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Damn Mesa, I'm sorry

Have you emailed Joanna? I believe that she's done co-ownership and she might have an idea. I hope it works out for you and Austin, I really do
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Where is the dog? Maybe we can make a transport railroad to get him home to you?

Originally Posted by mesa View Post
Nothing yet...she's crying poor and claiming she "isn't sure if she can keep her lights on"....far cry from having tens of thousands of dollars to spend on specialing the dog, no?

Anyway, I'm despondent. I certainly don't have the money myself...we haven't even finished paying for our move yet, and DH is still out of work. I even called my parents and threw myself on their mercies...but no go there either.

Even if I sue, which I can NOT afford, my contract states that all litigation must take place in Maricopa County. At that point I might as well cough up $400 for a ticket to bring him home myself.

I don't even want to think about it anymore.

And there goes my 2,000 post. Yay me!
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He's in Scottsdale, and I'm in St Paul MN

I spoke to Joanna about it a week or so ago...she had a house fire last week and hasn't been online as far as I know.
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Well, I'm no where near.

I hope you can get him back soon.
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Hoping you can get him back soon - you know, if they're planning on breeding him, as co-owner, your signature needs to be on the paperwork - & there's so much DNA testing done now, it would be easy to prove if a sire wasn't who they say. I have a boy who I co-own his dam (she lives with the other owner), & on the litter registration, we both had to sign, plus his sire is an Australian import & owned by 3 people, so all 3 of them had to sign - it had 5 people signing that litter registration!

Just saying, another reason for them to need to give him back to you - hope he's home soon :
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Actually, for the sire of the litter, only ONE co-owner needs to sign. It's only on a bitch that you need both co-owner's signatures. That's why they can get away with this, I'm afraid.

Mesa, you just have to be really tough and keep persevering to get your dog back. Don't let up at all.
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My heart just goes out to you and to Austin. I hope that he makes it home very, very soon. If I were anywhere near, I'd do anything that I could.
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it helps just knowing that all of you are pulling for us. I know he'll be home eventually...it's the waiting that sucks, you know? I emailed my dad tonight and asked (again) for help, I really laid it on thick this time, and I promised to pay him back as soon as Matt starts working. If all else fails, I'll be able to buy him a ticket at the beginning of Feb...really, REALLY not what I want to do; I want him home way before that, but there it is. Sigh.
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this make me so, so sad for you! I wish there were something I could do.
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So she emailed me tonight. She said that she had him collected today, and his semen wasn't so good. Less than a million, only 40% alive, and he only produced 4 straws. She said that maybe the semen was old. So I guess she made another appt for Saturday. I emailed back and asked as gently as I could that she consider holding off on collecting him until after the New Year because a) he hasn't even had his health testing yet, and since I'm responsible for paying for that, I'm not exactly sure when that will happen, b) she has NO guarantee that he will even pass his health testing, so it seems kind of pointless to spend this money right now on collecting him, c) we have perfectly good cryo banks and repro vets here in MN that can take care of his collection when it's time, and d) collecting and storing semen is expensive, and we could spend that money on getting him home, then worrya bout collecting him when we aren't so broke, either of us.

I also told her that if she could swing the ticket, even temporarily, I would pay her back with a check I'm receiving at the beginning of Feb. I won't have a dime (literally) until then, but I can't wait until then to bring him home. It kills me that I'm going to have to pay for this ticket, when it was her daughter who lied to me and totally misrepresented the situation, but what else can I do?
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The reason she doesn't want you to collect him is that the person who pays for the collection "owns" the semen. So if you did it in MN, then you would be the owner of it. She doesn't want that.

I think she is going to want him collected regardless of whether he passes his health testing or not. I think she has demonstrated that she doesn't really care if he passes by already collecting him.

She owns the semen, whether you co-own him or not, if she collects it and pays for the storage. So you see, it really is to her advantage to keep him as long as she can and collect as much as she can.

Here's hoping his semen really is no good. I guarantee he would be on the first plane to you then.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It does take a lot of money to play with the big dogs. I really hope he's home with you soon.
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please, cross everything crossable, and pray for us that this works out. I begged my dad to front me the money, I promised him I'd pay him back out of my check that is coming at the end of January. He hasn't given me an answer yet, he likes to leave me hanging...the ticket will be over $400, plus now we have to cough up money for a health certificate too. If all goes well, he'll be home next week.
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Oh good. I really hope you have your special (special!) boy home soon.
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I have the money. Thank all that is holy, Austin will be home next week.
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: :

That is fantastic news! I'm so happy for you!

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So happy for you that this is the way it's turning out.
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What was that Cyndi Lauper song? True Colors? She offered me a puppy tonight in exchange for Austin. I simply told her he was irreplaceable and said she could expect the email with his confirmation number shortly. He'll be home 10 pm Sunday night. :
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WOOT! That's awesome! She sounds more and more shady all the time

So glad he's coming home; fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.
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TOLD YA. I knew she was scheming to get him for her own. I've seen this way too many times.

So glad he's coming home. Get him back and no more dealings with this lady... I bet people have seen him and want to use him and she does not want you to get stud fees (or credit among Ridgeback people) for him.

When you breed him, just take a puppy back in lieu of a stud fee, and you can never have to buy another dog again.

I could just smell this one...
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