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San Antonio Groups?

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Hi! I see some individual threads, but no groups. Are there any San Antonio Mom groups? (Especially that include WOHM?)

I would love to meet up with some other moms sometime. We're new parents, so we're just getting into the parenting scene!

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Hi! Welcome!

I don't know of any groups other than API. I had intended to join but never got around to it. It just wasn't really my thing, I guess.

What part of town are you in? We're North Central, off I-10 near 1604/UTSA BLVD.
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A little further West, towards the Bandera/1604 area.

I WOH, so I was hoping there might be a group of moms who meet during work-friendly/lunch hours.

I work near the airport area.
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I'm currently due with #1, live on the Northside (1604/Huebner) and work by the airport. I'd love to find a group of women with similar philosophies who don't meet during work hours!!
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If you guys don't mind a SAHM tagging along I'd be glad to hang.
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Stone Oak/Airport area is good for me. Maybe a lunch meetup would be fun.

If there was enough interest we could consider a meetup.com group. There are some others who are waiting for AP meetups.
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Are there any moms around the Lackland area? Seems like all the meetups or playgroups are way up north or closer to Universal City. I feel kinda left out was down south. lol
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