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Anyone just feel sick?

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I'm wondering if anyone else is just feeling sort of miserably icky? I know, technical, huh? Seems like just the littlest thing makes me so exhausted, and then at night I've been having horrible stomach cramps, not contractions, but they seem to set them off- sometimes. I'm queasy again, and nothing seems to sounds good to eat. I thought I maybe had some gut-yeast going on, so I added some reuteri to my diet, and the first night I did it, I was up sick all nigth with ridiculour stomach cramps and pure gut rot. Baby is still breech, so I have no idea if posistioning has somethign to do with it, but I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and I am so afraid to go into labour this exhausted, since I know that if this baby stays breech, I am going to need all of my emotional fortitude to relax through labour and dilate as far as I'll need to to birth naturally...

Commiseration, encouragement, advice welcome, and needed......
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im with ya sister.
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Same here...what is this...????!!!!

Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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Hugs mama. I feel a bit sick here and there, but sounds like you have it WAY worse. It is scary to think about going into labor totally exhausted isn't it? I too am so tired and have been fighting a miserable cold for almost two weeks. I just keep telling myself, that whatever happens it will all work out for the best...before I went into labor with my ds I took a very-out-of-the-ordinary 4 hour nap. Maybe you will get some sort of super nap before hand too.

What are you doing to turn your baby? I am going to see a Webster certified Chiro tomorrow to try and get my baby to turn anterior, but I know that Webster is the go-to treatment for getting breech babies to turn around too. Any possibility of doing that? Or even just getting a massage? Sometimes just relaxing the muscles can give baby a chance to wiggle into a new position and help you feel better.

hugs and more hugs and more hugs!
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Sorry you are feeling so sick, mama I hope you feel better soon...tis almost over tho! I feel the aches in my back and pelvis...tired and out of breath faster these days...especially when taking care of my 4 kids. Whew! And heartburn. Endless heartburn, thank goodness for my acv

There are days when I want babe to come sooner than later...and days that I'd rather wait, actually! So much fun stuff is going on this time of year w/ our homeschool group and I don't want my babes to miss it! But...if we do it's for a good reason

Much love and light and hopefully soon you will feel better
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Same here. The past week, I have been having the same sort of morning sickness as I had in my first trimester, which means that I am fine during the day (although tired) but get lots of nausea in the evening. I even vomited in the middle of the night on Saturday night.
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Oh, gosh, I hope you feel better soon.
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