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My Arab/American daughter has one. Right in between her hiney cheeks and a little on her back. She is almost 10 months and still has it!
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I had one when i was a baby, but with no mixed ethnicity that i know of (but it sure would be cool if i did!)
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DD has a mongolian blue spot at the base of her spine. She's 17 months now... and so far, it hasn't faded at all. To be honest, I'll sort of miss her little blue butt when it fades.

DS1 and DS2 do not have them, though.
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They don't always fade away...I'm 39 and still have my mongolian spot on my left butt cheek. It's about the size of a quarter and hasn't faded much in color. DS1 has one on the same spot as me, DS2 doesn't have one. I'm half Japanese, DH is half Filipino. DH never had one.
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My ds has one. He is two and half mexican.
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My DS had a faint one when born and lasted several months and faded. Our best friend's daughter had a MUCH darker and bigger one and hers lasted until ~3. Their daughter and our son are both B/W, she is a tad darker than my DS.
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Yes, my son has several on his hips/buttocks & sacrum. They also look like deep bruises and are well documented so no one ever mistakes them for signs of abuse.

He is half Mexican and has a medium brown complexion.

He is 3 1/2 and they have faded but are still noticeable. I was told they would be gone by the age of three, but that is not the case.

And I see that it has been well covered that what is described in OP (Hairy, raised, and a sacral dimple) is a sign of spina bifida occulta and needs to be evaluated by a doctor. This isn't the same as a Mongolian spot. Likely everything will be normal, but it is good to get it checked out!
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DD still has her spot

I'm American. (Half Japanise, a quarter German and a quarter Hungarian.)

DH is Italian.

DD, who resembles DH more than me, still has her Mongolian spot and it's the same as it was when she was born and she is 22 months. It's sort of an asymmetric splotch on the base of her spine leaning toward her left butt cheek, right below her cute little butt dimples.
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I come from a large family, we are all of polynesian(Maori &/or Samoan &/or Cook Islands) descent mixed with European. All (100%) of the babies in my generation have had the mongolian spots, there are 24 of us (first cousins). My Mother's generation have all had them, she has 7 siblings. I noticed that wikipedia does not mention Polynesians as one of the races known to have them. And it is prevalent with our people too, whether Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Tahitian or Maori.
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My godson is AA and has them on his little butt cheeks. He just turned four and I believe they are still there.
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All my 3 kids had some. DD's are fading now, and DS2 still has his because he's less than 1 yr old.
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Originally Posted by tinyblackdot View Post
I had one when i was a baby, but with no mixed ethnicity that i know of (but it sure would be cool if i did!)
If your family is from N. Texas, there's a good chance you have some Indian in you.
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My only child, a little girl who is 8 1/2 years old now, is named Rae. She is half AA, half caucasian (me). I have always known what her little bruise/birthmark spot is just above her bumbum (tailbone area), so I have never worried. I did, however, think it would be gone after almost 9 years! I was told when she was born that the mongolian mark would most likely fade by the age of 5. Like some other moms that have posted, I also think it is cute!!! Call me crazy!
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Woops double post

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Originally Posted by meowee View Post
A few of my children including my 5 m.o. have/ had mongolian spots-- bruise-colored spots at the base of the back ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_spot ). I was told by a pediatrician that these are very common in babies of mixed race, east asian babies, and native american babies.

DD's spot is a little hairy and what's weird is I just noticed it... at 5 months!! She also has a sacral dimple right below it (like a fissure in the skin at the base of her spine) as did my DS. I don't know if it's related to the spots.

If your children did have mongolian spots, when did they go away?
My son is the very same meowee. They even did a U/S of his dimple when he was in the NICU.
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Ds (7 months) has a large mongolian spot that is square in shape and spans from his spine over to his arm on his upper back. It extends further, down the back of his left arm and even has light traces down to his wrist. The square on his back is about 4x4inches (quite large to be on a 7 month old!). The first to actually notice this was my lactation consultant in the hosp after ds was born. None of the doctor or nurses even noticed it during or after delivery! The lactation consultant was undressing him down to his diaper so I could have skin to skin contact with him while BFing and just said, "oh. he has a mongolian spot." To which I said, "uhhh, what is that exactly?".

I had my ped make official note of the size and location of the spot so no one can make the mistake of assuming it's a bruise. I'd suggest everyone else who has a child with one of these do the same to avoid the hassle of a CPS investigation.

I talked with my ped about concerns of medical issues that can be indicated by mongolian spots. I already knew other types of birthmarks could indicate problems but knew nothing about ds's sort of markings. After doing some research my ped found that in some cases, a larger than normal, oddly placed, mongolian spot such as ds's *could* perhaps come along with a metabolic disorder so we are currently in the middle of some lab testing to rule that out. He said it's rare but, possible so he's covering that angle just in case.

Ds is 1/4 mexican, 1/8 native american, and the rest is white. The only other fam member I know of that had a mongolian spot is my neice (who is 3/4 mexican, 1/8 native, and 1/8 white). Hers was in the typical spot at the base of her spine and fairly small. Most of it has faded away or nearly blends with her skin color at this point (she is 7). Ds is pretty light complected so I don't imagine his will ever "blend in".
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Thanks so much for posting this thread & the many, many replies about documenting. Our pedi pointed out the mongolian spots on DS's back at the base of his spine (we hadn't yet seen his back, really) - we didn't know that they existed. It hadn't occurred to me to photo document the mongolian spots in his medical file, but now I'm very anxious to have that done before I leave DS with any childcare facility where they might change his diaper. I have showed them to my mother (she & I are caucasian - husband is of japanese descent) & explained what they are in advance before any questions arose, but at some point, someone is bound to ask/challenge me on it. I think I'll call the pedi right now and make sure there is some mention of it in his file & I'll bring photos to his next appt for inclusion in his file. Thanks so much for the suggestion. His mongolian spot is huge & blue and does look pretty bad. And if I didn't know they existed, how many other people don't either? If I had seen his spot on another child, I definitely would have started jumping to conclusions prior to learning about them.
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My daughter (half Mexican) has a very small one.
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Yeah, I had a friend who freaked out when she saw DS2's back. He had hurt himself at the playscape and I lifted up his shirt to take a look. She said, "OMG, M he has a HUGE bruise on his back." It took me a moment to register that she was referring to his mongolian spot. DS2's mongolian spot is HUGE, it covers the upper half of his butt cheeks all the way up the lower part of his back. He'll be four soon and they show no sign of going away anytime soon. DS1 had some on his butt cheeks, but that was it and I haven't checked to see if they are still there are not, he's 5.5 yrs old. Anyway, I told my friend, "Oh, those aren't bruises, they're mongolian spots" and it automatically registered with her. She's a social worker, so I am sure she is well aware of mongolian spots and how ppl mistake them for bruises. However, before her reaction, I guess I had never thought about how alarming it could be for ppl to see a big bluish/greenish spot like that an the first thing they think is bruise, not mongolian spot. DH and I are both of east asian descent, so it's not surprise that our kids have mongolian spots. I do remember dealing with a medical resident though when i was in nursing school who had NO clue what mongolian spots were, which I thought was pretty pitiful for this day in age..., it was only 10 yrs ago.
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Our baby has two little ones, and are quite light and terribly cute. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't wash off then we figured out what it was.
We're Central European so you've got a nice background of various Turkic influence genetically most probably.
We're very Caucasian looking but we do have a nice history of the lovely epicanthic fold in our family which I didn't inherit I always wanted those lovely epicanthic fold! I don't know who else has an mongolian spots in our family but this has piqued my interest.
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