathize. It's so frustrating and I hope that things move forward for you soon!
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I'm right there with you.....the only advice I have is concentrate on stopping the contractions....concentrating on keeping them going will frustrate you to levels unknown before.

Have a glass of wine or a beer if you drink and just keep refilling the tub with more hot water.

I'm sorry you are going through this I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, I think the highs and lows of anticipation are what's killer. Anyone can teach themselves to dela with the pain of contractions it's the anticipation that sends your mind wandering and drives you lower.

GOOD luck, take it easy!!!!
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