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New to Cleveland, and need safe place to birth

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Can anyone recommend a good, natural-birth-friendly hospital in the Cleveland, OH area? Specific providers and midwives are welcome, too.
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Disclaimer: I haven't given birth yet! I"m due 2/11

...However, I really love my midwife (part of a practice led by a osteopath) and the birthing center I'm planning on delivering in. It is in Ravenna, which is a 40 minute drive for me but depending on where you are in Cleveland it may be a little longer. Depends on how you feel about driving.

It is Robinson Memorial Birth Center and it is attached to Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna. My Midwife (CNM) is Mary Adamson and North East Ohio OBGYN. The birth center is the most "holistic" mother friendly place I've seen in the area (much better than Fairview or Hillcrest in Clev. IMO). They have LDRP suites that are like hotel rooms - very beautiful, huge, private, with many amenities. They have labor pools with whirlpool (you can't birth in them but you can get a birth pool if you want), aromatherapy, and great L&D nurses. They have been, not only supportive, but not even surprised by all my "weird" requests (not cutting the cord until it stops pulsating, keeping the placenta, hypnobirthing, no vitK or eye ointment, no vax, etc.) they have been very accommodating. For me it was totally worth the drive! (if they live up to their rep so far!)

Also I was just diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes which I feared was going to throw my natural experience out the window (and that I would be risked-out to the OB) but as long as I manage it they are completely working with me.

Let me know if I can answer any questions!
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I had two totally unmedicated Hypnobirthing births at Southwest General in Middleburg Hts. They aren't known for being super crunchy necessarily, but I came in pretty well educated about birth choices, a doula, a politely worded birth plan (but left no room for questions!) and had great experiences. It did help that I labored at home with both for a long time (until 10cm the first time, did transition in the car, YEOW!) and about 7.5cm dialated the 2nd. I think it depends a lot on who your ob is.
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Fairview Hospital's birthing center - it is NW of Cleveland has an excellent reputation. It is a part of the Cleveland Clinic networkd. Also, I've heard that they are working to be a baby friendly hospital. They have EXCELLENT breastfeeding support and classes.
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I'm newish to Cleveland myself and newly pregnant with our second....hoping for a homebirth, but have been asking around about area hospitals in case that doesn't work out. I've been told that Lakewood hospital is pretty birth-friendly, and even allow water births. St Johns Westshore has also been recommended, but I don't know any details.

Hope that helps...welcome to the area and much luck to you!
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I just had a waterbirth at Lakewood Hospital. They have a group of midwives there who are wonderful. It was a great experience -- very baby and mom friendly!
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I had a great, natural (not even an IV!) birth with my twins at St. Johns Westshore with Colleen Brezine, CNM. She is just now moving back to there, I believe. The entire staff welcomed my doula with open arms, didn't fuss at me for keeping my babes in my room, no bath, no circ'ing. Colleen is a dream to work with! I got to birth and stay in the same room and had whoever I wanted in and out, ate during delivery, etc. etc. My doula attends there and at Fairview and prefers SJWS hands down. They do waterbirths there, too, but I went too fast to get the tub ready! I gave birth there in 2005. HTH.
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I second the recommendation for Colleen, based on hearsay alone - I have several friends who have birthed with her. If you're going to birth in a hospital, she's supposed to be the best in town for low-intervention hospital births. Even the home birth midwives recommend her.

Lakewood is supposed to be best for waterbirths, and SJWS is also supposed to be fairly low-intervention. I've toured L&D at Fairview and Marymount and found both to be pretty scary for my tastes. Very high c-section and epidural rates at Fairview, and what I perceived as an assembly-line approach to birthing. C-section and epi rates were quite low at Marymount but they have other policies that make me nervous - they routinely separate mothers & babies right after birth, for example. I wasn't thrilled with either one, though I think with a good birth plan and a firm doula we could manage if we had to.

As for other hospitals in town: Metro has a low C-section rate, but a friend who used to work in OB there says they're often overcrowded, so you might end up getting rushed through labor in order to free up a bed. Plus, it's a teaching hospital so you might get a lot more traffic through your room than you're comfortable with.

University Hospitals has a good midwifery practice, I hear, and some friends of mine have had excellent natural births there. Geauga Hospital, too. Hillcrest has a particularly bad reputation among the natural-childbirth circles, and based on experiences of my family members I wouldn't recommend them either. Their lactation consultants are supposed to be quite good, however. *shrug*

That's all I know. Based on the information I have about what's available (and what my insurance will cover), I'm planning a home birth!
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Thanks, everyone. After alot of research and interviews, we ended up with Colleen Brezine at St. John's. I haven't delivered yet, but I've loved her approach so far. We have a doula and are planning a waterbirth!
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