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Is 2 Hours Too Far?

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I really want a doula. I looked on the DONA website, and the closest ones they have listed are about 2 hours away. I'm kind of leary of asking a doula to come from that far away. Has anyone else used a doula from that far away? Would you ask a doula to come that far? I have no idea on what is okay/normal for a doula. (I have sent them an e-mail about if there are any doulas closer that aren't certified, but haven't heard back yet.)
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Here's a link to the CAPPA certified doulas in TN- are any of these cloesr for you?


and a couple more links:


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I think it depends on the doula, really. Whether or not they are willing to drive that far... I'm willing to be there are doulas closer, they may just not be listed on the internet for whatever reason. Ask around -- your m/w or OB might have a list.
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Call and ask--the worst they can tell you is no! If you live in a rural area, it may be more common for doulas to travel further for clients. Also, I would bet there might be others who aren't on the web--I don't have any suggestions for you but I hope you're able to find one.
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I know some Doulas here will travel that far. I would call.
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