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North Indy peds & vax

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Any one have experience with delayed vaxing and Noblesville Peds? We did the first year shots mostly on time, more from ignorance at the beginning than anything, but will not be getting any of the one year (mmr, hep a, chicken pox) shots at one year, if ever.
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I do. We go there, and stopped vaxing after 4 month shots.

The doctor who is "our doctor" asked about it at a sick visit (we stopped going to well visits) and I just didn't really engage with her on it. She said she recommends them, of course, and I said I understand, and that was it. Now, whenever we see her she asks if we want to do any shots today, and I say no, and that is the end of the discussion.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. I find the "Do you want any shots today" rather annoying, but I'm glad we at least don't have to get in a long argument about it and they will take my "no" without further comment. And they won't kick you out of the practice.
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