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Originally Posted by mesa View Post

Good news, though...he did get his health cert today.
Yay! And crossing fingers. And drooling over puppy pix!
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negative. too tall for the $%#@^%%$*^%$ crate.
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Are your sure? Did you talk to someone at the airline or is this just what she is telling you? I would FIND SOMEONE TO GO AND GET HIM BY CAR. ASAP. Then, see what her excuse is.

If you can't get someone to go get him, I would start facing the fact that she is planning on keeping him. If I were you, I would tell her I was getting in my car and coming to get him. Period. Then see what she says. I am guessing she will panic.
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when I booked his reservation, they told me there was a very good chance that he would be refused on drop off...there's only an inch clearance between his shoulder and the top of the crate, and they were very specific that his head must be held in a natural position when standing, and he must have an inch clearance between his ears and the top of the crate.

Now, I've signed him up for Operation Roger...truckers pet transport. It's a volunteer network of long haul truckers who take pets all over the country to adoptive homes...I've paid the fee, and now I just wait for them to tell me when he gets picked up. I've emailed her all of this...so I guess a defining moment is coming up soon. If she balks at giving him to the driver, I'll simply have my uncle who lives in Phoenix go get him from her and hand him over to the driver.

I just want it all to be %&**&%# OVER ALREADY.
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Yes, I know and I am sure you do. I would just plan for your uncle to get him now and then have the driver come and get him from your uncles. This is just way too fishy and God Bless you, but you are way too trusting. This kind of thing happens all the time in dogs, and I promise you, this woman is trying to steal your dog.

Be equally as assertive and just tell her WHEN your uncle will be there. Period. I am guessing she will not even hand him over to your uncle, but you can try. She will make up something like since he is not the co-owner, she can't give Austin to him... I guarantee. But try it at least. You have got to be aggressive, or the dog will not get to you. Why wasn't the size thing brought up weeks ago? Do you see where I am going? There is NO CRATE that costs $700.00. Well, there are, but not that you need for shipping. Newfs and Great Danes are shipped for showing all the time.

The other thing you could do is, you could fly there and buy Austing a ticket to sit next to you on the plane. Right now you have to decide if you really want YOUR dog back or you just want any dog. Get a puppy if you want. It's time to make that choice. This will go on forever. She was offering you a puppy weeks ago, so you KNOW she wants to keep Austin. Either go and get him or forget him. I'm sorry, I know you are so sad.
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not that it matters much, but the bigger kennel itself was the 700 size, and the plane ticket was $750. The bigger crate cost $150 or thereabouts...I knew the size thing might be an issue...I was just hoping that the airline employee would over look it, you know?

Anyway, good news is, he was APPROVED for the Operation Roger transport...now they just need to find a driver who will take him. His breeder has agreed to send him that way too...she offered to drive and meet me halfway, but I can't do it...time, vehicle constraints, etc etc won't allow me to take off for a couple of days, you know?
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Oh, good. Good. I hope he is home really soon.
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