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Hypnosis Anyone?

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Anyone else here doing hypnosis for childbirth? Hypnobabies or Hypnobirth...How is your practice going?

I'm doing Hypnobabies and taking 2 weeks for each class because I'm not good about doing it everyday. I'm in class 3 now. I do like it a lot and find I can relax quite easily with it. I often fall asleep to the scripts though. I do need to remember to practice my finger drip technique everyday!

How is everyone else doing?
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I'm doing Hypnobabies, but (as you know), I don't have the book(s). Just the CDs (though my friend told me that the woman she loaned the book to promised to send it back soon -- we shall see ). So I've been following the daily recommendation (though I did listen to the how-to CD as well), as best I can. I listen to the recommended track before I go to sleep.

And I always fall asleep listening to it. Or am totally hypno'd out or something. I always wake up once the track has stopped. But my friend told me that's what happened to her too.

So I'm not really following the classes as much as just listening to the CDs. I hope that's not going to mess things up for me, but so far I'm totally digging it. The only complaint I have is it's hard to listen to the whole track because inevitably I have to go pee about ten minutes in (despite having gone to the bathroom before I got in bed).
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I have the hypnobirthing book and cd but I'm not doing formal classes. I really enjoyed the book, but the cd kind of annoys me. I don't know if I'll be very 'hypnotized' at birth, but I definitely think the info has helped me figure out the frame of mind I need and has given me tools just in case. It's so hard to prepare for something that I have never experienced.
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I did the HypnoBabies homestudy course last time and loved it, so I plan to use the cds again. So far, I haven't had a chance to start practicing much, but I need to start making this a priority. I LOVE hypnosis/deep relaxation.
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Hi gals,
Glad to see that some others are doing hypnosis, too! I took a hypnobirthing class and am practicing at home with my cds. I also have a hypnobabies homestudy course I got off of craigslist. It's my intention to supplement with that. I've heard people say that they had a good experience after supplementing hbabies with hbirthing, so I thought I'd give it a try. At least I now have an expanded repertoire of cds!

One thing I've heard a lot before is that people go into birthing not knowing if they practiced enough or "correctly", but that when birth gets started, their minds know what to do, even if you fall asleep a lot! I heard one women say she always fell asleep practicing and then, in birth, "fell asleep" from 3-9 cm and woke up in time to breathe baby down! Yes, please!

Good luck, hypnomamas!
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20% of hypnobabies

I just read that hypnobabies is offering 20% throughout the month of December. If anybody was thinking about ordering the home study course this would be a great way to get it. Just type in promotional code HOLIDAY at checkout to get the discount.
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DH and I are taking a class and doing the CDs. We had our first class on Tuesday. So far, we both really like it!

The class is really neat. It has 3 other couples, and from the start there has been a sense of community in it. What I also really like is our instructor makes a very big effort to involve the birthing partners—as well as the mothers.

After class, both dh and I noticed a huge reduction in our tension (the partners get to go under for a lot of the scripts, too). We are starting our "homework" tonight. There is a lot of it (5 finger drops a day for me + Affirmations...I think—along with a few exercises for DH and I), but I feel this drive to complete it...possibly due to the suggestion that I do so (under hypnosis).

One of the exercises is really neat! We have to fill in the blanks about our feelings about birth and talk to each other for 5 minutes. That and the fact, DH has to work on scripts of his own, makes me feel like the class will not only be helpful for birthing but actually bring us closer together as a couple.
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Red lil Mamma: How cool. I"m doing the homestudy course but wondered what the class would be like. It is great that your DH is involved. My DH supports MY doing it but isn't listening to any of the scripts or really involved in it at all. I hope that it will be OK at the birth.

