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June 2007 Moms ~ Happy December Holidays!

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Welcome to December, ladies!

I hope everyone is able to relax and enjoy all of the best aspects of the holiday season, be it Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's, or some other special day that makes these darkest days a time to anticipate. May all of our children be filled with wonder and joy, and all of our homes be warm, safe, happy, and peaceful.

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Happy December! Our babes will all be turing 18 mos this month : Maybe it is time to post update pictures of our big little ones?
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Hopes for Health in December!

I'll check it out Willo... when I filling out some calendar stuff yesterday I realized that one or all of us had been sick every single day of November. Every day! For a month! We had better be in for an easy December or I think I'll just give up.

Of course, we're going to Flint for a few days (I'm in a wedding) so we'll probably catch some Michigan bug.
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Happy December! Lola felt much better in time for Thanksgiving, but DH and I were sick. My sister and her family were sick too, so we had a nice germy Thanksgiving. Lola and her cousin were so cute playing together. Her cousin is 22 months older, and this is the first time Lola was old enough for them to really play. At one point they were coloring together and her cousin looked up and said "Lola likes me." Another time Lola ran up and gave her a big hug. So sweet. My sister really wants another one but was just diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse and is trying to get that under control before getting pregnant again.

I hope everyone has a much healthier December!
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I can't believe I missed out on November's thread entirely. But happy December and happy holidays to all! I can't believe it's time for our babies to turn 1.5! Wow, time just continues to roll. Lulu is doing great, "singing", dancing, climbing, talking up a storm, generally causing mischief, etc. She's a teeny, tiny, finally almost 20-lbs, bundle of sweetness and energy all rolled up into one. It's a super fun age!!
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I can't remember if I even posted this, I've been so busy and so aggravated by my sinus (clogged) situation, but A. slept through the night (9 pm - 5 am!!!) on Thanksgiving night for the second time in his life.

And, of course, because I had taken a decongestant due to my painfully stuffed up head, I was up with insomnia for four of those eight beautiful hours.

My handyman is here taking off the last bit of wallpaper (high up in a stairwell) in preparation for skim-coating my walls. I'm so ready to see some improvement in the look of this place.

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Happy crazy December to all. Thanksgiving was too late this year, it's suddenly December with no warning! Not fair. We started off around here with a bang. Owen has pink eye again and my DH is battling the flu. Oh what fun.

Fortunately, all else is going well. Can I tell you how much I love Amazon? Books and gifts and more books and some books are all winging their way to my house. They even sell the adorable Plan Toys construction trucks that I've been dying to get Owen, as well as the stacking rainbows that I drool over in the natural toy catalogs. All this and I don't have to go to a store, happy me!
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Yup... Amazon is a lovely thing. Especially with family that lives all over the place, since I can either send a gift cert or have something shipped right to them. And shopping can happen while nursing dd2, or in between stories for dd1, or at really odd moments of the day/night since amazon saves your shopping list. Hard to remember that just a few years ago Amazon wasn't around!

We don't do a lot of commercial gifts, and we do try to support local crafters, but I depend on amazon for dh's gift. Basically I find a show he enjoys and then every holiday I get him another season on dvd. Sadly, this solstice brings us to season five of Babylon 5 so... next year I'll have to find a new show! Sigh.

Yay willo! Hope it looks purty! We had the tree people out to cut down the problem trees and while I love that it's done the mess is udgodly! Eight big trees (like, 40-60 ft tall) that are now all over the yard. Sawdust everywhere, stumps, and 16 inch logs scattered more or less where they fell. And the mud and snow and general construction debris from the roofing and other projects... it's horrible. I mean, it is seriously damaging my calm.

I'm sort of hoping we get a big snow fall and it all gets covered up.
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I love christmas shopping online too - it is fabulous! I bought everything online this year so far. I love half.com for books. I buy textbooks from them and usually save over half, then I re-sell them when I'm done and make all of my money back. Internet is the greatest thing!

Patch, I hope the family is feeling better soon!
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I did all my shopping on Amazon.com last year. Have yet to start this year though...
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Glad I am not the only one who has not yet started holiday shopping... :

We are having to vacate the house for an overnight next week due to a bug issue that hasn't responded to gentler means, so we're having the place basically bombed out. It's a pain in the butt to prep for and I hate the idea of all the chemicals, but we're out of other options and I can't stand it another second. So, I've been telling myself that it's a good thing that I'm waiting on all the holiday shopping so it all comes in after all this is done!

Joy continues to talk everyone's ear off. It's great because she can really tell us basically anything that she needs/wants/is going on in her day, but it is totally non-stop from the moment she wakes up until she closes her little peepers at night. Thank goodness for the afternoon nap.

Healthy and happy wishes to all!
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Hmmm... Yeah, I guess it is looking better now. Certainly better than the yellow, gritty, coarse plaster look, and most places are pretty smooth, but still mottled white because we're not painting until after the lead abatement. The only good thing for me (not him) is that my handyman is feeling the bad economy's pinch, so I can basically pick any week for him to start painting once we're back and I'm sure the de-leading didn't go over budget.

