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Should probiotics be taken when....

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my 4 1/2 year old has diarrhea -all night & a few today-
Should I give some to her now ?
Or wait till she has firm stools ?

I have been taking some myself but did not knowabout giving it to her now.
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Give it to her now. It will help replenish the flora that she's losing.
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Probiotics are actually an excellent treatment for diarrhea! Give her as much as you can! It might be helpful to get a non-dairy prep tho. (make sure you get'em from the refridgerated section!)

Hope she's feeling better soon! s
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Thanks -put the first capsule (emptied it )in her banana yogurt-it helped right away-
The only thing I could put it in was yogurt-I also got a couple bites of cinnamon oatmeal in her after that.
Lots of red raspberry tea & marshmallow root tea.
She is on the mend.
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Glad to hear it!
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Not to hijack the thread but when I give dd acidophilus she gets diareah...any ideas? does she need it more or is it not good for her?
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Are you giving her acidophulis by itself or is it a combo of lots of dif Lactobacillus etc? What else is in the prep? (i.e whey, casien, gelatin? Etc?)How much are you giving her? How old is your babe?

It could be that she's sensitive to something in the prep, or she's getting too much in the dose.
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I give the kids primodophilus and the directions call for 1 teaspoon. I usually mix it in juice or milk. She is 2yrs 4 months.
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I'm not familiar with 'primodophilus'. Does it only have acidophilus in it? Acidophilus by itself is not ideal, and too much could cause an intestinal flora imbalance...If it's in combo with other lactobacillus, then I'm stumped! Up to this point, has she been sensitive to dairy or gelatin?
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The primodophilus is for children and babies. It has:
Lactobaccillus rhamnosus, bifidobacteruim infantis, bifidobacterium longum, lactobacillus acidophilus. I hear it is a good mix because of the bifidus...

She hasn't shown any signs of a dairly allergy, although I had a chiropractor who tested her and said she was once.....
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I got some of the Jarrodophilus-has 6 different organisms-
L rham.
L casei
L plantarum
L acidoph
B longum
B breve

She got better right away-after 1 dose her tummy stopped hurting quick! then her BM's got back to normal in a few hours.
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The L.casei is really important as well!

Jazmommie, cool! I'm so glad they worked for your little one!
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