With the homestudy I have a script everyday, plus affirmations, and 5 fingerdrops. I sort of spread it out a bit over two weeks though to better fit my schedule as I can't listen every day. I do like it though!
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I borrowed the book from the library and it came with a CD but have not yet listened to it. DH is onboard for whatever it is I want to do.
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I was hoping for some hypnobabies moms out in our club! I have the homestudy course and have been working it for the last 8-9 weeks and really like how good I feel and how it helps me relax.
As for falling asleep, I always wake up at the end of the track so it must be working. The language of the program has made such a difference: pressure waves, birthing time, etc. And since I am surrounded by women who are pregnant (two at work, three friends and my SIL) it helps to have my bubble of peace when a lot of the talk is of P**n and epi, inductions, scheduled C- sections, and "big babies". I should do some fear release soon because most are having their babies before me-- and I get irked at all the overmedicalization and fear mongering.:
Anyway, I love the program and feel like this is how I am "getting ready" more than any thing else.
Gotta get the DH more on board w the lingo and philosphy.. he is game thankfully. There is a hypnobabies yahoo group that is very good too for any questions.
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Another hypnobabies studier here!

So far, so good, but I do have to do them a little earlier in the evening--at least the first time so I can be sure to listen to it all the way through. They're usually great for helping me fall asleep when I can't (except for last night, but I blame that on this stinkin' cold!!)
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I'm a little concerned about something, and it might be silly, or it might be because I'm doing this solely based on the CDs, but inevitably after I do the fingerdrop thing, I get an itch somewhere. Just one little spot. And I try to visualize the anesthesia zeroing in on that spot, etc., but it never works. I have to reach over and scratch whatever's itching.

So does that mean it won't work when it's pain, not itching?

Sorry if that's a stupid question.
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Nighten- I too have a little itch on occasion-- especially when I do the deepening track. I just flip my switch to center or on for a brief moment and then turn my lightswitch back off. Sometimes I don't turn off my lightswitch until I am truly comfortable (a little later in the track). Honestly, sometimes it seems like I am on/off/center/on just to get comfy. I guess you just want to make sure that you don't overide your switch when it is off-- and instead just move your switch to itch the itch

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Oh, I also wanted to add that two nights ago I had a terrible bout of tummy trouble. I started to feel bad and put on the deeping track. I did not wake up until it was over, and then I was SICK for two hours throwing up. I really felt like the deepening track helped me get through the initial sick feeling without stress. So, I think the lightswitch worked! Go figure.
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I'll try the switch thing and see if that helps. I've been a little unsure if I'm to count to three and flip the switch or just one or the other. The problem I'm having is that I zone out halfway through the track, so I'm not remembering the instructions.

I need to try listening to them not right before bed....
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I find myself getting itchy too...especially during the deepening track too! I swtich to center to itch and get more comfortable then go back to off. I'm really hoping that I can still find comfort during labor and delivery...I was worried about the same thing.

Nighten, to switch to center count up to 2. To go to on, first go back to off completly and then count up to 3. HTH.

On another note...I just learned about a new doula in my town who has used hypnosis for both of her births. I would love to contact her because I've always wanted a doula and this just seems too perfect. The problem is my DH is not on board. He wants it to just be us. He feels like my wanting someone else there means I don't think he can do it. Aagh! I need help and advise.
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Oh thanks for the info, AK!

Oh dear. I feel for you with the husband thing. Has he watched any birthing videos yet? Is there something he could watch to see what all is involved with labor too? It's not that the doula replaces the husband at all -- it's that she allows him to be more focused on you, even, especially if you're having a hospital/birth center type birth, where she can act as advocate. Would approaching it from that perspective help?

I'd call the doula and talk to her if I were you. I'd bet she will have plenty of tips on how to reassure your husband, and get him comfortable to be on board.
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Sorry for the double post. Another question:

My doula's coming up tomorrow and I wanted to give her a copy of disc four (the labor CD), as she's heard of HB but not listened to it herself. I thought it might help to let her listen to what I'll be presumably listening to during labor.

Or should I give her a different one? Gah. I hate not having the books. Don't get me wrong, it was really awesome I was able to borrow the CDs because otherwise we couldn't have afforded the kit at all (even used). But it's frustrating not to know really what's going on outside of the CDs.

Anyway. Sorry for whining. Do you think just letting her listen to the one CD I haven't listened to yet will help? Or is that silly?
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