Today I made a bit of progress on moving more stuff from the target areas, but mostly it was DUST REMOVAL. Skim-coating leads to hideous, horrendous, heaps and heaps of DUST. : So I sweep then mop then vacuum, then wait for the dust to settle again and repeat a few hours later. I think we're on the fourth iteration and I'm ready to stop feeling gritty dust under my fingers everywhere I touch.

S. and I did find a few minutes to embellish two of the silk scarves I dyed earlier this fall. This is our first time using a fabric-ink inkpad to stamp designs on our silks, and they turned out really lovely. (Metallic gold on jewel tone silk scarves for the grandmas.) DH was worried about homemade gifts, but I think these look pretty snazzy, especially considering a 5 yo helped.

Aside from getting the house ready, I packed all the boys' clothes and sent them ahead with my mom, so I only need to pack my own clothing plus all the STUFF kids need in a carry on bag for a 6 hour flight.

Wombat-- Does your Waldorf school want some of your stumps? Maybe parents would come fetch some. I know our school was re-working part of the Early Childhood playground and asked repeatedly for stumps and branches and greenery recently...

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It would be cool if they did... but they just redid their yard (it's a private home, but they put in this really cool earth-play thing. Drums and musical instruments built into the ground, and a slide that wraps around the hill!)

We're thinking we can use some stumps (they cut everything into 16 inch lengths) to outline a play area for the girls, some to "landfill" the more lumpy parts of our yard, some to chipper into a path through our woods, etc.

I have to admit... I splurged on holiday gifts. Money is super tight right now, but Magic Cabin was having a sale on two of their dolls, and the girls have been fighting over Rowan's doll sooooooo... I got two dolls. The Peruvian one for Rowan and the Chinese one for Laia. They arrived the other day and they're really nice. Hopefully since the two dolls are very different looking (from each other) it will be a bit easier to moderate arguements. I mean, it'll be pretty clear who has the "right" doll.

Those scarves sound really great Willo. And good luck with the bugs Puffin.
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[the old AnnD - hiding behind a name - Seanie is my June babe - with three others somewhat older!]

I too might have missed the entire November thread - may have posted once, but did read.

We made it through - Seanie had a bad virus,with spikey fevers. His two older siblings got it the following week and missed the entire week of school - just fevers, so no puking (yeah yeah yippie!!!!)

I bloggered my way through November ... and made it every day.

You will see a few pictures of the kiddos (one of me and hubby) and much else to do about absolutely nothing.


Well, almost nothing - lost a bit o'hearing in October, saw specialists in November along with a MRI. I have my results meeting this Thursday with the ENT - scared out of my mind (they want to rule out a benign brain tumor - unlikely, but scary). Otherwise, I have just started the hard o'hearing path a bit earlier than most (I am 37 so aged compared to some here).

While freaking me out, and I have been OBSESSIVELY searching out the most unknown conditions going, it has made me appreciate everything I do have right now (regardless of what happens on Thursday). I am a lucky girl with four awesome kiddos.

X-mas shopping just about done. It will be a light year as my husband was laid off (foreign bank collapse) and I work for another bank that isn't exactly rolling in bonus or extra cash. It is good - we don't need much. We are going to be a lego crowd for the older ones and Thomas stuff for the little ones.
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Ann, your family is beautiful! I love the picture of Seanie sleeping at the table. I hope your hearing issues are resolved soon.
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I've been having so much fun watching Owen gain more and more words, and a total mix of English and ASL. It's been funny to see how few words he uses in both languages. He'll say and sign both Please, More, Dog, and Ball but all of his other words are in just one or the other. He'll say cat but sign zebra, gorilla, monkey and tiger. He says truck and train and signs helicopter.

I laughed so hard the other day. I asked him if his milk was cold and he said cold and signed milk at the same time. Two languages, two different ideas, but it told the whole story. I'm so jealous that he naturally thinks in two languages!
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So two of my downstairs rooms are now pretty much empty. I am making up more cardboard boxes (previously flattened to save space) in one of the empty rooms. I go over to the computer to print out some more labels (I like to make 'em as easy to read as possible, in case DH is trying to find something later ) Returning to the empty room, the boys have taken my boxes and now have a huge "castle" with a "drawbridge" to defend.

Forget about spending money on toys this year! Give your kids a stack of empty boxes to play with!

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Willo, I know just what you mean about boxes. There are three decent sized ones that have taken over my living room. I can't imagine the tears if I tried to get rid of them. They're a car, a seat, a table, a push toy....
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I've found someone to come babysit A. during the morning (while S. is at school) this week while I finish all of the stuff I have to do before the de-leading (and our 2.5 week trip to Oregon!) Thank goodness, because I got more done this morning with her help than I did all weekend, even with DH around.

I did laundry, the dishes, AND packed up the whole china cabinet!

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Evan recently started telling me when he poops, I can't believe it. He'll say "poo-poo" and point to his diaper usually after he poops but now he does it before and even while he's going. Last night he said "poo-poo, open diaper" so I took his diaper off and put him on the potty. No lucky but I think it is a good sign that he's letting me know when he has to go. I'd be so trilled if he potty trained soon. Even if it was just for the poops. Something about cloth diaper poops at this age just grosses me out.
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