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Have you ever had a strong intuition for gender but been WRONG? - Page 3

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I was right with my first...I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that it was a girl and was right. With the next 2 I have thought girls again...though with ds1 I thought girl up until right before the u/s and then just had a change and sort of knew it was a boy(but still wanted a girl). With this pregnancy I'm still not sure if I believe the u/s...I was SO sure it was a girl...along with a lot of other people and it looked like boy parts. So we'll know for absolute sure in March.
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I am 5 weeks pregnant. Coming upon my 6th week.

I had a very vivid dream 2 nights ago of holding my son, and i was so excited in the dream. He was laughing and playing in hubbys beard. They both had the same color hair (red!)...
He was so giggly and smiley. All of us were so happy..A wonderful dream, but who knows!!!!! I do hope it's a boy, hubby thinks it's a girl just to torture him. I'd be natures comedy if we did have a girl, OH BOY!
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With DS1 I *knew* without a doubt that he was a he from the word go. I wasn't surprised at all when we found out.
With DS2 I thought I *knew* he was a girl. I think that was wishful thinking though. I was surprised when the tech said it's a boy!
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I was convinced that DD3 was a boy, and so was everyone else. My sister didn't believe me when we got the u/s and I told her she was a girl. She didn't believe me until DD3 was born and she saw for herself. lol
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From conception, I was completely and totally positive DS1 was a girl. Called him by the name I'd picked out years before, and everything. At the 20 week u/s I was in total shock and I actually mourned the rest of my pregnancy for the girl I was sure I was having. No one understood, and thought I was nuts as well as ungrateful for feeling sad about it. :

I didn't have strong feelings one way or another for my next 2.
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I was wrong! I thought it s a boy for the whole pregnancy, and I couldnt find a good boys name! I knew only girls names and deep inside, without admitting it, I wanted a girl, I think. And there was the surprise at birth, a GIRL!
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I was 100% absolutely certain my first would be a boy... and out she came a girl. But I called her "he" throughout the entire pregnancy. I haven't trusted my intuition since then
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I was right both times, 2 boys, absolutely certain with the first, though I wavered a bit with the 2nd, my gut said "boy". With both of them I could never decide on girl names.
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It wasn't just that I was certain baby was a boy, nearly everyone else in my life guessed or "intuited" boy too. At least two small children with supposed psychic-gender-guessing powers even guessed boy. We were all wrong. It wasn't disappointing, although the girl name we had picked out got a lot less thought than the unused boy name since we didn't really think we would be using it.
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I have three daughters, while pregnant with my second, i had three or four very distinct dreams I was having a boy. One of my midwives was convinced it was a boy also by the heartbeat and size. But, she was a girl!
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I was wrong. I was so convinced Oliver was a girl, we had the nurses and midwife calling the baby "her" and "she" all the way through the delivery.
I wasn't disappointed or upset or anything that he was a boy, just really surprised.
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I was sure that DS was a girl... to the point that a few people gave me girl clothes! When he was born I remember DP saying "it's a BOY?, yeah IT'S A BOY!
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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post
I was convinced I was having a boy. I just felt it in my bones, and I leaned towards boy clothes and toys. I pictured myself with a little boy (both infant and child).

Nope! Nora is all girl!! And I love her to pieces!!
I was just thinking, and saw this post was back in new posts, that for a few weeks I was so sure that my baby was a boy I was referring to him by the name I wanted to name him - Marco. How crazy is that?!?
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Yeah, I'm still trying to get my head around last week's ultrasoudn telling us we're having a boy this time, after I was so sure it was a girl. my pregnancy was so different, worse, and I've had many people tell me it was a girl--by some intutition they had. My whole family was patting my belly and calling it "she." It just feels weird to have had a wrong intution like that. With my first pregnancy, I had no inkling whatsoever abotu gender, so to have had it with this one made me think there aws something to it.
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I was wrong. I thought we were having a girl, but I think thats just because I wanted a girl so bad.. I couldn't see how it could NOT be a girl!!

But the ultrasound says its a boy! What a surprise that gave us!
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I did and I as wrong. I felt kind of embarrassed about it because I was so sure...so confident, but low and behold "she" was indeed a "he"! Maybe it is deeper than gender though...maybe the intuition is more about the spirit of the child, which we may assign gender to while pregnant out of a societal need "to know" or to categorize, rather than actually being about the sex.

What do you all think?
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I am 0 for 2, personally.
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Yes, I felt certain and was wrong, too. I even scoffed privately about people who were guessing differently from me, and they ended up being right ;o)
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All signs pointed to "boy" my first pregnancy. ("Drano" tests, "carrying a certain way, even ethnic a stranger in a store telling me before I was even showing enough for her to really know I was pg!!!)

BOY was I surprised when SHE came out :
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I thought dd was a boy up until a few weeks before she was born. Then that last month or so I was sure she was a girl. I am thinking this one is a boy and everyone else thinks boy as well. It will be funny if we're all wrong.
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